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Gwenyth Todd: Neocons plotted US war on Iran; Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest

Tuesday, September 3rd, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Gwenyth Todd on the lookout for false-flags!

90 minute special show with hunted US government whistleblower Gwenyth Todd!

Gwenyth is the highest-level former US government operative I’ve yet interviewed. A White House Middle East policy adviser under Clinton, she was personally recruited by Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle to become the Bush Administration’s geo-strategic adviser to the Admiral(s) running America’s crucial 5th Fleet in Bahrain. Unbeknownst to Perle – who thought she was a loyal neocon –
Gwenyth agreed with the first Admirals she worked with to undermine neocon plans to arrange a war-trigger incident vs. Iran. When the neocons replaced the loyal admirals with potentially treasonous ones, and set up a false-flag operation to trigger a 2007 war on Iran, Gwenyth violated direct orders by alerting loyal officials in the State Department, stopping the false-flag warmongers in their tracks and possibly saving the lives of hundreds of US sailors. In retribution, she was targeted for legal and extra-legal harassment, and had to flee for her life to Australia, where the harassment continues. (She was prevented from recording this show for several hours by apparent telephone and internet jamming – and the moment she suggested that Richard Clarke is a prime 9/11 suspect, our connection was cut!)

In this special 90-minute interview, Gwenyth tells the first half of the story about how she stopped the neocon false-flag plans for war on Iran. (Stay tuned for the follow-up Sept. 18th!) She also reveals the real story about how uber-stalker Monica Lewinsky got access to Clinton – she was there!

Surprisingly, she suggests that the prime 9/11 suspects are not necessarily the best-known PNAC neocons (Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Libby, etc.) Having worked with Richard Clarke from the time he was busted for spying for Israel and immediately promoted to Clinton’s National Security Council, Gwenyth pointedly does not disagree with Webster Tarpley’s and Gordon Duff’s suggestion that the prime suspect for hands-on designer and operational manager of the 9/11 attacks is none other than “Terror Czar” and out-in-the-open Israeli spy Dick Clarke himself. She says Clarke is one of the “untouchables” and that he…well, you’ll just have to listen to this amazing interview!

(Read Gordon Duff’s recent article about Gwenyth Todd and then last week’s 5-page spread on Gwenyth Todd in the Washington Post)


Gwyneth Todd was from a long line of American diplomats, bankers, spies and scholars going back to Revolutionary times.

Her first 17 years had been spent following her father, Kenneth Thompson, a career diplomat, and mother, Eve Tyler, granddaughter of a renowned art collector, through embassies in Malta, Turkey, West Africa, England and Spain.

Summers were spent at the family chateau in France, where the bloodline led back to Napoleon.

But Washington was home. Her maternal grandfather, William Royall Tyler, had been an assistant secretary of state in the Kennedy administration and director of Dumbarton Oaks, the estate and center for Byzantine and pre-Columbian art studies.

The estate’s original owners, Robert and Mildred Bliss, were intimate friends of her family. “When we weren’t overseas, I spent much of my time as a child playing in the gardens,” Todd said during one of several interviews in the past year.
She graduated Phi Beta Kappa in Near and Middle Eastern studies from the University of California at Berkeley, then earned a master’s in Arabic and international affairs in 1990 at Georgetown University.

10 Thoughts to “Gwenyth Todd: Neocons plotted US war on Iran; Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest”

  1. Anonymous

    kevin, does it seem that your guest is trying
    to whitewash the 911 > iraq story for the
    sake of the key players? that they were
    told stories that fueled their enthusiasm for
    invading iraq? that they didn't have much
    to do with the planning, but were just
    'victims' of the planners? ???

    sorry. i am really wondering about her.
    is she being paid to protect the big three?

  2. Anonymous


    Great interview with Todd. Last year we finally obtained a key secret State Department report about illegal tech transfer to Israel. I had no idea Richard Clarke was the one responsible and fired for it until just now.

    Grant Smith

  3. Anonymous

    Kevin,super great show, Love & Peace Tim

  4. Anonymous

    Where does Ms. Todd stand on the Israeli role in 9/11? Thats a big question and the answer often exposes controlled ops for what they are, not that I'm saying she is(I dont know enough yet).

  5. Anonymous

    Very good!

