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DHS plans cyber-9/11; My interview with Stephen Lendman

DHS announces: “Cyber-9/11 coming soon!”

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Stephen Lendman interviews me on the Progressive Radio News Hour

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A listener writes:


Absolutely super interview with Stephen Lendman.

I really liked your discussion regarding the use of torture to move beyond contrived confessions to actually “reset/reformat” the minds of victims so that they believe their abusers. It deserves further attention, if it were not such a horrific subject.

I also liked your explanation of the Obama administration’s need to terrify whistle-blowers in order to keep the lid on the world’s greatest criminal conspiracy.

Just great stuff. composed, articulate, measured.

I hope your next stop is the Gary Null Show, which is also on Gary gives his guest anywhere from five to twenty minutes of airtime. If he is into the guest and the subject matter, then the full twenty minutes is possible. If he feels that his audience is getting snookered, he will cut the guest off and move on to other topics. The upside is that the guest is exposed to a huge audience in terms of live listeners and post-broadcast downloaders.

Your analysis of torture, whistle-blowers, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, and censorship in academia would clearly be a hit.


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