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Dana Siegelman: “Karl Rove framed my dad – please join the campaign to pardon him!”

Mon. 1/28/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Call-in number 218-339-8525

First hour guest: Dana Siegelman, daughter of witch-hunted former Alabama governor Don Siegelman. Dana is leading the campaign to free her father.

Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, the puppet-masters behind the Bush Jr. regime, committed more than a million murders, among other gross injustices. To enable their crime wave disguised as an administration, they targeted domestic political opponents, including Sen. Paul Wellstone and his staff and family members.

One of the victims of the Bush Jr. reign of terror was Alabama governor Don Siegelman, who (like Sen. Wellstone) was targeted for ejection from office in 2002 by Cheney-Rove. Gov. Siegelman was “defeated” by the same Republican vote fraud machine that stole the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. When Siegelman refused to stay “defeated” and prepared a 2004 Presidential bid, Cheney-Rove conspired with corrupt Justice Department officials to launch a trumped-up prosecution on transparently ridiculous charges.

After Republican lawyer and whistleblower Dana Jill Simpson went public with testimony that Rove had targeted Siegelman, her house was burned down and her car was driven off the road and wrecked. (She fared better than Rove’s computer-election-fraud guru Mike Connell, who was taken out in a plane crash shortly before he was scheduled to testify against Rove.)

Falsely convicted in 2006, Siegelman was soon released on appeal…then sent back to prison on – get this – September 11th, 2012 – talk about sending a message – where he will spend more than five years…or until the pardon campaign led by his daughter, Dana Siegelman, succeeds.

Second hour guest: Libertarian Party notable Art Olivier, who has run for Vice President of the USA and governor of California, and was elected mayor of Bellflower, California. Art will be screening his terrific 9/11 truth thriller Operation Terror at the Fajr Film Festival in Tehran next weekend!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be my last radio show before I head for Tehran to present at the Fajr International Film Festival, which is holding a special conference on “Hollywoodism.” My contribution: A presentation on “9/11 as Hollywood Spectacular.”

Art and I will discuss the upcoming Tehran conference, Hollywood’s complicity in 9/11 and the rape of Palestine, and related topics. 

10 Thoughts to “Dana Siegelman: “Karl Rove framed my dad – please join the campaign to pardon him!””

  1. Anonymous

    petition is at

  2. Anonymous

    Given Iran's absolutely deplorable record on human rights for journalists, filmakers, and other elements the regime deems unhealthy to an Islamic fundamentalism;

    how can you not only attend a film festival there, but speak glowingly about Iran's 'huge independent film culture'.

    Begs the question… independent of what? Reality?

    You should be ashamed of yourself Kevin.

  3. Independent of the Rothschild-funded New World Order satanists, whose human rights record makes Iran's look positively Christ-like.

    The US & UK Rothschild proxies have murdered 8.6 million people in Iraq alone since 1950 according to statistics compiled by Australian physician Gideon Polya. Worldwide the "American Holocaust" (Blum) is in the tens of millions since WWII.

    Iran hasn't started a war in centuries.

  4. Anonymous

    Mr. Olivier referred to two video clips I'd really like to see, one was proving the fuselage photographed on the lawn of the Pentagon was a prop, and we can see someone picking it up and carrying it off, as well a video where the cab driver who had one of the lamp posts fall into his vehicle admitted on film to being part of the coverup.

    Where can I see these videos. I'd be very interested in looking at them.

  5. Anonymous

    I guess the principle diffference is I deal with facts, like the facts of Iran's deplorable human rights record. Being a pragmatist I'm unimpressed with arguments that rely on obscure, unproven, and categorically strange rants like 'New World Order Satanists'.

    And my comment was not predicated on wether Iran has started a war because starting a war is not defacto immoral or unjust. When a government run by people wearing clerical robes start to round up journalists and send them to jail and uses capital punishment with an almost fetish like devotion then it's rudimentary common sense that a person such as yourself who relies so heavily on the right of free speech and assembly would do nothing to support such a regime.

    I do hope your speech at the festival is video taped. I'd be interested in seeing if you call the regime to task of it's human rights abuses while 'in country', so to speak.

    If you'd like to attempt to answer my question again, by all means do so.

  6. Let me spell it out for you.

    First, starting a war (the crime of aggression) is THE ultimate war crime, as the Nuremburg tribunals recognized. It leads to and contains all the other resulting crimes: Mass murder, torture, genocide.

