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9/11 truth talk in Rotterdam, Cologne & Brussels

Details on my talk in Brussels this Wednesday, June 15th are now posted at . The title translates as something like: “How can we reconcile with the media and politicians who have lied to us about 9/11 for the past ten years?” I guess one way would be to reconcile with them while they twist slowly in the breeze. For the long version, come to the talk!  I haven’t done a talk in French since speaking to the Nibraz Institute in French and Arabic back in 2008, so be ready for some unintentional humor ; – )

So far the highlights of my tour have included an informal discussion with staff at the Islamic University of Rotterdam, and a talk to around 1,000 attendees as the Yeni Asya annual convention in Cologne.

The president of the Islamic University of Rotterdam, Dr. Ahmed Akgunduz, is a truth-speaker in his own right. Dr. Akgunduz told us about meeting with Bush I National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, along with some high government officials from the Netherlands, after 9/11. Dr. Akgunduz told Berger that the Bush Jr. administration was insane. The Dutch officials, before they left, told Dr. Akgunduz he could expect the university to lose its accreditation. But the next day Berger praised Dr. Akgunduz for his frankness and sincerity, and the Dutch government relented. (I hope to let Dr. Akgunduz speak for himself on a future radio show…)

Then yesterday in Cologne, I was a featured speaker, along with my colleague Dr. Suleyman Kurter, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, at the Yeni Asya convention. Yeni Asya is the bravest and most politically active of the groups carrying on the work of the great Turkish Islamic reformer Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. I told the group that the methods Bediuzzaman used to save Islam in Turkey — nonviolence combined with uncompromising, eloquent truth-speaking and organizing — should be employed today to resist the current Zionist-instigated war on Islam. I explained that all over the world, the enemies of Islam are staging acts of false-flag terror designed to be attributed to “radical Muslims.” 9/11 was simply the biggest and most obvious of these deceptions; others have included the pre-empted Ergenekon plot a.k.a. the Turkish 9/11; the Russian intelligence services’ bombing of an apartment complex to launch Russia’s invasion of Chechnya; Mubarak’s bombing of Coptic churches in Alexandria, which were blamed on the usual “radical Muslim” suspects until documents were found proving Mubarak’s goons did it; CIA and DEA agent David Headley’s attack on Mumbai, and other proven false-flag events in India; CIA agent Raymond “Bin Laden’s handler” Davis’s “Pakistani Taliban” bombings of mosques and markets in Pakistan; and so on.

The talk in Cologne was extremely well-received. Wednesday in Brussels, I intend to challenge the media to inform the public about the ubiquity of false-flag terror, the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of governments seeking to control and oppress their own citizens.

Small-scale false-flag terror probably happens all the time. When the Governor of Wisconsin admits to contemplating a false-flag terror attack, and one of his Republican colleagues specifically urges him to stage a false-flag attack with firearms, the Wisconsin and American national media should be all over the story.  Yet I’m sure that only a small minority of Wisconsin residents has heard about this. The media is allergic to informing the public about false-flag events, no matter how well-documented they may be.

The media’s unwillingness to report on potential false-flag terror stories is what allowed top Bush Administration operatives and their allies to get away with blowing up the three World Trade Center skyscrapers and staging what amounted to a Zionist coup d’├ętat in the USA. This leaves those of us in the GAM (genuinely alternative media) with a lot of work to do. If we don’t push the topic of false-flag terror to the highest levels of national and international concern, even worse events may be expected.

4 Thoughts to “9/11 truth talk in Rotterdam, Cologne & Brussels”

  1. Anonymous

    name them and incarcerate them.
    no need for us to reconcile with criminals. let lady justice do the work.

  2. Anonymous

    Very proud of you for doing this amigo.

  3. I did not want to annoy you with a new false flag in preparation in Europe…Germany… probably …. cause I know their services are taping everything including emails and annoying people, I speak from my experience with these untermensh …but look at this one :

    knowing the pope will be here the 22 23 september 2011 and that zidane headbuted the italian in this stadium back in 2006… Berlin the next target ?

  4. Kevin… Zidane headbutted the italian over there in 2006… what a symbol for the zios… and the number 26 in the Quran is the number of time that the word… 'sharr' evil is cited… coincindence ? …. we do not know only Allah swt knows but if you could pass that to our brother and sisters… you know that I have been warning of a french-israeli nuclear false flag in Europe since the Litvinenko affaire

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