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Pat Buchanan avoids 9/11 truth, gets fired anyway

A few months ago, I offered Pat Buchanan a golden opportunity to speak out for 9/11 truth.

Pat didn’t rise to the occasion.

I asked Paul Craig Roberts, a friend of Pat’s, to bring Pat up to speed.

Dear Paul Craig Roberts,

I interviewed Pat Buchanan yesterday and brought up your excellent review of his book. He said you’re a friend of his. So when the conversation turned to 9/11, and we strongly disagreed, I urged him to talk to you about it.

Here is my report on the interview, with the interview itself embedded. 

In the unlikely event Pat calls you up to ask about 9/11, I’m sure you’ll acquit yourself well.



Dr. Roberts replied:

Pat can’t take a different stance on 9/11 from the official one and remain a TV pundit.  He has all the controversial positions he can bear.  I don’t know what he really thinks about 9/11, but there is no point in trying to have him commit suicide.

I see the point.

But  now Pat’s been fired anyway.

Judge Napolitano too.

Actually, there IS one good thing about Pat Buchanan getting fired from MSNBC: Anybody who’s managed to engineer an ebola virus that only kills MSNBC executives and pundits will no longer have to feel guilty about using it.

On second thought, I take that back.

Hold off on that MSNBC ebola – wait and engineer something REALLY unpleasant.  An ebola death would be too easy for these people.

I’m not saying this because I idolize Pat Buchanan. On the contrary, I don’t agree with his take on many issues, including the race issue. He likes rich people better than I do, and poor people less. He’s not all that happy about the rise of Islam. I could go on.

But the point is, Buchanan has the guts to speak his mind. He’s extremely knowledgeable – off the charts smart by comparison to the rest of mainstream punditry. And he backs up his opinions with strong arguments and evidence.

MSNBC firing Buchanan for racism is a case of the blood calling the ketchup red.

MSNBC, owned by Zionists and military contractors, is drenched in oceans of blood – the blood of the poor black and brown people who have been murdered and tortured by the millions in the wars-for-Israel sparked by the 9/11 big lie.

Buchanan at least has had the decency to oppose those wars, and point out that they were never even meant to be in the US national interest.

His opposition to the Zionist takeover of America – not his controversial positions on race, or his support for the traditional Catholic positions on homosexuality and abortion – is undoubtedly what got him fired.

The moral: If you’re going to get fired for telling even half of the truth,  why not tell the whole truth.

Memo to Paul Craig Roberts: Even if it’s “suicide” to speak out for 9/11 truth, we’re all going to die some day anyway.

Would you rather die as a worthless, cowardly bit of subhuman scum, or an actual human being with a heart and a mind?

That’s the question you answer when you decide whether or not to seek, and then tell the truth about, 9/11.

7 Thoughts to “Pat Buchanan avoids 9/11 truth, gets fired anyway”

  1. Anonymous

    It could be that Pat Buchanan didn't come out for 9/11 truth because he wants to keep his job, but IMO it's more likely that he simply doesn't want to believe that his Republican brethren could have been in on such a horrible thing.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin- Maybe NOW Pat wishes he had been at least a LITTLE forthcoming when he was talking to you on your show. He COULDN'T be that stupid. It's SAD that GOOD men can be so INCAPABLE of telling an UNPOPULAR truth. Personally, I don't understand it, because the world's most revered religious leaders have ALL been about telling the truth, and MOST of these people CLAIM to be like them, but the TRUTH is much different. I have been having a RAGING e-mail conversation with my brother about the whole zionist thing, so your ending said what I am TOO POLITE to say to my brother, who is one of those "enlightened yuppies" who THINKS he knows everything, and in reality is so CLUELESS it's HARD TO BELIEVE. So thanks for putting it SO SUCCINCTLY- if I had said that to him, I'd have to FIST FIGHT him the next time I saw him. Personally, I couldn't agree with you more, and if 911 ISN'T THE defining issue of OUR time, WHAT IS? Your friend- TW

  3. Anonymous

    When a VIP like Pat Buchanan gives you a coded message, you either run with it, adding your own disclaimers, or you look like you're just being argumentative. Because after all, he's the VIP.

    Coded message? Simple enough. Never mind what he said – here's what he actually meant: "Kevin, you're asking me to join the conspiracy theory, and I can't do that. Sure, the evidence is overwhelming. But it's not just an establishment story. It's the founding doctrine of our new world, like Genesis is to the Bible, or any of the creation stories are to aboriginal people all over the world. Scientific truth and proof don't matter in this case. This is a New Order, even a New World Order if you like, and I intend to be on the 'A' team. Now Kevin, you know that no matter what you believe or how much you despise your next-door neighbor or your representative in Congress, when the stuff comes down, you have to line up with your people, right or wrong. And these Neocons, like 'em or hate 'em, they're our boys."

  4. Anonymous

    Pat Buchanan, THIS IS THE MOMENT!!!

  5. come on now he has to side with one or other camp wether he will defend his own people or defends the zionists ruling his country like paul is doing… he knows who is the enemy so name the enemy and fight him

  6. Anonymous

    Just a couple of years ago, on Coast-to-Coast AM, George Nouri et al would have the occasional 9/11 guest describing the government scam etc. – but now, the last 40 or 50 times I've tuned in it has been nothing but non-stop Muslim bashing and mindless pro-war anti-Iran propaganda. I haven't gotten past the 2-minute mark with this program for over a year now. And this program occupies the night AM dial on nearly 50 stations that can be tuned in from any one location in the U.S. on the same radio at the same time. Does anyone know how closely this resembles Big Brother from the novel?

  7. Anonymous

    Linky no workie – the veteranstoday link above says …veteranstoday… in the text, but the link behind it doesn't go there.

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