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Special “Let’s Gang Up on Jonathan Kay” show with Prof. Anthony Hall, Joshua Blakeney, and (maybe) Barrie Zwicker

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 7/25/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Two-hour special “let’s gang up on Jonathan Kay” show! (Listen to last Thursday’s interview with Kay here, and read my review of his book here.)

Jonathan Kay, author of Among the Truthers, may be diminutive in stature (intellectual as well as physical)…but that doesn’t stop him from being a schoolyard bully. Instead of brawn, he uses the platform offered him by the Zionist plutocrats who own and run the media…to beat up on the smart kids. Well, it’s time for the smart kids to take revenge! Anthony Hall, Joshua Blakeney and yours truly — perhaps accompanied by Barrie Zwicker — are laying in ambush…

Jonathan Kay savages me in twelve-libel-strewn pages of his book, putting me second only to Mike Ruppert, tied with Ken Jenkins, and ahead of David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage, as the most prominent of his “truther” targets. Kay has also gone after Professor Anthony Hall and graduate student Joshua Blakeney, both in the book and in his column at the National Post. And Kay’s unbelievably condescending description of Barrie Zwicker, whose intellect and courage are far superior to his own, must be read to be believed.

Tune in and listen as truth takes revenge on lies…

* * *

Anthony Hall is Professor of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge, and author of The American Empire and the Fourth World and Earth Into Property. That two-volume revisionist history of recent centuries, told with an emphasis on the perspective of indigenous peoples, is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what is really going on on this troubled planet. Read Professor Hall’s review of Jonathan Kay’s Among the Truthers: “Jonathan Kay Defends the Sacred Myth of 9/11.”

Joshua Blakeney, graduate student, University of Lethbridge, has been granted the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship for his research entitled “The Origins of the Global War on Terror: Academic Debates and Interpretive Controversies.” Joshua is the author of the article Israel’s Fingerprints Are All Over 9/11 (And I’m Not Afraid to Say It!). Joshua, a student of alternative historian Anthony Hall, won the hotly competitive Queen Elizabeth scholarship last year with a proposal to research the 9/11 truth debates–and was pilloried by Jonathan Kay for his efforts.

10 Thoughts to “Special “Let’s Gang Up on Jonathan Kay” show with Prof. Anthony Hall, Joshua Blakeney, and (maybe) Barrie Zwicker”

  1. Jon Kay said:

    “To believe that Jews control the United States is ignorant and hateful.”

    So he thinks that the truth is ignorant and hateful? Give me a break! It's so obvious who controls this government, media and banking sector and I'm not afraid to say it: Zionist Jews!! And guess who did 9/11? Israel!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Kevin: great recent 2 shows with, and about, JKay.

    Re "Zionism", I hear you define it as "Jewish Nationalism". While this definition works somewhat, I don't think it strikes the root.

    I find these 2 David Icke articles on zionism among those landmark articles which really help cut through the synthetic fog & untangle so much about the zion/Jews/izzy/etc question.

    "The Zionist Elephant In The Room"

    Zionism = the political movement of the Rothschild Global Central Bankster Usury Empire sucking the blood of humanity.

    Izzy = the global usury empire's (temporary?) sovereign base of operations, until the historic sovereignty paradigm is dismantled (UN/NWO/world government of/by/for the central bankster usury empire).

    I give most "rank & file Jews" who are zionist supporters the benefit of the doubt as being successfully brainwashed & deceived by the zionist-invented "Jews = perennial victims of irrational haters" memeplex indoctrination which Jews are marinated in within their family & religious communities- similar to how Westerners are expected to be tricked by the zionist-invented war-on-terror hoax, which relies on the same "fear of outside enemies" ploy to try to unite us behind (corrupt) leaders- a regular "terror & protection racket".

    But point remains though, the root which fuels the global zionist political enterprise isn't "Jewish Nationalism" though that's an important enabling-branch of the hideous tree; the root is the Rothschild Global Usury Empire- hidden hand in so much actual world history. Your thoughts?

  3. You're probably right. I'm slow to come around to this perspective, maybe because I have an aversion to theories about how "THEY" control everything. I see power relations as a very rich ecosystem — and though they lions may be at the top of the food chain, they don't control the whole jungle. So I would distinguish between bankers and Zionists — not all bankers are Zionists, and not all Zionists are bankers. Zionists are people who actively support a Jewish state in Palestine, and Zionism the project of establishing and maintaining that state. The Rothschilds may be the most powerful and influential Zionists, but I think it oversimplifies things to see the whole Zionist project as a Rothschild brainwashing operation. (Yes, most Jewish and Christian Zionists are brainwashed, but in a more complex way than this model indicates.)

  4. Mathematically, whoever issues the money supply by lending it at interest (assuming that they get paid back most of the time) will end up with an ever-bigger slice of the pie. So it stands to reason that the big bankers who create money out of nothing are plotting to take over the world. Why wouldn't they?

    I haven't studied this issue intensively enough to feel confident I have a handle on it. And while I LIKE Icke (I was thinking of printing up some bumper-stickers saying so) I'm not taking his word for anything. If you have any suggestions about which well-documented sources I should read, feel free.

  5. Excellent analysis from Anonymous, I must say.

  6. Anyway, I agree with John F. – excellent analysis. And a good working hypothesis.

  7. Anonymous

    Kevin, great show with Hall and Blakeney!

