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Iran visit provokes hate campaign; New book “proves OJ’s innocent”

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 First hour: Elias Davidsson is the son of German-Jewish holocaust survivors who migrated to Occupied Palestine. A human rights activist and researcher who has proved that the alleged 19 hijackers were innocent and framed for 9/11, Elias recently visited Iran as part of a peace delegation – and was viciously attacked by Zionists when he got home to Germany! “We were met by a barrage of hateful blogs and thereafter mainstream media attacks, for having met ‘the butcher’ of Teheran who ‘denies the Holocaust’ and threatens to ‘annihilate Israel.'” Sounds like Germany is still being run by nazi types – only now they’re zio-nazis!

Second hour: William Dear: “OJ SIMPSON IS INNOCENT!” Not only that, he’s a real American hero – a man who has chosen to endure great suffering for the sake of someone he loves. That is indeed the most reasonable conclusion to be drawn from the shocking evidence presented in Dear’s new book O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It.

William Dear is an internationally-acclaimed private investigator and homicide-investigation specialist. He has been inducted into the American Police Hall of Fame.

Dear’s evidence strongly suggests that O.J.’s “guilty demeanor” (if you don’t know what that is, look here and here and here) stemmed from his covering up for a much more likely suspect – his eldest son Jason, who suffered from a rage disorder and seems to have left a rather massive and bloody trail of evidence that was overlooked by the O.J.-obsessed LAPD.

Excuse my racism, but Dear’s book strikes me as yet another piece of evidence that black Americans, by and large, are smarter than white Americans. (How many black Americans doubt that “Bush knocked down the Towers”?) It was obvious to most black Americans, as well as to the O.J. jury, that the LAPD planted evidence in a lame attempt to frame O.J., and that there was a reasonable doubt about his guilt. Yet the majority of white Americans – morons whose sheep-like trust in their cops and leaders cannot be shaken by any amount of evidence (as we see in the case of 9/11) – joined the “get O.J.” lynch mob. Today, an innocent hero rots in prison for the “crime” of trying to repossess his own sports memorabilia…and, more pertinently, the crime of covering up for his beloved, mentally-ill son.

And the LAPD idiots and criminals rake in book money and collect their pensions.

What a country.

I’m glad white people will be a minority by 2050.

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