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Sandy Hook debunker Jeff Prager takes YOUR calls!

Wed. 1/9/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

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Are you looking for an argument? Well, look no further! Today’s guest, Jeff Prager, argues that a careful analysis of the many apparent anomalies of the Sandy Hook massacre reveals that every single one of them has a persuasive innocent explanation! Well, actually, maybe “innocent” isn’t the right word. Jeff suggests that in some cases, the anomalies may have been “inserted” into the coverage by psy-ops people.

If Jeff is right, there are basically two possibilities:

1) Lanza acted alone, and psy-ops bad guys may have encouraged conspiracy theorizing to discredit people like us, in a Cass Sunstein style attempt to foster “beneficial cognitive diversity” (i.e. confusion);


2) Lanza acted alone after having been trained and programmed MK-Ultra style, and the anomalies suggesting multiple shooters, evidence tampering, etc. are red herrings inserted by psy-ops people to discredit people like us and conceal the actual “Manchurian candidate” scenario.

Personally, I think Sandy Hook looks like a “mega-ritual” as discussed in SK Bain’s The Most Dangerous Book in the World. You want evidence? How about this:

In the film, The Dark Knight Rises, which premiered last summer in Aurora, where a killer(s) took the lives of 12 theater goers, wounding 58 others, there is a moment at one-hour, fifty-eight minutes. A startling moment in the Batman movie. Commissioner Gordon is talking about thwarting an imminent attack on “Strike Zone One.”  At that moment, he points to the only legible words on a map lying on a table in front of him. The words are: SANDY HOOK.  –Jon Rappaport,

A coincidence? Rappaport also points out:

The production designer of The Dark Knight Rises, Nathan Crowley, is related to the infamous black-magic British legend, Aleister Crowley, sometimes called The Great Beast 666. Aleister was Nathan’s grandfather’s cousin.  Then we have the fact that Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games, a novel in which 23 children are ritually sacrificed in combat by the dystopian state, also lives in Sandy Hook/Newtown.

I think Gordon Duff, who has been battling Jeff Prager in an email thread, is barking up the right tree when he suggests that we should be asking: Which groups have a history of human-sacrificing children, arranging mega-rituals, etc.?

In any case, let’s listen to Jeff’s attempt to debunk Sandy Hook, and come to our own conclusions.

Update!  My previous radio guest on this topic, Professor James Tracy, was just attacked this morning by the ultra-Zionist New York Daily News, after getting blasted by the Daily Mail yesterday. Google “Sandy Hook conspiracy” and you’ll find a huge number of MSM stories screaming bloody murder about the “evil Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists.”

Gordon Duff says this is the biggest epidemic of Zionist push-back he’s ever seen, and suggests the MSM is “protesting too much” thereby revealing their complicity.

Jeff Prager thinks the MSM is making hay of the fact that the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories are easily debunkable.

What do you think?

18 Thoughts to “Sandy Hook debunker Jeff Prager takes YOUR calls!”

  1. Anonymous

    Clues suggest satanic connection to Sandy Hook (satanists love to brainwash killers and sacrifice children)

  2. Anonymous

    Not impressed with Prager's attitude at all.
    For what it's worth, Happy New Year, Kevin.
    Best Wishes, Garibaldi

  3. Anonymous

    please don't let deniers monopolize

  4. Anonymous

    mention GOOGLE clocking at Dec 11 for United Way fundraiser.

  5. Anonymous

    dear kevin,
    prager sickened me, I am sorry I have looked into this for more hours than he professed to, also know the scoop on 911, Jaco, Moon, holocaust etc etc … for him to sit there and lie made me so mad … I am trying to get Giuliani to get him on his show, he will destroy JP … how can he say Emilie Parker isnt same as one who posed with president, let alone all not touch the "witnesses" who cant cry? I wish you woulda grilled him more, the show it's not over, 40 mins left was a letdown for his shilling, he might got 911 and OKC right but like Jeff Hill he's crossed over for either big bucks or threatened …. you know that is true … leaving you with 2 vids that make Prager look like an idiot. thanks gregg

  6. Anonymous

    Can you ask him why Rob Reiner (the coroner with the ET neck) was wearing his whites in public? Isnt he concerned about getting blood on people? Does he go to parties with the Village People in that outfit too?

