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“My Dad Helped the CIA Kill JFK!”

Saint John Hunt, recipient and custodian of father E. Howard Hunt’s confession to participating in the LBJ-approved, CIA-orchestrated murder of JFK

[Don’t miss James Fetzer’s talk Who Killed JFK? this Tuesday, November 22nd at the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Details here.]

Of all the big lies told about the JFK assassination, perhaps the biggest is: “I guess we’ll never really know what happened.”

Bullshit! We do know.

Some of us know because we have studied the issue. Others, like Saint John Hunt, son of CIA executive and covert action agent E. Howard Hunt, know because they got it straight from the horse’s mouth.

In 1979, as a 20-year-old undergraduate, I wrote an article for the Madison, WI Daily Cardinal compiling evidence that the CIA killed JFK. Shortly after the article was submitted to a dozen or so publications, but before it was published,  a woman appeared at my house and very politely announced she was a CIA-operated mind-control slave, brain wired with electrodes, whose job was to target enemies of the CIA for elimination. The next day, I asked my politically-savvy journalism professor, John T. McNelly, what was THAT about. He said, “They’re just f**ing with you, kid. They’re trying to intimidate you.”

Saint John Hunt knows how badly “they” can f** with you.  He helped his CIA-agent father Howard conceal money and documents during the Watergate scandal, and suffered the pain of having his mother, Dorothy Hunt, blown out of the sky under circumstances that are far beyond suspicious.

So Saint John Hunt gets my vote as one America’s greatest living heroes, for having the guts to stand up and tell the truth about his father’s confession to participating in the LBJ-approved, CIA-orchestrated assassination of John F. Kennedy. His family didn’t want him to do it, the lawyers didn’t want him to do it, and of course the CIA didn’t want him to do it. But Saint John Hunt chose to live up to his arrangement with his dying father, who apparently felt some ambivalent remorse about his participation in “The Big Event” and, at the end of his life, asked his son to help expose the truth. By doing so, Saint John Hunt is not only keeping faith with his father, but also keeping faith with his country and its tortured, slowly dying Constitution. And if you believe, as I do, that one of God’s highest names is al-Haqq (truth/reality), Saint John Hunt is keeping faith on that level as well.

11/18/2011 Interview with Saint John Hunt, lightly edited, Part 1 (Listen to the full interview here)

Saint John Hunt
(The JFK assassination) happened 49 years ago this November 22nd. That’s basically a generation. And the old generation has published, I don’t know, 500 books on the subject, noting all manner of conspiracies from every conceivable source – everything from the CIA to space aliens.

We were well warned by Eisenhower, when he passed the torch to JFK, that we’ve got a very dangerous situation here with the miltary-industrial-congressional complex – that’s what was left out of his speech, the word “congressional.” Those were (Eisenhower’s) words, and he was correct in that appraisal.

Kevin Barrett
You’ve laid it on the line in a way that few have. I mean, this is your father that we’re talking about! It must be really, really tough, (dealing with) the feeling of betrayal that we all have when we look into issues like this, when (we find) our own government has betrayed us, our own government has slaughtered 3000 people in the World Trade Center and blamed it on their enemies. People in our own government, the people really in charge, kill the President, kill his brother, and so on. We all feel a horrible sense of betrayal. But having it in the family must be worse. It must be like betrayal squared.

Yeah, it was a pretty big shock when he called me down to his, we’ll say his death bed side in Florida. And of course I had heard and seen…I had even attended a lecture in the mid-1970s by a comedian-turned-activist named Dick Gregory at San Francisco State. He was one of the first, along with Mark Lane and Silvia Meagher. And of course they accused my father of being one of the agents involved. So I was well aware that there were a lot of accusations flying around, and I just wanted to sort of figure things out for myself. But I kind of dropped the issue for ten or twenty years, until I got this phone call from my father. And lo and behold, there was some truth to the accusations and the alleged evil deeds. So that was quite a shock. And the arrangement that I had with him…originally we were going to bring it out together, before he passed away. But there was so much pressure from the inner family circle, and from various lawyers, and of course the CIA itself, that he backed down.

What year was this happening?

