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Ellen Brown explains one HUGE motive for 9/11

Originally scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 13th, now rescheduled for Thursday Sept. 15th, 10-11 a.m. Central (11 a.m. Eastern) – ONE HOUR EARLIER THAN USUAL – on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Once again, the NoLiesRadio servers have been crashed right before my show – and come back on line immediately after show time. So this interview has been rescheduled for Thursday. Message to the bad guys: If you think this is going to somehow impede my efforts to bust your sorry asses, think again.

Guest: Journalist and author Ellen Brown, author of the currency-reform classic Web of Debt.

Recently I have been getting bashed by Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, who says I am among the “most popular” 9/11 truth figures who argue that Israel and its American supporters had a hand in 9/11. My old friend Elias Davidsson, who thinks 9/11 was a crime of US empire, not Zionism, wrote to question and challenge me.

In fact, my position is that Zionism and Israel are just one part of the puzzle. 9/11 was the crime of a certain global plutocracy, and building a one-word dictatorship of the financiers – not just maintaining and expanding Israel – appears to be their overarching motive. Zionists, US-empire-fanatics, military profiteers, social-control specialists and other bad guys all had their own motives for participating.

In her brand-new article War: The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort, Ellen Brown explains one of the key motives behind 9/11, which tripled the military budget:

After 9/11, the pop hit “War” was placed on the list of post-9/11 inappropriate titles distributed by Clear Channel.

Protesters have been trying to stop the military juggernaut ever since the end of World War II, yet the war machine is more powerful and influential than ever. Why? The veiled powers pulling the strings no doubt have their own dark agenda, but why has our much-trumpeted system of political democracy not been able to stop them?

The answer may involve our individualistic, laissez-faire brand of capitalism, which forbids the government to compete with private business except in cases of “national emergency.” The problem is that private business needs the government to get money into people’s pockets and stimulate demand. The process has to start somewhere, and government has the tools to do it. But in our culture, any hint of “socialism” is anathema. The result has been a state of “national emergency” has had to be declared virtually all of the time, just to get the government’s money into the economy.

Yet military spending is the worst possible way, from an economics standpoint, to pump money into an economy – which is why the economy has been dead in the water ever since 9/11 tripled the military budget. For details, visit Bob “Dr. Peace” Reuschlein’s…then get out there and help expose 9/11, roll back the military, and rebuild our morally and fiscally bankrupt country.

6 Thoughts to “Ellen Brown explains one HUGE motive for 9/11”

  1. I am blocked from reaching the NoLiesRadio site.

  2. the issue for them is that you reaching Muslim and non Muslims at he same time, huge issue for them…. a huge problem for them… !

  3. Speaking of harassment…9/11 sex stalker Brian Good just contacted Ellen Brown with his usual anti-Barrett diatribe. My reply to Ellen:

    Brian Good's dad is a professor of religious studies, while Brian is a 50-something who lives in his parents' basement and whose only job was a brief stint as a janitor. He began his 9/11 truth career by sexually harassing and stalking the Bay Area's best activist, Carol Brouillet. He then went on a vendetta against William Rodriguez. He hates me because he blames me for William's fame, and has delusional fantasies that I was somehow romantically involved with Carol.

    He has eyes just like Charles Manson. He stalked and threatened my wife and I during my West Coast speaking tour last year.

    He invents all kinds of bizarre accusations, lies, and spins against the people he stalks.

    If you're really interested….

    Feel free to forward this to Carol or William for confirmation.


  4. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    This comment is too late for your interview with Ellen Brown (I forgot you don't have time to take calls on your 1 hour show on No Lies Radio): another major financial motive for NATO to invade Afghanistan was to increase the USA's secret government agencies's share of the proceeds from the international heroine trade.

    The government of the United States of North America keeps commodity psychoactive drugs (other than alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine) illegal for three main purposes: (1) to support street prices, (2) to justify warrantless search, seizure, and murder, and (3) to justify spending money on police, paramilitary, and military foreign and domestic "aid". Secret government agencies skim the lion's share of the profits of their front organizations, the drug cartels. The "war on drugs" is a charade to deceive the public, and a means of disciplining organized crime figures who try to keep more of the profits. The "war on drugs" helps to keep the drug cartel "kingpin" lackeys subservient to the secret government agencies.

    Prohibition of selected psychoactive drugs, and the ensuing "war on drugs" is another major globalist scam, almost as big as the banking and monetary scams. This is why we cannot persuade the US Federal Government to end the absurd and destructive "war on drugs", and why botanical cannabinoid medicines are not available as effective, safe, and cheap substitutes for the ineffective, harmful, and expensive synthetic, patented pharmaceuticals pushed by Big Pharma.

    I did the following research on botanical cannibinoid medicine and shared it with my immediate family after I heard your guest Christopher Fichtner on your show July 25.

    Thanks for bringing this information to my attention through your radio show–this information can save decent quality of life, and life itself for many people.



  5. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    I uploaded a small .mp3 to my server for Tod Fletcher and Graeme MacQueen. Five minutes later my server became unreachable for a
    quarter hour. And I'm on well hardened FreeBSD boxes, too. Coincidence?

    I like your note to the bad guys 🙂

    Anyway, I appreciate your willingness to look over stuff I send. It gets lonely out here in the redneck boonies, sometimes.

    I just discovered an interesting submission at "An AIPAC Evening with Daniel Pipes". Downloading it now, it's from May 2007,
    and it was submitted by Dale Lehman at WZRD.



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