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    Somewhere in the avalanche of claims and counter-claims on Sandy Hook, I saw a clip of the "Sandy Hook moment" in supposedly the Batman movie. But later, the one who posted that apologized for the error that the clip actually comes from the new Bond film, "Skyfall."

    So — MI6 instead of Mossad? I just don't know…

    Thank you for ALL YOU'RE DOING, KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Anonymous

    Jeff Prager is abnoxious

  9. Anonymous

    If Tracy is as smart as I think he is, he should let the MSM, and assrags like New York Daily News, make their own beds and sleep in them, i.e. use them for all the attention he can get, then toss the burden of proof turd in their collective punchbowl.
    The "execution" of this op was so incredibly sloppy, he should be able to make it a slam dunk-

  10. Anonymous

    haven't laughed like this in years…

    …get rich quick…open a poison hot dog stand in new york and make $9000 per day…

    …i bet jeff boss got 911 votes for president…

    …maybe the real reason he says don't bring your cell phone to a restaurant is because he doesn't like people talking on cell phones in restaurants…

    …the guy is wonderfully crazy…

  11. Yes, Jeff is a lively, entertaining guest. Not sure I'll be inviting him to present at any 9/11 truth conferences, though…

  12. …and every time I'm tempted to buy a pizza, I'll just think of Jeff. Should help me lose weight.

  13. Anonymous

    Prager lost all cred early on when insisting over & over that the Emily Parker family pic, and her in the Obama pic, wearing the same outfit no less- looked totally different, "obviously not the same" etc. pfff!

    I never saw this Batman angle get much legs among Sandy Hook Truth researchers:
    In this late-60s Batman TV show, we learn Batman's (Bruce Wayne) Grandfather FOUNDED the Yale Skull & Bones – advance to 4:13,

    and notice how right after the skull & bones line, a party guest finds a HOOK in his hor dourve, which Batman & Robin rush back to the bat cave for further analysis.

  14. Anonymous

    Charles Giuliani & guest spend much of this podcast deconstructing Prager's appearance on TJ radio, audio inside:
    Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.01.16

    11 mins: Journalists, Politicians Refuse to Post Lawn Sign saying “Home is Proudly Gun Free”

    7 mins: "Has Adam Lanza Even Been Alive The Last 3 Years?"

  15. Anonymous


    Thanks for pointing me toward your interview with Jeff Prager. I found it thought provoking and exceptionally well done. The first time I listened to it I found that I was somewhat sympathetic to Prager's "explanations." However, upon a second listening, I began to understand just how far Prager was stretching in order to explain the SH anomalies: WAY too far. His claims about the Emilie Parker family/president photo were incoherent. At first I thought he was simply confused about the photo…now I suspect he's lying. As Olivier's video demonstrates, the resemblance is so striking that your caller's suggestion that it might have been Photoshopped-in strikes me as more believable than Prager's ramblings. His comments on the school nurse were equally mystifying — as was his "take" on Robbie Parker's bizarre behavior in front of the cameras. What I found really strange is that Prager — an obviously bright fellow — apparently thinks he has actually explained away these anomalies. Very odd…

    Fortunately for Prager, his thesis of a Rapid Response Team with the mission and capabilities to inject (read Cognitively Infiltrate) false or misleading info into the news stream in near real time, has much more merit and I think it deserves examination. I also tend to agree with him that this is only one of an unknown number of similar events that will be used to discredit the truth movement perhaps with the ultimate goal of criminalizing conspiracy theories under the guise of a modern day Alien and Sedition Act. The Weber character at the recent Canadian 9-11 proceedings was another example of this strategy.

    So where does this leave us? Unfortunately, Prager's paradoxical stance — no conspiracy/uber conspiracy — leaves us with no more answers than we had on the 15th of December. Instead, all we have are suspicions. Are you planning on interviewing Fetzer about this? Also, I just listened to your interview with G. Duff….wow, is all I can say!


    P.S. I watched the Dark Knight Rises and was unable to find the SH reference. Then I saw a video in which the map in the movie had to be zoomed in on in order to see the SH reference. What would be the point in this? Who would have noticed it? I wonder who discovered it?

