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Greg Felton explodes “Middle East Myths” !

Tuesday, January 3rd, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Greg Felton, a mainstream journalist from Vancouver, was forced to nibble at the the red pill when asked to cover Middle East issues. As he began to realize that the pro-Zionist propaganda churned out by the mainstream media is a tissue of lies, he dove deeper and deeper into skepticism. The result is his new book Exploding Middle East Myths.

On this show, Greg will take potshots at what he calls the myth of Zionism, the myth of 9/11, the mythical nature of the Abrahamic faiths, and even (gasp!) the myth of the holocaust! (I disagree with him about the latter two issues; for while I agree that these are myths, or sacred stories, I am not convinced that their basis in fact is as modest as Greg seems to think.)

2 Thoughts to “Greg Felton explodes “Middle East Myths” !”

  1. Anonymous

    If every mainstream journalist had this kind of integrity, news coverage of the Middle East would look very different

  2. Anonymous

    A very interesting interview with many thought provoking points. For example, the best and the brightest gave way to the Christian Zionists, so that Reagan's rise marked the start of the tightening grip of the zionist stranglehold.

    Hope you have him on again soon!

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