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“Death of Bin Laden”: A Spectral Human Sacrifice

[Listen to my interview with David Ray Griffin, author of Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive? here. In it we discuss the evidence that OBL died in December 2001.]

Osama Bin Bogeyman, the tribal chiefs tell us, has been ritually sacrificed: Slaughtered by warriors, then dumped into the ocean.

But how can you sacrifice a ghost?

Bin Laden has almost certainly been dead since December 2001, when far more reliable reports of his death were published. That means the guy they killed and threw in the ocean must have either been a ghost, or one of Bin Laden’s many reported doubles.

The controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, which pulverized about 3000 people into dust in a few seconds, was the most elaborate and spectacular ritual human sacrifice ever orchestrated. Now, almost ten years later, an almost equivalently unspectacular human sacrifice has been arranged to reinforce the sacred myth of the original sacrifice, which founded a new, homicidal pseudo-religion. (I will discuss this on today’s radio show with Elias Davidsson, author of The Dangerous Cult of 9/11.)

This coupling of human sacrifices is pure religious ritual, with a dash of theater of the absurd. It has nothing to do with reality. Even the FBI admits that Bin Laden is “not wanted” for 9/11 — though he is wanted for other crimes — because there is “no hard evidence” that he had anything to do with 9/11.

If in fact US authorities suspected Osama Bin Laden was involved with 9/11, and was still alive, they would have pulled out all the stops to take him alive. And if they had screwed up royally and killed him, would they have immediately dumped the body at sea?! Given the formidable case that Bin Laden died in 2001, obviously US authorities would have taken pains to prove to a skeptical world that the corpse or specter or whatever it was they possessed was the real Bin Laden. Feeding the body to the fishes so fast looks…well, calling it “fishy” would be an insult to the scaly denizens of the deep.

Whatever evidence they produce identifying the ghost or double as “Bin Laden” will probably have the same chain of custody as the Fatty Bin Laden “confession video” of December 2001 — that is, no chain of custody whatsoever.

So why was this moment chosen for the ritual sacrifice of Bin Laden’s ghost? Some say to distract from Obama’s bogus birth certificate. Others suggest that the whole point is to demonize Pakistan, which is moving out of the US orbit into an alliance with China. But I think the real motivation was to blast the media with a message reinforcing the official myth of 9/11, in the run-up to the tenth anniversary.

The whole world is jeering at the “19 hijackers” myth, and waking up to controlled demolition–as proven by a recent poll showing 89% of Germans don’t buy the official BS. The spectacular, I mean specular, sacrifice of OBL’s ghost is supposed to subliminally convince us that OBL and the radical Muslims really did it — even though the FBI begs to disagree.

From spectacular human sacrifice to spectral human sacrifice. What a joke.

If stupidity were a capital crime, OBL’s dictate “kill Americans wherever you find them” would apply, in spades, to the acephalic yahoos dancing around waving American flags in response to the mendacious media’s spectral sacrifice of Bin Laden’s shade.

36 Thoughts to ““Death of Bin Laden”: A Spectral Human Sacrifice”

  1. Anonymous

    ~~ Which Bin Laden Did They Kill? ~~
    Was it the tall bin Laden with the long hook nose?
    Was it the short pudgy Bin Laden with the pug nose?
    Was it the stocky linebacker Bin Laden with the mole on his nose?
    Was it the Bin Laden who was flown out of the U.S. on 9/12 by Bush?
    Was it the Bin Laden who is a partner with Pres. G.H.W. Bush in the Carlisle Group?
    Or was it the Bin Laden whom Pres. Benazir Bhutto announced was dead 7 years ago?

  2. I can't improve on what I posted at the LA Times. A fellow named Mike Russom posted something beginning with:
    "This is a lie. Osama Bin Laden (UBL/OBL) is not verified KIA. This Obama the trying to look like he is not incompetent. Obama is a liar and if Ossama's body doesnt show up for inspection here in the USA this whole "Ossama's dead" thing is a LIE. Obama, the enemy of truth, freedom, liberty, constitution and the USA." bla bla bla &c.