This was in 2005. And so he decided that he couldn’t really come out with this information himself, while he was alive, because there would be too many repercussions. First of all, he was extremely worried that any up-and-coming hotshot lawyer would have him arrested for complicity in the death of the President, which there is no statute of limitations on. So he backed down. And of course his family was deeply distressed over the overwhelming repercussions this would have in their lives. His second family, which we’re talking about, were relatively untainted by the things he had done when I, and my sisters and brothers and his first wife, were his main family. So he was a gentle man, toward the end there. But his wish for me was for me to bring this out after he had passed away. And of course that weighed very heavily on my shoulders. He passed away in 2007. After two years I just said “I’ll do this.” Against all pleas from my family, I decided to go ahead.

Wow. That must be tough.
I know there’s a tape and a handwritten letter (confession to participation in CIA execution of JFK). Did he give you those in 2005?

He gave me the handwritten notes in 2005, I believe. That’s when we were both working on how to bring this out to the mainstream media. He sent me the tape after I left. I just found it in the mail one day. I opened up the mail, and it was in an envelope. I put the cassette in and it was my father saying, on this audio cassette, how he was part of this “Big Event” (CIA code for its JFK asassination plot), naming the key players that he spoke with, that were arranging this. He ended the tape by saying that this information was for me and me alone.

We had had a very dynamic relationship. He was a staunch conservative Republican, while by that age, I was 17 in 1969 and very much part of the antiwar movement. So we had our differences, but we had always been very truthful with each other. And we had a bond of secrecy that really developed on the night of June 17th (1972) when he came home from Watergate. I was part of those crazy shennanigans, and I helped him dispose and disseminate lots of information, cash, money, you know. He trusted me with those. I never came forward and told anybody about it.

Was he set up on Watergate? What’s your take on that?

Yeah, I believe Watergate was a set-up job. I think my father – I know my father was part of that set-up.
The interesting thing is that although my father claimed to have retired from the CIA in 1970. And then in early 1971 he was asked by Charles Colson, one of Nixon’s advisors, to work under Mr. Colson in the White House in a special projects team that later became known as the Plumbers. But the truth of the matter is, and my father told me this years later, was that he never resigned from the CIA. Now he had had left the CIA twice before, and they were both false exits. They were so that he could have a new cover, yet still tapped into all the necessary CIA drop sources and do his job as an agent. So even in 1970, when he officially retired from the CIA, that was a third false exit from the CIA. He was still with the CIA, still on their books, still having meetings with Dick Helms and other top people at the CIA about Watergate and what Nixon was doing. So the CIA had my father there (in Nixon’s Plumbers) as what they call a “mole,” a deep agent, a double agent. So whatever was going on, the CIA was very well aware of it, because my father was reporting back to them on everything that was going down, all these crazy plots: kidnapping people, renting houseboats with prostitutes in them during the Democratic Convention in Miami, Florida, breaking into the George Wallace shooter, Arthur Bremer’s apartment – Colson sent (Hunt) up to Milwaukee to break into Bremer’s apartment and plant pro-McGovern literature so that Bremer would look like a leftist.

That’s pretty weird, isn’t it?

That’s just so crazy to me.

I don’t know if you’ve seen Gore Vidal’s essay on (Howard Hunt’s connection to Bremer and the Wallace shooting, etc.). He’s kind of hard on your father. And he points out that Bremer, who had something like a 65 IQ and was marginally literate, left an “assassin’s diary” that reminds one of the prose style of the spy novels of Howard Hunt.

Yeah, that was alleged to have been written by my father, and it really wouldn’t surprise me, because my father was a ghost writer for, let me give you an example, Allan Dulles, one of the Dulles brothers. The two Dulles brothers, Allan Dulles and John Foster Dulles…Allan Dulles was head of the CIA before Dick Helms, I believe, and his brother John Foster Dulles was head of United Fruit Company, as well as many other corporations that had interests in Latin American businesses. And when Allan Dulles was planning his retirement from the CIA, he wanted to publish a novel, you know, his autobiography, which was actually written by my father, along with Allan Dulles. That’s a little-known fact.

I remember reading that, back in the day, and noticing that the passages about JFK just dripped with venom.

