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Gordon Duff: Netanyahu’s a liar, the Pope is Catholic, and we know what bears do in the woods

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 11/9/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Guest: Gordon Duff, Editor of Veterans Today (we’re trying to get the likely next President of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to join us! See: Massive Rally in Lahore: Imran Khan Leads Calls for Pakistan to End US Alliance and VT Contributor, Imran Khan Blasts US for War Stance.)

If one liar tells another liar that an even worse liar is a liar, and the second liar agrees with the first liar, are the first two liars telling the truth? Gordon Duff cuts the Gordian knot of the Obama-Sarkozy-Netanyahu version of the liar’s paradox…and offers sharp-edged opinions on much, much more!

Gordon Duff, a former national security state insider who gets plenty of leaks from current insiders, is the editor of Veterans Today, America’s leading veterans’ publication…and, increasingly, America’s leading pro-9/11-truth outlet. Like me, Gordon has been falsely dubbed an anti-Jewish bigot by the ADL – and for the same reason: The ADL says that Gordon and I, along with Alan Sabrosky, are the “most popular” people on earth who argue that Israel and its US assets played a major role in orchestrating 9/11. (Don’t know about Gordon, but I’m flattered to be called one of the three most popular truth-tellers on earth!)

Now Gordon (like me) is under email attack from some rabid pro-Nazi types who seem to think we’re crypto-Jews and Zionist stooges. Sample email header: “Gordon Duff: the Ugly Pseudo-American Zionist Agent.” Why? Because we aren’t bigots, I guess. Maybe we need to start an Anti-Defamation-League’s Victims’ Anti-Defamation League. After all, we’re getting defamed by both the ADL and the real anti-Semites…who, for all I know, may be working for the ADL in a sort of two-pronged attack on people who pose a genuine threat to Zionism.

We’ll also discuss the ongoing neocon-Netanyahu push for World War III via an attack on Iran; revelations that the US has used nuclear weapons in Iraq; the rising popularity of pro-Pakistan patriot Imran Khan, who’s standing up on the Zio-American war on the region; and much more!

7 Thoughts to “Gordon Duff: Netanyahu’s a liar, the Pope is Catholic, and we know what bears do in the woods”

  1. les attques sont la rancons du succes… qui est basé sur l'ultime realité des faits et la vérité qui derange

    Keep up the ecellent work… we are just amazed in EU on how you resist them so easily

  2. Anonymous

    Brad Friedman does deserve kudos for his investigative reporting, particularly on electronic voting machines… but he's bass ackwards when it comes to "The Lobby."

    To wit, from a recent blog post:

    "AIPAC is interested in supporting Republicans, not Israel — unless supporting Israel is a boon for Republicans"

  3. Well, I can see his point. The RepubLikudniks may turn out to have been Israel's worst enemy. In the long run, 9/11 truth may annihilate both entities (the Republican Party and the state of Israel) – and AIPAC will deserve much of the credit.

  4. Gordon Duff is nuts. He was Qadaffi's personal banker!? Give me a break.

    I like Gordon, he's very funny and I agree with just about everything he says, but on the issue of NATO's unlawful, unprovoked aggression against Libya, he's lost me completely.

    The one thing I agree with him about on the issue of Libya is that "I can't even swear Qadaffi is dead", either.

  5. Anonymous

    Kevin, can you explain your comment above. I didn't inderstand it…thx

  6. AIPAC has lined up with the Republican-Likudnik coalition – though of course they still give money to Democrats to buy them off.

    So Brad's comment may be an exaggeration, but I see what he's getting at.

  7. Gordon's commentary on the war in Libya reminds me of the anti-Saddam propaganda that was/is peddled by Iraq war apologists … it's all about the "other", the evil one, the mass-murdering dictator, the tyrant, he is so bad that it justifies anything we do to him.

    This perspective completely ignores, or even denies, our role, our crimes, our complicity. It seeks to absolve our hypocrisy, our impunity, our contempt for law and morality, by focusing on the alleged evil of our victim.

    This tactic, or stratagem, is emblematic of the Zionist propaganda employed to justify Israeli aggression and war crimes. I'm surprised that Gordon Duff has resorted to such base arguments in his support for NATO aggression against Libya.

    Gordon needs to get his head around the fact that aggression by the West is all about us, not our victims. We choose to attack others for strategic and economic reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the whims and personal foibles of foreign leaders.

    The West's aggression is motivated and directed by geopolitical and macroeconomic ideologies, not humanitarian concerns. We're quite happy to deal with and support mass murdering autocrats if they serve our interests, it's only when they become recalcitrant and uncooperative that we need resort to regime change. We bump them off for political and economic reasons, not because they killed their civilians or domestic opponents. Surely Gordon understands this.

    So why is he constantly yabbering on about the "pro-Gadaffi mob", as if anyone who opposed NATO aggression in Libya is, ipso facto, pro-tyrant-dictator?

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