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Terrence McKenna birthday celebration with author Daniel Moler

Fri.  11/16/12, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)
Happy Terrence McKenna’s birthday! Since this will be our last chance to celebrate Terrence’s birthday – if the world really does end at 11:10 p.m. on December 21st, 2012 – we’d better enjoy ourselves!

First hour guest: Daniel Moler of
Reality  Sand- wich, author of Machine Elves 101: Why Terrence McKen- na Matters.

For those not paying attention, psychedelic shaman Terrence McKenna was the Timothy Leary of the post-Leary generation. A genius-level, jazz-riffing-style improvisational speaker, Terrence is perhaps best known for using I Ching mathematics to suggest that the world as we know it is coming to an end. Eerily, the date he came up with – December 21st, 2012 – is the same date as the end of the Mayan “long count” calendar.

Some people say, “Kevin, you’re a Muslim, so how can you be a Terrence McKenna fan?” As far as I’m concerned, anyone who’s busting down the bars of the Black Iron Prison (P.K. Dick) and freeing us from the mind-forg’d manacles (W. Blake), revealing that the universe is grounded in mind not matter, is halfway to acknowledging, surrendering to, and worshiping the ultimate source of the mind-stuff that grounds our reality. Guys like McKenna, and the good people at RealitySandwich, are on the right side of the truth jihad, whether or not they know it.

Second hour guest: Eric Walberg, author of Postmodern Imperialism, is one of the notable political analysts of our time.  We’ll discuss Israel’s horrific escalation of the genocide in Occupied Palestine, among other topics. 

Eric is working on a follow-up book with the working title: From Postmodernism to Postsecularism: Re-emerging Islamic civilization:

“This work is a continuation of Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the GreatGames (2011), though it stands on its own. My purpose in PI was to give a picture of the world from the viewpoint of those on the receiving end of imperialism. It traces the manipulation of Islamists by imperialism, and poses the question of what the implications are deriving from the revival of Islamic thought and activism for the western imperial project.”

The forthcoming book will “look more closely at the Islamic project since the founding of Islam in the seventh century. It looks at the parallels with past crises in Islamic civilization, which gave impetus to reforms and renewal from within, relying on the Quran and hadiths, and interprets recent history from the viewpoint of the Muslim world, how it sees the imposition on it of western systems and beliefs, and how it views the new shift in forces that the Iranian revolution and Arab Spring portend.” 

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