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Geo-engineering special: What the bleep are they doing to our planet?

Fri. 8/24/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.)

First hour: BREAKING NEWS! The brand-new documentary The Great Culling: Our Water is on the brink of release, and producer Chris Maple will join TJ Radio to celebrate.

The film’s expected release date is around Aug 25.  God willing both Infowars and G. Edward Griffin will be distributing this film. We are extremely excited and proud of this film. This film will be a effective tool for waking up the masses to this fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people.  We uncover why “fluoride” is being added to our public drinking water.

The film features:

·       Dr. David C. Kennedy, DDS
·       Gary O. Pittman
·       Mike Adams “The Health Ranger”
·       Former Senator Karen Johnson
·       Dr. Paul Connett, PhD
·       Dr. Laura Pressley, PhD
·       Dr. Charlie Goetschel, PhD
·       Dr. Doris Rapp, M.D.
·       Jeff Green
·       Dr. James E. Rota, DDS
·       Luca Zanna
·       Mary E. Moore

2nd hour: Michael Murphy of What in the World Are They Spraying? and the new Why in the World Are They Spraying? joins us live from Northern California, which is currently on fire thanks in part to the harebrained geo-engineering schemes Michael has been exposing. 

Then Iftekhar Hai of UMA Interfaith Alliance comes on to discuss how “the 9/11 tragedy and the demonization of Muslims and Islam has created a crisis for American Muslims” and how interfaith activism and outreach can offer solutions. He also will discuss his view that Muslim societies today are “the most backwards militarily, economically, scientifically, industrially and in taking care of its own population” – a view that has been challenged, in great detail, by Dr. Javed Jamil’s “Muslims Most Civilized” studies.

If “backwardness” means NOT producing mad scientists building insane weapons and trying to play God with geo-engineering lunacy (and all the other atrocities of science-worship, technology-worship, and “progress”-worship) then PLEASE, GOD, GIVE OUR PLANET A GIGANTIC DOSE OF BACKWARDNESS!!!

One Thought to “Geo-engineering special: What the bleep are they doing to our planet?”

  1. Anonymous

    Re: If anything, alumina is a fire retardant; not an accelerant. Michael Murphy's chemical inaccuracies are very distracting. Nano-thermite isn't necessary to account for Professor Jones' findings of microscopic iron balls in WTC dust. Iron alloy in aluminum can render it extremely brittle, allowing facile fine powdering. Finely powdered aluminum increases the power of conventional high explosives, so long as there is sufficient oxygen to burn it. (Balance to CO rather than CO2.) Should that aluminum contain iron, it will form minute iron balls in the explosive residue. Since grinding chemically pure aluminum is dangerous and expensive, I would expect the alloy to be used. (A neighbor, the late Bill Shewfelt, ran IRECO Chemicals' ball mill and told me about it.) I would suggest downplaying the suggestions nano-thermite was used in the WTC demolition as it's ineffective, unnecessary, and overly expensive. When you hear hoof beats, think horses before zebras. Bad as fluoride alone may be, it also ferries aluminum across the blood-brain barrier. (I'd expect it to also increase absorption of aluminum from the gut.) The combination (fluoride and nano-alumina) is far worse, and probably causes much brain damage and inhibition. Remember the Maine! Where Maine goes, the nation goes.

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