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Breaking news! Gordon Duff on Afghan back-channel peace plan 

Wed. 9/19/12, 3-5 pm Central,American Freedom Radio (archived here.)

First hour:  Well-connected ex-Marine global affairs whiz Gordon Duff, and his Russian friend Col. Krushchev, know just about all the major players in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, in a Truth Jihad Radio exclusive, Gordon reveals a new back-channel peace effort bringing together high-level American, Russian, Afghan/Taliban, and Pakistani officials. Under the plan, all parties would enter into a ceasefire, and work together in an opium eradication effort. (The Taliban are the world’s leading experts on opium eradication; they led the most successful anti-drug effort in world history during their final years in power, before the global drug lords staged 9/11 to – among other things – re-start the big banksters’ money-laundering pipeline.)

So instead of killing each other, Americans, Pakistanis, Russians and Afghans would work together to put the druglords – and the banksters who own them – out of business?! It sounds just crazy enough that it might work…

Second hour: Iftekhar Hai, a Qur’an teacher, is president of the United Muslims of America Interfaith alliance. He has taken issue with the views of Dr. Javed Jamil’s “Muslims Most Civilized” series, which marshals a vast amount of statistical evidence showing that Muslims and Muslim-majority regions are ahead of comparable non-Muslim populations on key indicators of “civilization.” Muslims, compared to non-Muslims, have generally low crime rates, low suicide rates, low incidences of sexually-transmitted disease, low divorce rates, low mental illness rates, low drug and alcoholism rates, stable families, and so on.

Iftekhar Hai isn’t impressed. He responds:

Our challenge is:  Can we see beyond The Quran and Hadith.  Sir Syed had said, “We have to acquire knowledge from non-Muslim sources.  We have to be modernist and reformist.”  Our prophet had said, “Travel to China to seek education/knowledge.”  There was no ISLAM IN CHINA that our Prophet was talking about….but  advanced knowledge from Chinese sources that our Prophet was speaking about.

Western countries have landed on Mars 154 million miles away and our Ulemas fight over sightibility of moon and create dis-unity among Muslims.

Brother, the fact is Allah has choosen non-Muslims to enlighten the world.  Our ulemas teach Muslims to memorize, recite, copy-cat what Muslim scholars did in the 8th, 9th & 10th century. 

Our ulemas think it is most important to memorize the Quran…and only use interpretation of Al Tabari, Ibn Kathir, Sahib Bukhari, etc. etc who had lived hundreds of years ago and had no idea of a 21st century globally connected world economically, militarilly, science, technology, etc.

During the last 100 years 95% of all inventions, discoveries and scientific advancement has come from non-Muslims sources. BECAUSE ALLAH ALSO LOVES AND REWARDS NON-MUSLIMS TOO.

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  1. Anonymous

    I always look forward to listening to Gordon Duff, but I'm betting that the only way Afghanistan is going to shut itself down is if the Drug Lords have someplace else to which they can move their operation. I'm hoping that Duff will explain where that is in his interview.

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