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Mandatory holocaust denial law passed in California!

This just in: The California State Legislature has passed a new law making holocaust denial mandatory on all college campuses. Anyone who refuses to deny the holocaust will be punished, sanctioned, or thrown out of the university.

The holocaust that must be denied, of course, is the Palestinian holocaust.

The law orders university bureaucrats to “squelch nascent anti-semitism” and “encourages university leaders to combat a wide array of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel actions.”

In other words, if you oppose the Zionist genocide against the Palestinian people, you will be expelled or fired. If you point out that the Palestinian holocaust is ongoing, paid for with US taxpayer dollars, you will be defenestrated from the third floor of the Administration Building. If you adamantly refuse to deny the Palestinian holocaust, you will be turned over to the local JDL and run over by a bulldozer.

Since I was expelled and blacklisted from the American university system for questioning the events of 9/11, I have not been under any illusions about American universities as bastions of free thought and free speech. And since 60 state legislators signed a letter urging the University of Wisconsin to fire me due to my research and publications about 9/11, I have understood that state legislators love to try to force scholars down to their own pre-neanderthal level of cognition.

Even so, I never imagined the day would come when a state legislature would mandate holocaust denial.

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  1. Kevin: I have a technical correction. What passed was a Resolution, not a law. I was challenged by a friend to locate the bill (AB, SB) and I located the HR 35. Unlike a law, a resolution is not binding, although I do agree this is a dangerous attempt to silence dissent. Here's a link to the Resolution:

  2. Good point.

    Regarding resolutions vs. laws: Steve Nass and some other Wisconsin legislators tried to pass a resolution telling the university to fire me. They couldn't get enough support, so instead they all just signed a letter.

    Whatever you call it – letter, resolution, law – it affects university policy. I'm unemployable at the UW just as surely as if they'd passed a law against me.

  3. Anonymous

    Yah? Now I want to ask in the first two paragraphs it does not say which holocaust is to be denied. The Ukrainian holocaust? The holocaust of femaleness? The aboriginal people holocaust, the inquisition? Rwanda, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Palestine, Nigeria by the oil companies right now as we speak? The poor globally? Children everywhere forever? All of these and many more are denied by calling one holocaust "THE holocaust!" How about the always denied holocaust of all other species other than humans, of Nature and the future????!?!?!

    Humanity is living in an imperialist state globally all of it is THE HOLOCAUST! Imperialism, capitalist state and kills for profit, resources and power.

    It's all a holocaust! Please be specific because I think there is a specific "holocaust" certain people want remembered while those same people engage in ongoing planetary holocaust against humanity and nature!

  4. Anonymous

    Also Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!!!

  5. I agree.

    But it's worth pointing out that the one holocaust you are virtually REQUIRED to deny is the Palestinian one.

    And pretty much the only one you can go to jail for even questioning is the Nazi one.

    Funny how the same special interest group is obviously flexing its muscles in both cases.

  6. Anonymous

    Speaking of California, any chance of getting Jeff Blankfort on soon? I miss Jeff's comments since he was banned by Mondoweiss, with no real explanation.

  7. Kids just about everywhere eternally? Most of these and much more are usually rejected through contacting a single holocaust "The actual holocaust!" Think about the particular constantly rejected holocaust of some other varieties apart from people, regarding Dynamics and also the potential????!?!?!

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