Well, JFK was one of the most hated presidents, politically speaking, of all of our presidents, with possibly the exception of Abraham Lincoln. He was much-loved by almost all of the public. But…

But not in the intelligence community.
(music) We’ll be back in a moment. I’m talking with Saint John Hunt.

(To be continued tomorrow)

42 Thoughts to ““My Dad Helped the CIA Kill JFK!””

  1. Anonymous

    This revelation shows how badly the mainstream press has let us down. It has continued to do so to this day. Independent media, as we can see in this story, is the answer. The Internet has given independent media the "power of the sun" to distribute real, truthful and relevant information to the people. It is time that the owners, board members, and executive leadership of mainstream media be tried in court along with our law-breaking leadership for past, present and future crimes against humanity.

  2. Anonymous

    great stuff!

  3. Anonymous

    i still believe israel did this. they had everything to gain. their nuke program thrived, no pres.since jfk has demanded that they have their illegal nuke facility inspected.jfk also wanted the american zionist council(AIPAC which is now AIPAC) to register as foriegn agents, with ex.order 11110 jfk started the process of taking away the money printing power of the fed reserve(zionist owned). israeli nuclear scientist Vanunu who was locked up in solitary for over 20years, even admitted that his govt was responsible for the assasination.aid to israel skyrocketed with jfk out the way. $$ and offensive weapons were all sent to Israel.the weapons part was in clear violation of agreements signed by lbj's predecessors.Israel flourished with jfk out the way.these are the FACTS.

  4. Actually (and I hate to admit this) I killed JFK. I know it seems crazy, but yeah, I shot him. Of course I have no proof of this, but don't let that stop you.

    Do you want to set an appointment now to interview me, or set it after I confess to kidnapping the Lindberg baby?

  5. On the question of Israeli involvement: Then, as now, right-wing pro-Zionist elements of the US military-intelligence community were the biggest paranoids and warmongers. Take James Angleton – please. So I agree that Ben Gurion's people may have played a role, both through their contacts among rightwing loonies in US intel, and through their tight relationship with the top tier of organized crime (Lansky). But the evidence for this is circumstantial. The evidence against Johnson and the CIA is more than circumstantial.

    RT Flizfukker, sure, I'd be happy to book you for an interview. No doubt you'll be credible, consistent and plausible, backing up your claim with verifiable documentation.s

    BTW, I assume you're the same RT Flizfukker who works for Operation Mockingbird, and who used to spam internet and media discussions of JFK with: "This CIA killed JFK story is ridiculous! If it were true, somebody would confess!"

  6. Anonymous


    Why must the CIA / Johnson / Hunt involvement be separate from Israel? Isn't it a question of simply looking higher up the pyramid? Further, why does Saint Hunt still live to be able to promote this information? Wireless frequency generators that trigger heart attacks can be operated by children these days. Does Saint talk about the driver of JFK's limo (Greer) and his involvement with the fatal bullet? How many versions of the Zapruder film are floating around, 8, 9, 12? Blaming evil acts on dead people is an age old CIA / intelligence practice, because we have no recourse and stop looking for the other perps. How convenient.


  7. spec/ops ret.

    great work,with two(2)over sights you should
    look into the workings of G.Bush the 1st. 2nd, JFK was going to disband the green beret
    cold war was hot in 60's-70's these people were used on the ground a long way from home by us!

  8. WWS

    Best book on the JFK murder is "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper. The Jews did it … instigated by David Ben Gurion (Israel) and coordinated by Mayer Lansky (Mafia). Zionist James Jesus Angleton (CIA) assisted but did not control. The actual hit team is not important, but may have been Corsican mob linked (many Jews there). The Hunt story is certainly incomplete — read the Piper book. Top controllers understand "need to know" security.

    BTW … interesting name "Saint John" … was E.H. a fan of St. John Philby, father of triple-agent Kim Philby, who arranged the early 20th century American (Jewish) hegemony over the Saud family and much of the oil resources of Asia Minor. (The Sauds are Dönmeh crypto-Jews.) St. John Philby 'converted' to Wahhabi Islam, a sect supposedly Sunni but which is rejected by most Sunni Muslims, as well as Shia and Sufi alike.