    Second, murder is murder, whether you're killing a journalist because you don't like what he writes, or whether you're killing someone in Iraq or Afghanistan because he has the guts to defend his country against a foreign invasion (or to be at the wrong wedding). One could argue that the latter crime is far more reprehensible, because the murder victim is fighting against aggression is more of a hero than even the most selfless journalist.

    The US, Israel, and their allies/stooges MURDER millions of people while committing the ultimate crime: aggression. They have also kidnapped and tortured more than 80,000 innocent Muslims since they murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11.

    Iran, which is permanently under terrorist attack by the US and Israel, has to defend itself – as does Cuba – by taking a very hard line toward anyone collaborating with the enemy aggressor. That's why Castro survived, while Allende fell – Castro committed "human rights abuses" against the traitors collaborating with the enemy behemoth that was trying to kill him, invade his country, and destroy his revolution.

    So add up all the excesses and abuses the Iranian government has committed as they try to preserve their Islamic revolution from foreign aggression, and compare that to what the US commits as part of its endless aggression against the world. Its a molehill vs. a mountain.

    So if I were going to boycott any country, it would be the two that Europeans recognize as the biggest threats to world peace: Israel and the USA.
    It seems to me that if anything, Iran may not be committing ENOUGH of such "human rights abuses." Iran has been suffering from all kinds of massacres – bombings of mosques, killings of scientists, etc.

  7. Anonymous

    Don't let them hold you hostage or wipe you off the map! -Ed R.

  8. Anonymous

    Wow, every single sentence you just typed is wrong. But basically your argument is you're comfortable turning a blind eye and in fact openly glorifying a government that despises the basic fundamental and human rights you rely on so much because of America and Israel. Ironic given that America and Israel are widely recognized as having far more freedom in the areas under discussion than that Mullah controlled theocracy.

    Fine – don't attend film festivals in America and Israel. Since I'm not asking you about those countries the comment is irrelevant.

    Try to stay focused Kevin, I'm asking you about Iran and your celebration of that country's festival's (no doubt sanctioned by the government) of theater, and how you can participate in such a festival given *IRAN's* atrocious human rights records on points that you *should* care about, ie – freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Association.

    So far your replies have been attempts at obfuscation.

  9. Apparently you are unable to fairly compare the WHOLE human rights records of the US, Israel, and Iran. Instead, you cherry-pick and emphasize selected areas where you believe the US and Israel are superior: freedom of expression, etc. Perhaps you don't understand that killing a human being is the ultimate denial of that person's freedom of expression! The US has murdered more than ten million innocent people since World War II (a VERY conservative estimate) and thereby infringed on their freedom of expression in the most heinous possible way. Compared to that, arresting and harassing a few journalists and intellectuals is a very minor offense. Additionally, the US (meaning its owners) permits a certain amount of freedom of expression BECAUSE the entire mainstream media is relatively successful at force-feeding lies to the majority of the public. The minute those lies start to collapse, even a super-liberal Constitutional lawyer like Cass Sunstein advocates "disabling the purveyors of conspiracy theories," "cognitive infiltration of conspiracy groups," and even looks forward to the day when "conspiracy theories" (i.e. truthful accounts of extremely important events) will be outlawed and their purveyors sent to prison…just as now happens in Europe to anyone who raises uncomfortable questions about the holocaust narrative. So there is really very little meaningful freedom of expression in the US or in the West generally. In Iran, by contrast, the international media (Al-Alam and Press TV) allows truthful voices to be heard. Iran's international media is by far the most truthful on the planet, with Russia Today a close second. So while I would like to see Iran permit more internal free expression, I would hate to see it be swamped by the torrent of genocidal lies emanating from the West. It's a delicate balancing act, and it seems to me that Iran is handling their difficult situation reasonably well, given that they are under nonstop terrorist attack from the Zionist-run West.

  10. Anonymous

    Then I'd expect you to absolutely not attend a 'US & UK Rothschild New World Order Satanists' film festival as well. Please let us know when they send you an invitation.

    However I'm still in the dark as to how you can rationalize attending a film festival in a country with a regime that considers the freedoms of speech and assembly such a threat when you rely so heavily on those two basic fundamental (and universal) human rights. Seriously, how do you sleep at night?

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