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Looks like I’m not the only 9/11 satirist in town any more

I’ve been cranking out 9/11-related satire for years. Recent examples:

Top ten reasons the Mossad wants to kill David Letterman

US Congress Moves to Israel in Deficit-Reduction Effort

But now it’s time to move over – there’s a new satirist in town! Some guy who hides behind the pseudonym “Cosmos,” and whose main claim to fame is being outed as a wrecker-saboteur-disinformationist by Webster Tarpley, thinks it’s like, really hilarious to equate 9/11 skeptics he doesn’t like with the characters of his favorite TV series, Gilligan’s Island.

Faced with this challenge, I thought I should ask my readers who’s the better satirist – me or Cosmos?

Please rate the three satirical articles linked above on a scale of 1 to 10.

Incisive or insipid?
10 = sharply incisive, 0 = utterly insipid

Creative or tedious?
10 = highly creative, 0 =stunningly tedious

Important or trivial?
10 = addresses a topic of great importance, 0 = belabors the trivial

Thank you! Your feedback will help us continue to maintain a high satirical standard here at TruthJihad Blog.

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“What a brilliant idea! I’ll bet nobody has ever done a takeoff on Gilligan’s Island before!” -Cosmos

6 Thoughts to “Looks like I’m not the only 9/11 satirist in town any more”

  1. Anonymous

    cosmos is the greatest american satirist since h.l. mencken

    give him an 11 on all counts

    off the charts hilarious

    he's a friggin genius

    sign him up at the onion and give him a show on comedy central

  2. Anonymous

    stop picking on the retarded

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    I listened to your interview of Webster Tarpley yesterday, nice job. Whether one agrees with Webster's version of events or not, he is definitely an intellectual heavyweight. Letting him speak and explain the complex sequence of events was a gift to your audience, thanks.

    Unfortunately, I also listened to a major disinformation agent on NPR "Science Friday" yesterday named "Laurie Garret". A CFR member, Laurie was peddling her new 9/11 book of lies "Heard the Sirens Scream". I would wager screaming sirens are a major fear meme being utilized by our psychotic masters. I'll post the link and you can give a listen if you like, but you may just want to fast a bit first.

  4. Anonymous

    cosmos isn't even jewish

  5. Anonymous

    Kevin, you satirize yourself better than anyone does. But then, with such great source material, how could you lose?

  6. Thanks, Brian Good (a.k.a. Anonymous 5)! Given your fragile ego and complete lack of anything resembling a sense of humor, you presumably don't even realize what a tremendous compliment you've just bestowed.

    How a guy in his 50s who lives in his parents' basement, whose only job in life was a brief stint as a janitor, and whose claim to fame is sexually and otherwise harassing 9/11 truth activists, could possibly take himself so seriously, is a mystery inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma.

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