    Wahhabism is used primarily by SIS/MI6 as an Islamic fundamentalist 'counter-gang' to other much more reasonable Muslim factions. It's usually the Wahhabis, or those influenced by them, who chop off those hands and heads, and stone people to death, creating the negative image promoted by Jew controlled corporate media.

    The Arab governments now being destroyed (by MI6/Mossad/CIA) are secular until being 'liberated' by al Qaeda 'rebels', then they transition to manipulable Wahhabi 'Muslim Brotherhood' theocracies. The GCC is comprised of these. Of course, 'al Qaeda' is an obvious CIA tool.


  9. Tatiana Covington

    There's nothing to do about it now. Most of those who caused it, whoever they were, are either dead or dying.

    Eventually, as in some remote time when the next ice age comes, it will all be the same.

  10. Anonymous

    ironic- my grandparents hated democrats-they were staunch Goldwater Republicans-but even they were not fooled by the "official version" of JFKs death-it just didn't smell right to them-and they knew it was a conspiracy from within. He REALLY hated LBJ-and the vietnam war-"an excuse to rob the taxpayers blind"

  11. Anglo Saxon

    Great work guys! Kudos to all involved!

  12. Anonymous

    Hunt was ID'd years ago from Ear photo's.
    This still could be disinfo as I believe the "three (masonic) tramps (failed apprentices) was a part of the psyop and may not been part of the hit team. Permedix (mexican team), and Mossad, and the mob were layered all thru the "big event". This was done with the full court of authorities….just like 9/11.

  13. @ wws agreed with you… we have idetnfied corsican networks in the french police and secret serivces behind the civil unrest in Algeria in 1992, these were working with arab jews, we call them 'decret cremieux' like general larbi belkheir, who created the first fake islamic terorist groups the GIAs… belkheir was activating with nato, israelis, and these corsicans netowrks of pied noirs or french zionist jews we call french-israeli behind AQIM, Al qaeada in the islamic maghreb and tied deeply in Niger to Boko Haram…

    this is the israeli dot that were missing… the current head of the french FBI is a jewish of origin or a pied noir, Bernard Squarcini and was put in that place in 2007 by the mossadnik Sarkozy… so I won't be surprised if the israeli carried out the assassination themselves and used the CIA networks as cover up exactly like they did in 911 using the pentagon drills and CIA at a certain level of operation…

    and Allah swt knows Best

  14. Anonymous

    Does it really matter who?????
    Its like asking who gave the bad intel for Iraq, now. Its done!
    Its the "why" thats important. Stop the "why" and you'll find out the who……they,or their agents will squeal the loudest.

  15. Anonymous

    I cannot believe this. As I understand the message so far, Hunt was part of a plot ordered by LBJ to kill JFK so the Jews did it?

    In 1962 Israel was the most insignificant player in the Middle East. Iran was under the Shaw, Turkey was pro-Europe and Pro-USA. Israel had nothing to gain no problem with JFK.

    I always amazes me that some Anti-Semite will always come out of some hole and find a way to blame Israel.

  16. Anonymous

    Barrett, you schmuck! How am I supposed to keep banging the PR gong for you if you won't blame Israel for the JFK assassination? Here I am working my tush off for you, ballyhooing your name far and wide, whining about your anti-Zionism and doing everything I can to make you look good – and you, you ungrateful putz, you go out and blame LBJ and the CIA for whacking Kennedy! How am I supposed to work THAT into my next ADL press release?! Some schlemiel of an anti-Semite YOU turned out to be!
    Sincerely, Abe Foxman

  17. Anonymous & Abe,
    I'm terribly sorry, but the case for Israeli involvement in the JFK assassination just isn't strong enough for me to hang my hat on it. But anonymous, you're wrong about "Israel had nothing to gain no problem with JKF." On the contrary, JFK and Ben Gurion had locked horns, with JFK insisting that Israel shut down its nuclear program, and Ben Gurion refusing. JFK's death is the reason Israel has nukes. Whereas LBJ was basically owned by the Israelis, as the USS Liberty incident illustrates. Motivation, however, is not proof. We can speculate about the role of Israel. But we KNOW about the roles of LBJ and certain CIA people.

