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Dick Cheney: Russian apartment bombings inside job “complete nonsense”

Pot Calls Kettle White 
Cheney, Putin shoot down “conspiracy theories”

Sundance, Wyoming
Appropriated Press 

At a hastily-convened press conference outside his home today, former Vice President Dick Cheney absolved Vladimir Putin and the Russian state security services of responsibility for the 1999 apartment bombings that brought Putin to power and launched the Russian invasion of Chechnya.

Responding to Putin’s statement that 9/11 inside job theories are “complete nonsense,” Dick Cheney thanked Putin for his support and added, “Vlad didn’t do those apartment bombings either, no matter what the conspiracy theorists say. That’s complete nonsense. State security services and their professional-assassin contractors just don’t have the capability to pull off massive terror attacks. Only rag-tag groups of Muslims have that kind of access and expertise. And besides, the Muslims WANT us to invade their countries and steal their resources and murder them by the millions. That’s why they’re always handing us such convenient excuses.”

For more information on the 1999 Russian apartment bombings, watch Andrei Nekrasov’s film “Disbelief” – perhaps the best film yet on false-flag terror.

3 Thoughts to “Dick Cheney: Russian apartment bombings inside job “complete nonsense””

  1. Anonymous

    Sort of like "Strangers on a Train": You absolve my murder, I'll absolve yours.

  2. Jonathan Pollard Spy

    We'd never seen anything like 9/11. Except we had, and didn't recognize it. We needn't go back to Operation Northwoods, the Lavon Affair, or the other false flag conspiracies of suppressed history. Just two summers before, nearly identical mechanisms of terror and control were deployed upon the Russian people to consolidate the transfer of power to Vladimir Putin, who was facing his first election, and to provide the pretext to invade Chechnya.

    Four apartment complexes had been bombed and 300 killed. Putin promised to "liquidate all terrorists." He proclaimed Russia was facing a war between "good" and "evil." "It's our boys," said Putin, fanning war fever and hysteria, "against terrorists" belonging to an "international Islamic conspiracy."

    Residents in the city of Ryazan discovered a huge bomb in their basement and called the local police. Initially, federal authorities claimed terrorists had been thwarted, but when the perpetrators were apprehended shortly thereafter by Ryazan police, and found to be agents of Russia's security service FSB, the story changed: it was now claimed to have been an "exercise," and the sack of explosive hexogen was said to have contained nothing but "sugar." In 2002, an incurious Duma voted against a parliamentary inquiry into the bombing campaign.

    The war in Chechnya is ongoing. 10% of the Chechen population is dead. Thousands of Russian conscript soldiers are dead.

    Disbelief, a documentary regarding the bombings and the revelation of state guilt, may be viewed here:

    Not only by history's precedence, but by current events, 9/11 isn't really that extraordinary.

    It's interesting to note how Western pundits who would likely dismiss as nonsense the mere suggestion of a 9/11 conspiracy have no problem at all assessing the Russian apartment bombings as state terror. David Satter, a fellow of the Hoover Institution and the Hudson Institute and former Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times of London, wrote "The Shadow of Ryazan" with funding from the Smith Richardson Foundation, an abbreviated version of which was published by The National Review:

    It's funny how easily the generalized dismissals of conspiracy, such as how it "meets a psychological need," or that "something so big couldn't be kept a secret," vanish into one's political blind spots. That is, to the opinion makers, conspiracy can be the most reasonable explanation of events, so long as it's OVER THERE, and it's something THEY do. Satter finds the FSB guilty of waging a false-flag terror campaign against the Russian people, but don't expect him to be called a kook in a tinfoil hat for it.


  3. if I recall well, few days after we wrote an article on 911 stating that this was an inside job, an isreli job, linking freemasonry… it is still on the web, the very day of 911, putin went on to the media and said that it has all the trademarks of an inside job !!!! cherchez l'erreur

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