    BTW, I think you are doing a stellar job — although I'd still like to see your evidence for elements of the German gov't having set fire to the Reichstag.

  16. Anonymous


    I was aware of the Skokie IL proposed march and lawsuit for the more than a year period in which it was daily mentioned in the newsmedia somewhere in the US even though I was not much of a newspaper consumer. And of course I was impressed with the Jewish attorney who worked pro bono fro Frank Cohen under the ACLU which organization I also applauded fighting for free speech and was persuaded that of course it is unpopular free speech that needs protection; but I did not see how it was a right to march in a town where the putative nazis did not reside and merely wished apparently to agitate the population which included many Jewish immigrants who had been in the German forced labor camps.
    But I figured the ACLU knew what they were doing.
    The courts were very accomodating to the lawsuit which traveled with some radpiity through the state court system to the state supreme court then the US supreme court agreed to hear the case promptly. All this was aredently reported by the mass media and then this
    was into to the smash TV first mini-series The Holocaust in perhaps 1878 andquickly appeared Sophie's Choice and another movie on that theme and a deluge of the same ever since.
    I never saaw, and I believe there was not mention of Frank Collin's real name and Jewish identity though the media could have known and certainly did would have known.
    By the way, at the same time psyops were being done elsewhere. In France a law based on a law in Israel banning questioning of the "Holocaust" was passed on Bastille day and preceeding the passage was a much media publicized vandalization of a Jewish cemetary
    by unknown villains. The German similar law was passed around the same time but prior to the French. In Canada there was a Psy-op preceeding passage of an "antihate" law.


  17. Anonymous

    Iam wondering why that 2 minute video of Robbie Parker remains on the internet.
    So many videos I see mention of are gone when I try to watch them usually on Youtube
    and the account closed or some such.
    Doesn't the Robbie Parker video, if it wss shot by CNN, belong to CNN?
    Why would they not have stopped it being made available on Youtube?
    It is not a smoking gun but it is so incongruous that it opens the door
    to suspicion and induces a curiosity about the material available to make
    a case for there being a psy-op element to Sandy Hook; and it at least
    opens the plausability of the pathway to skepticism as to the official story.
    if I were CNN, I think I would remove that "out take" without explanation.
    Maybe it is bait.
    I see agent Joyce Riley is acively promoting some angle of conspiracy
    so I would assume that angle is a distraction or the whole thing is a distraction
    and that is why there are such conflicting accounts in what ought to be in
    large part a basic uniform narrative of factual information as to the actual events
    minus speculations for motives.
    We the people of America live in and have lived in a series of psy-ops for
    a very long time, herding us along like shephards and sheep dogs from
    one hostile elite alien goal to another and behind them are probably complex
    Game Theory calculations designed to result in the minimum actual resistence to
    the imposition of their global control agenda.
    Moving most of the US manufacturing capacity, closing factories and packing factory machinery onto container ships and sending them mostly to Communist China
    was accomplished with a minimum of attention in the press. It was as if the Chinmese
    were miraculously, due presumably to the wonders of their communist system producing masses of consumer items which could undercut products produced in the USA.
    Certtsainly there was minimal market for the goods in China as few could afford them,
    although the transfer of wealth to China is changing that.
    Minimal mention of the gutting of the import tariff structure under which the US had become a powerhouse of manufacturing over the last two centuries, which virtually forced even reluctant manufactuires to choose to move production to Communist China.
    This seems a digression, but the diversion of the Sandy Hook conspiracy, which is
    not likely to be revealed any more significantly than the many other psyops, may be a diversion aimed at the segment of the population already suspicious and sceptical of the entity that is the US government and might well have a diversional goal which perhaps we may not see until the passage of time reveals it when it is too late to object.
    It was only a year or two ago that I discovered that the Nazi march on Skokie IL led
    by mean Nazi leader was a Psy-op and Nazi leader Frank Collin was really Frank Cohen and both his parents who lived in Chicago had been in Nazi labor camps in the war;
    and Frank was later rewared with prosperity and became a published author. You could have him on your program.

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