    Richard Clarke was THE point man on Rwanda, blocking ANY attempts to make the slightest effort to stop the genocide. He worked closely with Anthony Lake to keep Clinton in the dark, despite the fact that he (Clarke) received notice that the slaughter had begun when it was 15 minutes old (very typical of US information on the Holocaust, btw). US embassy staff were begging for the military to 1) jam the radio stations of the killers, 2) to name them, in the jamming broadcasts, and let them know that the US would seek them out and punish them for their crimes, and 3) buzz the roof tops of the capital. All this would be bluff and bluster, but the people on the ground thought it might work; and it would have put no US personnel at risk. Coordinating with Clarke and Lake, Kissinger was meeting with the US Army chief of African affairs to guarantee nothing was done.

    John Hankey

  6. Anonymous

    wow! If we had a real media this would be all page news not just front page

  7. Anonymous

    (She was prevented from recording this show for several hours by apparent telephone and internet jamming – and the moment she suggested that Richard Clarke is a prime 9/11 suspect, our connection was cut!)

    Aren't you hip to Skype? If the person that you want to interview is in a situation like Ms. Todd, then using a landline phone or a cell phone is a no go.

    If she has a laptop with WiFi and a microphone, either built in or plugged in, she can go to a location with free WiFi. Many fast food joints have WiFi. Public libraries, too. Sometimes the WiFi signal is powerful enough that you can sit in a car in the parking lot outside the building.

    It's difficult to interfere with a WiFi connection in a shared WiFi environment.


  8. Anonymous

    Hi, Kevin — , Just listened to your interview Part 1 with Gwenyth Todd. , Amazing story, indeed. A few comments and additions , to what she said you'll be interested to know. , – I completely agree with that the decision to go into Afghanistan , was not only seen as a setback by the neocons, but was a setback , to their Iraq plans. You may recall that I said just that in the preface , to my question to Susan Lindauer after her presentation at the , Vancouver Hearings. , – The problem I have with claims that Clarke was the or a mastermind , of 9/11 is that he claims, at least, that he was cut out of 'the loop' in , the NSC before 9/11, presumably by Rice. , – Gwenyth may not be aware of it, but when the budget crisis shut , down the gov't except for essential personnel, her mother, who was , engaged to and later married "Mr. Democratic Party" and neocon , Robert Strauss 'offered' Monica to none other than current Secretary , of Defense and my neighbor in Carmel Valley, California Leon Panetta, , who was then Clinton's White House Chief of Staff, as a fill in for his , secretary during the shut down; that Monica's office was on the first , floor of the West Wing between Panetta's in one corner and the , Oval Office and Clinton's small private bedroom just off the Oval , Office; and that Monica's mother's condominium in which Monica , lived with her mother in the Watergate shared an adjoining wall — , the wall to Monica bedroom and phone jack — with none other , than Bob and Elizabeth Dole, Bob Dole having been the unsuccessful , Republican candidate against Clinton in the previous election; , and that the Doles bought Monica's mother's condo when she , and Monica moved out when her mother married Strauss. , It was obvious that the real story being covered up by the , public line that Clinton and Monica had, shall we say, an oral , relationship only, was that she had become pregnant and had , an abortion. The White House panicked at the scandal of even , the hint that Clinton was the father and had pressured her to have , an abortion — or that Hillary had — and so needed the leaked , back story of the 'other man' who had allegedly been the one , to get her pregnant. , – The likelihood that Gwenyth's call to the State Dept., , which we can infer was to her father and/or one of his close , colleagues there, blocked the set up of Iran in a false flag , in 2007, recalled the event chronicled in my book October , Surprise, that on the night that Iran and Iraq suddenly , declared a surprise cease fire in the Iran-Iraq War that had , already killed and maimed a million people, the minute that , "Nightline" with Ted Koppel ended that night, which was , devoted to the surprise announcement, the phone rang , in my apartment in Pacific Grove, California, where I had , researched and written the book. It was the former , President of Iran Bani Sadr who asked if he was talking , with Barbara Honegger, the author of October Surprise. , When I said yes, he immediately, and emotionally, , thanked me for 'ending the Iran-Iraq War.' I asked him , why he said that, to which he answered . . ., which you , need to for sure read in I believe the next to last chapter , in the book, which you have… , Is Part 2 of the interview with Gwenyth posted in the , audio archives yet? If so, at what link?
    Barbara Honegger

  9. Anonymous

    Your show with Gwyneth Todd was electrifying. I hope you have her back and I hope she is given greater access to both the mainstream and alternative media.

  10. Kevin some new stuff. "9/11 NEW American Airlines Flight 11 witness with Mossad 9/11 Photo 2012"

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