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Safe to Breathe

I’m starting to recover from the toxic “official story fumes” emitted by the corporate media on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of 9/11. (Cough, choke, gag.)

Unfortunately, a lot of good-hearted people – those who rushed to Ground Zero to try to save lives – are never going to recover from the toxic lies they breathed, thinking it was air. They’re dropping like flies, just like the Iraqis whose whole country is choking on depleted uranium – another kind of toxic dust. Maybe the first responders and the Iraqis will meet in Paradise.

And for those agnostics and atheists in my audience who really hate the whole idea of hellfire: Can you think of a better place for the bastards who did this?

And for those Christians who think all the bastards who blew up the Towers would have to do is mumble “I accept Jesus as my only Lord and Savior” before they die, and – WHAM – it’s all forgiven…

…all I can say is, thank God I’m a Muslim.

Here’s a song I just wrote for the first responders, who were locked out of the official Ground Zero rites this year because too many of them care about truth and justice.

Safe to Breathe

She said the air was safe to breathe
We were such fools to believe
The lies they told us on that toxic day
They took advantage of our trust
And choked us all with pixie dust
That’s killing us and can’t be coughed away

They blew the Towers to kingdom come
The dust has settled in my lungs
The shit’s so thick you surely need a shovel to breathe

No pile of rubble, nothing there
But talcum powder in the air
Settling to the street like satan’s snow
One hundred stories pulverized
Three hundred million hypnotized
By lying television’s hellish glow

They blew the Towers to kingdom come
Struck us dumb and clogged our lungs
The shit’s so thick you surely need a shovel to breathe

They shipped the steel to Fresh Kills
Won’t help us with our doctor bills
We’re choking and we’re croaking, one by one
So I spit in the face of death
A curse and prayer with this last breath:
May heaven fall, or may justice be done.

They blew us all to kingdom come
The dust has settled in my lungs
The shit’s so thick you surely need a shovel to breathe

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  1. Anonymous

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  3. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    Have you followed Graeme MacQueen's research very closely? He discusses "rich" eyewitness testimony / descriptions from that day. In one of the many 10th anniversary podcasts I listened to was a brief Amy Goodman segment from WBAI with a truly "rich" eyewitness account. It's only 2.7 MB in size and just under 3 minutes long but worth a listen:

    The next item is a 1 min. 12 sec. video clip I excerpted from a film I discovered on I won't spoil the experience for you.

    Anyway, it's a quick view. Enjoy!

    Hope your Monday was nice & take care until next time.


  4. Anonymous

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  5. Anonymous

    You are the man! I am so proud to have been able to correspond with you over the years. Golly, has it been that long?

    Your indefatigable drive and energy on this important issue is an inspiration to me. I'm thankful for people like you, Sir.

    Always the Best,


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  7. Anonymous

    their lungs need a washing ,

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