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Paul Levy on Wetiko, Mike Whitney on “We’re going to kill the dollar!”

Fri. 1/25/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Paul Levy's New Book

First hour: The famous musician-activist Sting (who really ought to speak out for 9/11 truth) has got one thing right: Paul Levy’s brand-new book Dispelling Wetiko “brilliantly exposes how the very roots of the madness that is threatening life on earth are ultimately to be found within our own psyche… The world would be a better place if everyone read this book.”
    In Dispelling Wetiko, Paul Levy tackles the same problem that I addressed in Twilight of the Psychopaths – but with a lot more spiritual depth. Buy this book and pass it around!

Second hour:  Mike Whitney’s new article “They’re Going to Kill the Dollar”: The Fed’s Plan B is going viral! In it, Mike explains clearly and precisely how the banksters are engineering fiscal disaster to loot the 99% on behalf of the .001%. Read it, then get to work on the second American Revolution.

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