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Zionist bullets: Shots across Obama’s bow?

Is the state of Israel threatening the life of the President of the United States?

To those brainwashed by America’s Zionist corporate media, the question sounds like paranoid fantasy. But the truth is that powerful geopolitical actors do sometimes attempt to intimidate each other through “plausibly deniable” threats. And the Zionists, masters of hardball realpolitik, are said to do such things with some regularity, not to mention chutzpah.

Item: Obama leaves his microphone on to tell the world that Netanyahu is a liar. Zionist flack Dennis Ross is ejected from the White House. It looks like Obama isn’t going to obey Netanyahu’s orders to attack Iran.

Item: A bullet slams into a White House window. A “lone nut,” branded like a steer by the word Israel tattooed on his neck, is arrested and charged with the crime.

Item: The FBI arrests some anti-Obama “good ole boys” armed with 52 weapons, including assault rifles, and 30,000 rounds of ammunition, including special sniper rounds.” The crackers were targeting Obama, Eric Holder, and Cynthia McKinney. The ostensible message: “Us crackers gonna get you uppity communistic niggaz.” Translated from cracker-speak, the real message might be: “Us Zionists gonna get you uppity pro-Palestinian schwartzes unless you attack Iran when we tell you to.” 

Any way you parse it, Netanyahu is obviously out of control, and he and his doomed, illegitimate settler colony are trying to drag the world down with them. Maybe it’s time for the US to retaliate in kind, and send out some bullets with Netanyahu’s name on them.

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Listen to my interviews with Cynthia McKinney and Gordon Duff, in which we discuss Obama’s dissing Netanyahu, and Netanyahu’s possible response.

3 Thoughts to “Zionist bullets: Shots across Obama’s bow?”

  1. kathy

    hi Kevin…
    just listened to your radio interview….with Cynthia mckinney…love that lady! thanks for doing that…The information about mass murderer dick cheney and his book giving away spree was something I didn't know about —- very interesting…also I heard you discussing in that interview the now widely acknowledged stuxnet virus and its possible use in Japan….hate to be a "itoldyouso"…—— but
    I told ya! Keep on trucking.

  2. great interview… kevinthey say that thepatsy islinked to the sefarads drug cartel in Mexico… did you hear this…

    which means Hillary Clinton is behind probably…

  3. Anonymous

    You probably already know this by now but Larry Sinclair is not dead, it was a hoax. I was at the recall Walker rally today. Fairly good turnout at least when I was there but I had to leave early. Keep up the good work, I love your show.

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