  18. Anonymous

    Hunt's assertions are corroborated in James W. Douglass' thoroughly researched "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters." It's a fascinating and bone chilling read.

  19. Anonymous

    To the "anonymous" who doesn't think a coup d'etat in a nuclear armed nation matters, give your friggin' head a shake. If they can take out the President of the United States of America with impunity, what chance do the rest of us have?!
    P.S. that attitude is "The Unspeakable" in James Douglass' book!! And, no, I don't have anything to do with the book. It's an amazing eye opener, though.

  20. Anonymous

    Kevin, I heard many interviews of Saint John Hunt today — and they filled in a lot of what I had missed about what he had to say of his father and his father's death bed confession. I just wanted to share two short observations, fyi.

    1) I feel very sorry for the son, Saint John Hunt. He also does not appear to be making any of this up… I sense that he is conveying what he was told accurately. I have now heard him from 2007 to your interview, and his narrative appears honest from his point of view.

    2) E. H Hunt's narrative appears a Limited Hangout at best.

    His fingering LBJ, Chord fella, and the grassy noll trigger puller, may or may not be true, but so what of it? People already knew LBJ had to give his consent (nothing new), they knew about all the plumbers and shady characters had a role beyond what was publicly presented (nothing new), and naming an anon trigger-puller without any confirming documentation (people new there was someone at grassy noll so nothing new).

    A company man knows better than to ever tell the truth, ever, even if he is on his deathbed. Just apply some commonsense: the same purported concerns E H Hunt had of his family because of which it is claimed he did not reveal all this earlier and only quietly to his son to be revealed upon his death, for a rational person who is actually as sophisticated a E. H. Hunt, would extend even after his death. There is no rational statute of limitation for being a company man, dead or alive. The spymaster is not revealing anything of substance that people haven't speculated upon. It cannot be said that conscience was motivating him, that he felt any remorse. Because Saint John Hunt makes it abundantly clear that his father thought he had done the right thing to JFK, serving the interests of those who benefited from his assassination. So what was his motive for this confession, if not remorse at what he had done? And if his concern is for his family, then ask yourself: if you have something you want revealed that his harmful to your family, that harm would continue whether or not you are dead or alive. And if that harm is real, your family woud be dead. So how comes Saint John Hunt is making money off this deathbedconfession with a book sale and DVD and is now at it for more than 4 years… Clearly what is being conveyed is not of material consequence, but only adds to the "beneficial cognitive diversity" on the subject.

  21. Anonymous


    A statement made in one of the documentaries made by Earl Jones on JFK assassination which I stumbled upon today while searching for more on E. H. Hunt, in reply to a question from a caller, Victor Marchetti, the former Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA under Richard Helms, was was at the CIA when Kennedy was assassinated, stated the following common and empirical sense.

    Caller: "I'd like to know why it's taken so long for this information, and truth to be exposed?"

    VM: "First place, it hasn't been exposed yet, and I don't think it ever will be. Secrecy in government is designed for one purpose and one purpose only. Not to keep the enemy or the opposition from knowing what's going on, but to keep the American people from knowing what is going on. And all the evidence that exists, or might have existed, that would implicate the government in Kennedy's assassination, you can be sure that evidence is now destroyed. So even if everything is released now, the chances of solving the Kennedy assasination and attaching the blame to the guilty party is almost impossible. " — Victor Marchetti, former Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA under Richard Helms, at time t=1:29:20

    That Kevin, is the ugly fact of the matter – and just as applicable to 9/11 Truth!!

    Which is why I think those calling for new investigation of that second coup d'etat on America, the first one being JFK, are either super-naive, or controlled opposition to get naive but well-intentioned angry people to run on treadmills.

    Because of that reality-check, if there is any truth to what E. H. Hunt has purportedly confessed, it is a Limited Hangout at best.

    Btw – I don't recall if I ever thanked you for recommending to me Edward Lutwak's book Coup d'etat a few years ago. Fascinating book, and I had read it on one of my international trips.


