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Happy to be alive, and happy Thanksgiving!

Listen HERE First 20 minutes: Kevin Barrett delivers a “Thanksgiving sermon” from a tiny log cabin mosque in the pine woods beside the Wisconsin River in the beautiful Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin. Final 35 minutes: Kevin and Richie Allen discuss: Why do Hollywood A-Listers lend their support to the Israeli government? Could directed energy weapons have been used to start the wildfires in California? In a wide ranging chat they also discuss hidden codes in the Abrahamic religious texts and more!


Thoughts on Ashura—and on Muslim vs. American “holidays”

Why did the world’s most evil people choose Islam as the “civilizational enemy” following the collapse of communism? What is it about Islam that these evil people fear? Watch the video above, read the article below, and ponder. –Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor End the silence on Ashura by Salina Khan, Crescent International The sacred month of Muharram follows the sacred month of Dhul Hijjah. Salina Khan argues that the true significance of Ashura and the martyrdom of Imam Hussain must be addressed honestly to create awareness among Muslims about issues of legitimacy, justice, dignity and freedom in Islam. Staff…


TSA turkeys butcher Americans for Thanksgiving

“I’m going to grope your genitals, and if you so much as flinch, this thing is going straight up your ass. Have a pleasant journey, and happy holidays!” Every year, Americans butcher fifty million turkeys for Thanksgiving. But now, turkeys – of the featherless variety – are taking revenge.The flock of pathetic, soulless, two-digit-IQ turkeys whose only skills are the ability to push buttons that irradiate and virtually strip-search airline passengers – and to clumsily grope the genitalia of men, women and children – will be slaughtering large numbers of Americans during the upcoming holiday season… full article: