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Deface 9/11!

A genocidal satanic icon, erected by war criminals, was recently greatly improved by someone with a can of spray paint.

The official story of 9/11 is a satanic, idolatrous false religion. It is an evil idol, and it must be smashed.

The story that Muslims did 9/11 is patently false. Yet this big lie launched the mass murder of more than a million Muslims – an act of genocide.

Imagine: A group of Nazis slaughters 3,000 innocent Christian children, drains them of blood, and sells the “official story” that Jews butchered the children and drank their blood. A war on Jews, disguised as a “war on terror,” commences. More than a million Jews are killed.

That is what happened on 9/11, except it was Muslims, rather than Jews, who were victimized.

Everyone who transmits the official Big Lie of 9/11 is guilty of incitement to genocide, among other crimes against humanity. The people who put up this “memorial” have intentionally averted their eyes from the fact that 9/11 was a genocidal hoax. They ought to be tried at a new Nuremburg-style tribunal.

“But we didn’t know!” they would surely whine, as the noose closed around their necks. Sorry, but…how could you NOT have known? The obvious demolition of WTC-7 is only a mouse-click away. It’s just one grain of a Mt. Everest of evidence that no person acting in good faith could possibly not understand.

I know that some folks in the 9/11 truth movement will be horrified that I am cheering for “vandals” who have “defaced” a “monument.” What in the world can such “vandalism” accomplish? Doesn’t it just piss people off and make truthers look crazy and criminal?

Having taught Religious Studies at two universities, I can tell you that the Official Hoax of 9/11 is a RELIGION. It is SACRED. (I analyzed its sacred mythic nature in my essay “The Myth of 9/11” published in 9/11 and American Empire v.2.)

The best way to destroy a sacred myth is NOT to argue against it, or present evidence against it. Nobody actually evaluates evidence when it comes to sacred myths anyway.

The best way to destroy a sacred myth is to VIOLATE ITS SACRALITY. If the society cannot force people to refrain from wildly sacreligious acts targeting the central symbols of the myth, then the myth will crumble.

If every 9/11 monument is systematically defaced, and if every speaker who uncritically cites or takes for granted the official story is interrupted and heckled, if complicit newspapers find their newsboxes “vandalized,” if complicit TV networks suffer similar fates…the 9/11 myth will crumble.

Whoever sprayed “hoax” on this genocidal idol did more for 9/11 truth than any number of researchers and authors writing articles and books.

I hope and pray that thousands of similar acts follow.

8 Thoughts to “Deface 9/11!”

  1. The type of person/ persons who might vandalize a harmless monument like this probably has no respect for the law or people . Most likely delinquents burning off some boredom, having a bit of fun when when there's nothing else better to do. As a 911 truther, I'd probably grab some soap and good cleaning brush. and scrub-a-dub dub the thing!

  2. mille milliards de mille sabord, sacrilege…

  3. Anonymous

    The "hoax" message is ambiguous, incompetent and thus counterproductive, easily dismissed, and makes truthers look like idiots. What, they're claiming the steel from the WTC was faked? But Kevin never found a discrediting activity he didn't love.

  4. Brian Good, I do appreciate you taking time off from your busy sex stalking to leave a comment here. This post was specifically designed as a "Brian Good trap," and you fell right into it. Now let's see if I can get some mainstream radio hosts to join you…

    Doug Brinkman, how the heck are we going to finish the American Revolution if you follow us around scrubbing off our revolutionary graffiti? Oh, that's right, you're CANADIAN – you guys don't like our revolution anyway! Don't worry, we won't tar and feather you. (Brian Good gets no such guarantees.)

    Abu-Suleyman, you and Tintin have the right idea.

  5. Anonymous

    So on your blog you "hope and pray" for more vandalism, and on your radio program you claim it was just bullshit to try to provoke media coverage. Thanks for showing us what your prayers are worth.
    -Brian Good

  6. Expecting a psycho constitutionally incapable of humor of any kind to understand that it's possible to be funny and serious at the same time is like expecting a chimpanzee to sing Mozart arias.

  7. Anonymous

    Alex Jones apparently is vary aware of this tactic, hence the desecration of globalist Messiah Obama contest..

  8. Yes, Alex did that brilliantly.

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