    Zahir Ebrahim

  22. Zahir, As usual you're looking at the situation through defeatist-tinted glasses. But that doesn't mean you're wrong about everything. It may be that we need a revolution first, THEN an investigation — and that the standards of evidence we use to hang the top 1% of the power-holders (or enough of them to get the others to trade truth for relative leniency) will need to be, shall we say, relaxed.

    Regarding 9/11, the perps are all alive, identified with a reasonable degree of accuracy, and easily lynchable if all else fails.

  23. Kudos, Barrett! You're unstoppable! Another outstanding interview…your show just keeps getting better and better, and St. John Hunt downright radiates common sense. I do notice that the NaZionists can only muster their 3rd stringers against you here, anymore…could it be that their bench is becoming depleted? Why can't these shills aspire to the majesty of a Hannity or an O'Reilly?

    Keep up the great work, Kevin…remember, we, the good guys, are winning…

  24. Anonymous

    An earlier commenter pointed out the book "Final Judgement," by Michael Collins Piper.

    Among the dozens (hundreds?) of books about the JFK assassination, I believe this could actually be the key one.

    It's out of print, unfortunately, but I got a copy through my local library's Interlibrary Loan program.

    Personally I feel that Saint John Hunt is telling the truth about himself and his dad — and — it's very interesting to me that the Hunts' story fits in perfectly, as a smaller (but very key) piece of the bigger picture being presented in Piper's book — about zionist motivation and zionist operational control, in the JFK assassination.

    Thanks to Saint John for coming forward and sharing what he knows (and what his dad knew) about what his dad did.

    And thanks to Kevin. At the end of Kevin's intro to this interview, he says, "If you believe, as I do, that one of God's highest names is al-Haqq (truth/reality), Saint John Hunt is keeping faith on that level as well."

    Exactly what Kevin is a beautiful example of, IMO.

  25. Anonymous

    A line in the movie JFK has Garrison saying that the killers of JFK still hold the crown today. This is why JFK's assassination matters and will as long as the current power structure exists. It does not matter whether we call it by any of its various names. To be sure they also orchestrated (a word well chosen) the events that occurred prior to and on Septemeber 11, 2001 and of course after. The methods are eerily similar. A shocking event occurs, blame is quickly placed, and a series of world changing policies are put into place in the aftermath. The actual people may have and most certainly HAVE changed. But the face and character of the bare toothed power structure, who will resort to any method, blame any organization or individual, perpetrate any falsehood to ensure the survival and success of said power structure, is much the same in 2001 as it was in 1963 or in 2011 for that matter. One key element often overlooked among the policies JFK was threatening to carry out, is the overthrow of the Fed's power to control money supplies. We still have with us today the Fed's and the IMF's and the World Bank's "reign of terror". They have grown much stronger since then, though. All you who sympathize with the current Occupy Wall Street movement, know that you are opposing nothing less than the perpetrator of all these heinous crimes (and many many more). However when an idea gains momentum, it cannot be stopped even by seemingly all powerful forces. The Power Structure is running a little scared right now. They are afraid that people will start to link many of these events and see the pattern and the source and then like the matrix it will all come falling down!

  26. Anonymous

    The questions I have a hard time with are: Why would Rubinstein kill Oswald? And did Rubinstein have any extra-national connections?

  27. A wonderful article you posted. That is so informatory and creative.There's nothing to do about it now. Most of those who caused it, whoever they were, are either dead or dying.

  28. Anonymous

    Thanks to the men and women such as Mr. Hunt that have tried to get the truth out with books and interviews.

  29. In Frank Giancana's bio of his mob boss brother Sam Giancana, he says Sam told him that he was behind the JFK hit, and also that of his brother Robert, on account of their violating their agreement to go soft on the mob in return for Sam's intervention in saving their father's life, who was marked for a hit for seriously offending another mob boss. I wonder how this ties in with all the other threads presented here, or if it's even true.

  30. Anonymous

    There was an assasination attempt on Andrew Jackson because he did not want the international banking system's influence in the US. Lincoln was killed because he didn't want speculators or "carpetbaggers" from Wall Street taking advantage of a weakened South. Kennedy was killed because he wanted to control "Big Oil" "Big Banking" etc. and Thomas Edison's labs started catching fire when he was working on the Lithium-Ion Battery back in 1912. So what else is new?!

