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Dr. Eric Beeth live from Bulgaria; witch-hunted 9/11 truth-seeking Democrat MD Alam

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 7/20/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Post your questions to my Facebook page. 

First hour: Leading European 9/11 truth activist Dr. Eric Beeth reports live from Bulgaria on the (likely false-flag) Bulgarian bus bomb.

If nations were schoolyard kids, Israel would be a vicious, muscular, but not-so-tall budding psychopath with a Napoleon complex – sort of like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas – who goes around slapping himself in the face, then screaming “Why’d ya hit me you asshole!” and beating the crap out of other kids.

The Zionists are far and away the acknowledged world leaders in false-flag terrorism. From the murderers who dressed as Arabs to bomb the King David Hotel, to the Lavon Affair Israeli terrorists bombing US targets in Egypt and blaming Egyptians, to the botched attack on the USS Liberty that was supposed to be blamed on Egypt, to the Mossad-orchestrated Achille Lauro and Entebbe hijacking incidents, to the “terrorist” bombings of its own embassies in London and Buenos Aires, to 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali, and Mumbai, the Israeli Mossad is behind almost every big “terrorist” outrage blamed on Arabs or Muslims. And the more evil and outrageous the act – the more it inexcusably targets innocent civilian victims – the more certain you can be that it was the Zionists themselves who did it.

The Bulgarian bus bomb went off on the anniversary of the Mossad’s bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. Obviously we should assume this one, too, is a false-flag attack; given the history sketched out in the previous paragraph (and much more) the burden of proof is now on the Zionists.

Sgt. MD Alam served his country in the first Gulf War.

Second hour: MD Alam, a top Democratic Party official and Secretary of State candidate in Missouri, is being witch-hunted by the Zionist owned and operated media for questioning 9/11. A native of Bangladesh, Alam made the mistake of conflating “Jew” with “Israeli” (a common conflation in much of the world including Bangladesh) in pointing out the suspiciously minuscule number of Israeli deaths in the Twin Towers. 

Israeli-owned Zim Shipping Lines, which occupied 17,000 square feet of the 17th floor of the North Tower, broke its lease by moving out one week before 9/11; and Israeli-based Odigo Instant Messaging broadcast a message in Hebrew telling people to stay out of lower Manhattan on the morning of 9/11. The result of Israeli foreknowledge and warnings: At most three Israelis died in the Towers, compared to 47 victims from the Dominican Republic,  18 from Columbia, 11 from Germany, 41 from India, 24 from Japan, 16 from Jamaica, and so on. Given that New York’s financial district is, if not exactly Israeli-occupied territory, a place where Israelis are vastly overrepresented in proportion to their percentage of the global population, the dearth of Israeli deaths in the Towers was highly suspicious, and MD Alam should be commended, not witch-hunted, for raising this question.

MD Alam is running for Secretary of State on behalf of the 99%.  Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s example, he has a vision of American Muslims integrating productively into American society as the phony “war on terror” ends and we start focusing on rebuilding our economy and solving our real problems.

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