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Alternative journalists Gordon Duff (Veterans Today) and Mark Anderson (American Free Press) on Truth Jihad Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 9/19/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Gordon Duff, senior editor at Veterans Today and former national security insider, has made VT a powerhouse of alternative journalism. With its stable of talented writers, a regular stream of leaks from high-level insiders, and Duff’s own inimitable gonzo style, Veterans Today has become the kind of Veterans publication that former Stars-and-Stripes reporter Hunter S. Thompson, who was getting excited about 9/11 anomalies before his alleged suicide, would have enjoyed.

Recently I was the only non-Veterans-Today person named in Abe Foxman’s ADL hit piece against the 9/11 truth movement – a high honor indeed, both for me and for Veterans Today.

Gordon’s recent article Israel: The Real Victim of 9/11 Street Theatre? puts a whole new twist on the tired old “Israel as victim” bromide – and does it with impeccable timing, coming on the eve of this week’s historic struggle over Palestinian statehood. Also don’t miss his 9/11/11 tenth anniversary rant, his disturbing prognostication Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War, his suggestion that Obama is being held hostage in Chatter: Obama Sought Arrest of Bush and Cheney for 9/11 Treason and much more.

Second hour: Mark Anderson of American Free Press, who recently interviewed Jesse Ventura for a 9/11/11 article, and has reported on Bilderberg, the media’s blackout of Ron Paul, and other topics.

4 Thoughts to “Alternative journalists Gordon Duff (Veterans Today) and Mark Anderson (American Free Press) on Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin, I'm still not sure American Free Press is entirely what it strives to seem. This sample copy of American Free Press has a front page blurb for a story on page 6 by "Richard Walker" (a pseudonym for a former news producer who says he used to work for mainstream media corporations) entitled "Criticism by Muslim Theologians Said to Be Weakening al Qaeda: GUTSY ISLAMIC LEADERS SAY KORAN DOES NOT SUPPORT KILLING OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS".

    Don't you agree with Zahir Ebrahim (Project Human Beings First) that a classic tell-tale sign of controlled opposition is to feature harmless criticism of the Anglo-American-Zionist empire, while repeating the key points of the propaganda narrative, such as that Al Qaeda really is an extreme Islamist paramilitary group, led by such figures as Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, which played a leading role in the 9-11-2001 attacks, as well as many other major terrorist operations (Bali, London, Madrid) around the globe?

    I have previously considered American Free Press to be probably "controlled anti-Zionist/anti-Jewish opposition". Many of the most virulently racist anti-Jewish websites and publishers have been secretly funded, or even founded, by Zionist organizations. The purpose is to demonstrate the reality of the threat of "antisemitism" for fund-raising in the American Jewish community, and for general propaganda purposes (justifying the Zionist takeover of Palestine from the mid-19th through the mid-20th century; sanctifying the civil religion of European Jewish Holocaust remembrance; discrediting any criticism of the Zionist Jewish domination of the globalist propaganda organs of higher education, news, and entertainment content).

    But maybe not in the case of American Free Press… I'm willing to suspend judgment and examine their reporting and analysis.

    I find it troubling that doesn't appear have an "About" section that discloses the people (i.e. owners, corporate board, advisory board, managers, reporters) and the funding sources (current and historical, including any predecessor and affiliated organizations).

    Sorry for posting as Anonymous. My Google profile hasn't worked for posting on your blog for several months.

    [hoping to rejoin Corporate America]
    "Caller from the 214 Area Code" 😉

  2. Anonymous


    You have linked, without withering comment, to several articles by Gordon Duff at VT in which he has seriously alluded to the probable use of SDI weapons in conjunction with complex demolitions using incendiaries, chemical explosives, and even advanced low-yield nuclear weapons to destroy the WTC towers in little more than free-fall time while reducing most building structure and contents, except paper, to airborne dust.

    Here's Gordon Duff summarizing the WTC terror show on 9-11-2001 in an article on VT published 9-9-2011: "Two elections had been rigged to get Bush into office. 9/11, years in the planning, complex demolitions, radio controlled aircraft, SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) weapons developments, our biggest weapons secrets, were used on to flatten the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

    It's disheartening to see someone of your moral and intellectual stature continue to minimize, mock, and trivialize Dr. Judy Wood's contributions, while you accept Gordon Duff's prolific, if astute, speculations at face value.

    Let's stop punishing Judy Wood for being stubbornly righter, braver, and firster, while being a woman.

    You are magnanimous enough to give Judy Wood due for courageously gathering, analyzing, and presenting the evidence for the use of SDI weapons. She doesn't "lose you" in her careful exposition of the evidence for a fundamentally new type of directed free energy weapon, it's you who complacently refuse to do the science homework that would allow you to follow her cogent argument.

    OK, so you're a liberal arts guy. Surely you realize that uninformed personal incredulity is not an honest basis for dismissing a slightly demanding scientific argument.

    Please Kevin, it's time for truthseekers to begin to make amends to Judy Wood. We owe her an apology, not vice versa. If not you, who?

    Doug Zork

  3. Doug, I'm sure you can understand why Gordon is a better regular radio guest than Judy, who has turned down my last couple of invitations. She's not a very good speaker, and she apparently doesn't want to have a conversation with anyone who doesn't agree with her 100%. Last time on my show she insisted that a hurricane off Long Island was somehow evidence for DEW demolitions of the WTC, yet couldn't explain the connection between the two seemingly unrelated things, other than by asserting (without evidence) that the hurricane was being steered by HAARP, and that therefore HAARP must have also been used to demolish the buildings! Last I heard she was touting the Hutchison effect, which so far appears to be a total wild goose chase and waste of time. Since she doesn't want to answer the hard questions about stuff like this, and hasn't answered my last couple of invitations to appear on the show, my inclination is to write her off as someone who isn't interested in a transparent, rational search for truth through informed debate. For what it's worth, I do think her book makes some good points as well as some not-so-good ones.

  4. Hey Kevin, great show! Did I hear Gordon right? People that talk about Israel's role in 9/11, their complete dominance of the American political and foreign policy making structures, and their past crimes against humanity and false flag attacks are actually disinfo agents working for Israel? WTF? Did he just say? Or did I misunderstand him?

    He needs to start naming names. I highlight these facts on my blog all the time, am I a disinfo agent working for Israel?

    I would love you to have Dr. Judy Wood on your show Kevin, and also Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams of Let's Roll 9/11 and any of the Pilots for 9/11 Truth guys. Dennis Cimino was on with Dr. Fetzer a while back and it was the best 9/11 interview I've ever heard!

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