  31. 2004 deathbead confession needed sanitizing on the JFK assassination by St. John Hunt, so was Hunt at the JENNER 04 DOUBLE HOMICIDE OF CUTSHALL LINDSAY because some of the hitpeople of JFK were there 04 jenner double homicide and they were deciding how to sanitize the hit. The kids were there too, the kids of the kids of the hitmen and hitwomen. So0, St.JOHN HUNT hates his dad and then shows up for 0 minutes of hand holding to get the CASH COW STORY IN Rosebud quotes with his dad’s name on it. And then the sanitizing, i.e., the new hitlist is executed, done, ordered and played out. Jenner 04 double homicide was a meeting of a gun club and their spoiled tots, who just believe they can shoot em up and never be caught. On a death bed, do you know how easy it is for a kid who hates their dad to show up and make a father sign off of ANYTHING AT ALL? AND FOR MONEY THEY GOET THEM TO SIGN OFF MONEY FOR STONE MONEY FOR ST. JOHN, MONEY FOR HAVING THE EXCUSE TO KILL ALL OTHER WITNESSES, MONEY ON JFK KILLING, MONEY ON ZODIAC MURDERS, which the real hitmen and women don’t get. Pray for one or three honest soldiers in this mix and ask why the sons and the daughters of even the Kennedy Clan don’t protect the real witnesses on the murder of JFK. Michael Claire Welch and Mary Melissa Welch trained to shoot with the actual shooter of JFK but they were not good enough. In 2004, the two brats joined with their Charlie Manson killer extra print on the scene of murder of Sharon tate and they murdered their mom, beginning in 2004. A “cutlass” like car tried to kill the other sister first, but she called dispatch and it was realized by the Sonoma County Sheriff that the cutlass type car was at the murder of the Christians at the beach of 2004 Jenner double homicide. Do the simple match and ask why Stone doesn’t even protect witnesses (did he do Mary Melissa like Thomas Weisel did, is she their hitwoman). Stone would be wise to get out of the buy and sell or lose credibility. St. John Hunts gets his dad to sign off on a story (oh, the figurative ten minute handholding the kids do (forcing the sick to sign) after leaving the caretaking to someone who cares) and then the figurative ten minute man or woman has the crew meet at Jenner 04 after a radio call (which is listed on the writing of the Jenner 04 double homicide) and the radio code is “dealy square” radio code, sorry kids, the playing is OVER. Too bad the maiden name of the mother of Michael Welch is “St. John”. Looks like Howard E. Hunt found a way to keep his own son from Sanitizing the FINAL TRUTH ON DEALY SQUARE AND JENNER 04 DOUBLE HOMICIDE OF CUTSHALL AND ALLEN INVESTIGATE AND ARREST THE EXTRA KILLERS OF TATE.

  32. Wonderful, Kevin. This article has just been brought to my attention by Judyth Vary Baker. On the other hand, you have a correction to make, whether you hold the case to be true: here is a word of truth flung in the face of your (current) tyrannical resistance to doing proper scholarship at least, on a topic you dislike (currently). Please fix your link to the UK Mirror article which contains a picture of Sir Paul McCartney claiming it is from 1966, and point out that it is NOT from that date but from 1968. That is to call you to task for not being at least technically correct as a scholar in that area, no matter what you (currently) believe. Do the right work, dear colleague on 9/11 and JFK but not in formal exactitude in the other area — for your integrity if not for your beliefs.

  33. The Mirror article with the lie is here, to remind you: and the photographer's series, as I told you, is at — The photo used by the Mirror is not given (very clever) but the series is there. It used to be in order (it has been changed now, split up – very clever) and one is mislabeled 1965, one mislabeled 1966, but all others are 1968, which anyone should be able to recognize immediately … as well as that it is not Paul himself, but that is a different issue. Yet he died for the JFK cover-up, so it is pertinent on this blog post beyond the already-stated fact that you hold yourself a scholar and truthteller. At least, as far as scholarship goes if not also belief, tell the truth about that article's misuse of the photo.

  34. Saw Paul McCartney recently over you tube he looked well.


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