  8. Anonymous

    Kevin, I didn't say "THEY control everything", however it's evident to me that "Rothschild-Zionism" according to Icke's model, is today the single most powerful political entity on earth, cloaked in deception & squid-ink though it is, surpassing that of any sovereign superpower nation-state, or coalition such as NATO, which appears to me to be in effect, Rothschild-Zionism's global military force.

    You can argue until you're blue whether or not zionism is based collecting on "God's real-estate grant to his chosen people", & good luck making any headway wrestling with that diversionary tar baby. It makes better earthly sense (to me) to think of Rothschild-Zionist Occupied Palestine as the Rothschild Global Usury Empire's sovereign base of operations, made necessary by the hundreds of years of history of pogroms where the usurious money lenders who were consequently wrecking their host countries, were kicked out of said countries. Izzy's "right of return" laws? They don't extradite their citizens wanted for crimes committed abroad (coz of the "irrational Jewish persecution" memeplex again)? Sounds more like a bankster's safe-haven, than a modern nation-state!

    The way fiat money/banking work, "money" printed out of thin air and loaned out at compounding interest, is a time-tested "real wealth" transferring mechanism ultimately leaving the lender with everything and the borrower bankrupt- the "nation-wrecking" mechanism which we're now seeing the endgame play out across the [bankster-engineered] economically collapsing West. Meanwhile the West's former middle-classes are asked to endure "austerity" (IE lower, neo-serfdom living standards) as a consequence.

    "Rothschild-Zionism" is ultimately about the protection and advancement of the fiat-money-lending/wealth-transfer mechanism which is the heart of the Rothschild Global Usury Empire's modern global power- unprecedented in world history; and this sad state of affairs has been enabled in part by the post-WW2 existence of their "safe haven" in occupied Palestine. Their nation-wrecking usury machine had repeatedly been inconvenienced & set back in centuries past, by host nations eventually kicking them out or imprisoning them. "Israel" is Rothschild's solution. Everything else about "Divine real-estate grants" and "irrational persecution of Jews", is Rothschild squid-ink obscuring and diverting attention from the reality of their global usury wealth-transfer machine- the ultimate source of so much of the world's woes. Recall Mike Ruppert's mantra: "Until we change the way money works, we change nothing."

    Incidentally, I suspect Islam's prohibition of usury might be a major motive in the Rothschild-Zionist Global Usury Empire's agenda to destroy the religion and/or its adherents… you think? It was nice to see this unlikely article appear in the SF Chronicle ~3 years ago,

    "Muslim investors profit by adhering to faith"

  9. Anonymous

    Thanks John & Kevin. Kevin I imagine you've seen the animated 48 min video "Money As Debt".

    It's must-watching if not. I like not only its simple breakdown of how our usurious & ruinous money system works, but also how it's peppered with historic quotes from notables which hint at the larger NWO game afoot by the (Rothschild) banksters. Be poised on the PAUSE button, as I find the quotes scroll by a little fast, esp relative to their importance!

    Otherwise I know you're familiar with G. Edward Griffin's, and Ellen Brown's works.

    On "well-documented sources" re the truth of Rothschild-Zionist Occupied Palestine, well that's a less mathematically straightforward avenue of inquiry compared to understanding the way the global usury machine works, since the Global Usury Empire with its bottomless resources, has long dispatched its minions to ensure that real history is all gummed up by bogus "academic studies" which paint a Rothschild/Israel-friendly portrait. As Gilad Atzmon writes in his essay, "Truth, History, and Integrity: Questioning the Holocaust Religion", (note: I would replace "Jewish" with "Rothschild-Zionist" in the following):

    "… For the nationalist and political Jew, history is a pragmatic tale, it is an elastic account. It is foreign to any scientific or academic method. Jewish history transcends itself beyond factuality, truthfulness or correspondence rules with any given vision of reality. It also repels integrity or ethics. It by far prefers total submission, instead of creative and critical thinking. Jewish history is a phantasmic tale that is there to make the Jews happy and the Goyim behave themselves. It is there to serve the interests of one tribe and that tribe only. In practice, from a Jewish perspective, the decision whether there was an Armenian genocide or not is subject to Jewish interests: is it good for the Jews or is it good for Israel. …",%20History,%20and%20Integrity%20Questioning%20the%20Holocaust%20Religion%20By%20Gilad%20Atzmon.htm has dozens of free books to read,

    I suspect your "public stance" towards "Clapping For Tinkerbell"
    WRT the Rothschild-Zionists' Official Holocaust Narrative, if you're being honest rather than politically expedient in the interest of being a more effective 911 Truther unsmeared by the "holocaust denier" label- this may taint your ability to view the dubious official holocaust narrative as yet another Rothschild ploy to aid in the pretext for the creation of Rothschild-Zionist Occupied Palestine. I know you're aware of the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

    Regardless, I maintain that understanding Israel as proxy & sovereign safe-haven for the Rothschild-Zionist Global Usury Empire which rules at least the West, is a more earthly/materialist/practical model for understanding world events, versus the competing "biblical explanations". It's not hard to see that Western governments are owned by the banksters… the rest is propaganda to keep the masses paralyzed with confusion & disinfo, unable to affect change because they're systematically deceived about how things work. "Western Powers" are de facto colonies of the Rothschild Global Usury Empire now, with Israel their headquarters.

  10. Anonymous

    I've known Jon for 30 years including high school and he was never a schoolyard bully. Granted, he was sarcastic, but I've never known him to speak out against something without reason or without seriously looking at the facts. He never starts an argument without info to back up his position.

    I haven't read his book but I intend to, now that you've responded with such child like insults. It's pretty clear who needs to grow up here.

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