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Anti-NWO strategist Richard Moore, “keep American jobs” lawyer James A. Otto on TJ Radio today!

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 12/2/11, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Richard Moore’s book Escaping the Matrix is a red pill classic, and last month’s article The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order is still getting rave reviews, including this one from Boston 9/11 truth activist Rich McCampbell: “Moore’s research is solid and the best description I’ve read yet of what is actually happening in our world. He concisely summarizes our past, present and likely future.” Moore’s latest, Full-Spectrum Dominance and the Regime-Change Project, casts a skeptical eye on the Arab spring and the Occupy movements by putting them in historical context.

Second hour: Attorney James Otto exposes the globalist elite’s plan to throw Americans out of work!
Did you know that the US government, and the corporations that own it, are now discriminating against American workers and bringing in millions of low-wage foreign workers to replace them?

“In the past 20 years approximately 6,000,000 U.S. workers have been forced out of their careers and put on public welfare so that employers could replace them with foreigners.” -James A. Otto

U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms | Video – ABC News

From Ilene Proctor:

The gutting of our economic democracy has been occurring for years and can be found in reams of books and volumes, of eyewitness testimony, but nowhere has the case for the theft of American jobs by banks, wall street and in corporate board rooms been laid out as brilliantly as when top Civil Rights attorney James Otto demonstrates that for the past 30 years, American firms have failed to adhere to civil rights laws. Otto declares corporations have installed surreptitious strategies to illegally discriminate against the entire American workforce…

These discriminatory actions now practiced by U.S. employers is the reason behind James Otto’s pioneering lawsuit against Beasley v. Molina Healthcare, Inc., filed in Long Beach, California. 225 highly trained American workers were replaced by Molina Healthcare, Inc. and Cognizant Technology with foreign workers. The complaint alleges the company falsely swore to the Department of Labor that it was not replacing any U.S. worker by bringing in over 500 foreign workers. According to the lawsuit, the Director of Human Resources’ investigation established testimony from 160 IT employees testifying to the rampart segregation of U.S. workers; the Budget Manager has testified that Molina had plenty of work but decided to fire all U.S. workers; and two Directors of the IT Department have stated that Molina did intend to segregate all American workers out of their labor market.

Perhaps equally egregious, the lawsuit alleges that “the entirety of Molina’s annual income comes from the U.S. taxpayer via the federal government, which pays the Medicare and Medicare claims filed by Molina’s insured. In other words, public monies fund Molina that has collected over $9 billion dollars from the U.S government just in the last three (3) years and spent a large portion of the taxpayer’s money to fire American workers and to hire an abundance of workers brought in from India.” According to the law suit “By way of Molina’s operations, several billion of U.S. taxpayer dollars have gone directly to India without any benefit to the American economy or to the U.S. taxpayer.”

View this 2007 YouTube video that shows a national immigration law firm conducting a training seminar to a corporate audience. Listen well. They actually state “the goal is NOT to find a qualified American worker.”

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    Could you have the estimable Rolf Lindgren on again soon, he of the homespun wisdom and "Fargo-esque" accent, for a Ron Paul campaign update?

    If the votes for Cain will not remain,
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    never mind… just caught the lindgren segment at tail end of Elinoff…thx!

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