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TSA turkeys butcher Americans for Thanksgiving

I’m going to grope your genitals, and if you so much as flinch, this thing is going straight up your ass. Have a pleasant journey, and happy holidays!”
Every year, Americans butcher fifty million turkeys for Thanksgiving.

But now, turkeys – of the featherless variety – are taking revenge.
The flock of pathetic, soulless, two-digit-IQ turkeys whose only skills are the ability to push buttons that irradiate and virtually strip-search airline passengers – and to clumsily grope the genitalia of men, women and children – will be slaughtering large numbers of Americans during the upcoming holiday season…

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  1. Anonymous

    9/11 truth, Mooslims (damn do I hate that word) being mistreated, America this, America that…wow all you do is talk bullsh** all day? The sooner idiots stop feeling sorry for themselves and actually try making a difference in this world – the sooner it will be a better world. If people hate this country they should GET THE FK OUT and go blow themselves up under a pic MOHAMMED

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