    What I posted there I can't improve on:

    »    "I agree with Russom that the unavailable body is what I expected. For my money, he died in December 2001. But I say, "What a great laugh on Bush and the conspirators!" Obama says to his inner circle, "We all know Osama is dead, been dead. We need political capital now as never before. Why not 'capture and kill him', 'bury him at sea', and claim the prize? Who is going to pipe up at this late date and say, 'No he was already dead!' They'd be hanging themselves."
        Dirty pool? I don't think so. Just beating them at their own dirty game. Now we have a chance to win the real important battle: returning the SCOTUS from the plutocrats to hoi polloi where it belongs.
        Three points from the top of the key! «

  3. Anonymous

    He Lied Again ?
    And now for a gold token for your thought !! First they tried to make belive with Oklahoma city bombing !
    Then they gave us the 9/11 !!
    And now they said Bin Laden is at sea looking for nuclear subs ????
    Now just remember this ! Michael Riconosciuto has invented an anti lie machine

  4. Anonymous

    Yet another slime ball thrown on the road to complete 9/11 truth….. making progress a bit slower. Speaking of "yahoos"…Yahoo ran the story about the "burial at sea" and receved 344 comments immediately to the effect of "you gatta be F'n kidding me!" The took the story down and reposted it about a half hour later with the comment section deleted. Nice going Cointelpro you're getting quick these days.


  5. Anonymous

    Would you really have kept the body around – for what purpose? That body was going to be disposed of no matter whether you think that the killing is a shame or not and to offer the disposal as proof of the sham is very illogical to say the least.

  6. great job Kevin !… we are living the programmed dead of the USA and the rise of Israel

    Question why Obama would do this if there is not something big coming …nuke attack cause what they've done is just give much more exposure to our websites and our explanations of the events since 911…

  7. Anonymous

    Not only is the quick burial at sea incredibly telling, but the fact there are no photos. Reportedly, OBL's son and 2 others were killed. However, when Saddam Hussein's sons were killed the pictures were out right away. When Saddam was caught, there was video out right away. This needs to be part of the questioning.

    It never ceases to amaze how the media pushes the deception and the public soaks it up. This is high drama to follow up the royal wedding hoopla.


  8. Anonymous

    notice how ossama death covers obama birth

  9. Anonymous

    You people are pure crazy. You make birthers look sane.

  10. Anonymous

    I like the human sacrifice angle…It is Aztec.
    We are living in an Aztec civilization; not democracy; not modernity.

  11. Anonymous

    I would truly hate to be as incredibly naive and incompetant as you guys. YOu are incapable of building a case for your psychobabble even in the face of overwhelming evidence or common sense.

  12. Anonymous

    Visible AFTER approval, typical.

  13. Anonymous

    Indeed, I screamed out-loud this morning ! Thank-you Elias, and thank-you Barrie and Kevin for spreading words to restore sanity. We may not let this pass !

    Here is what I wrote to some friends :

    As our main-stream media goes into overdrive to cover for the original lies about the perpetrators behind September 11th, fortunately there are MANY sane voices to be heard.

    Here below is one from former Wisconsin Professor of Islamic studies, M. Kevin Barrett.

    Don't miss the interview today with M. Elias Davidsson, which will be archived! (Intro here: )

    Help our World back to sanity by saying a resounding NO to the continuation of the poisonous lying that our “leaders” and official media have been pushing for soon 10 years : where is it been leading us ? More and more of this deadly poisonous STUPIDITY ! Give Peace and sanity a chance !


    See also :

    AE911Truth's Call To Action By Richard Gage, AIA

    In this 20 minute heartfelt appeal to action Richard Gage, AIA , founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, lays out the history of AE911Truth, where it hopes to go, and how you can help to get it there :

  14. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    This first video was put up on our UK Forum; I added the other, after hunting around for confirmation:

    Original warning:

    I added this:

    Only pic (video) I could find (by same guy who made above video):

    Seems the MSM and NWO are backpedalling furiously after the scam was broadcast on the web.


  15. Anonymous

    Thank you, Kevin, for giving voice to my thoughts of today in your below piece. Very well said.

    With great gratitude,


  16. Anonymous




    Adrian Salbuchi,
    Second Republic Project,
    Buenos Aires – Argentina

  17. Anonymous

    Here are my questions:

    1) If Osama truly did die in 2001 (see comments below on the legitimacy of that claim; especially study the essay summarizing the book written by theologian/author and unassailable 9/11 Truth expert David Ray Griffin, substantiating Osama's death 9 1/2 years ago); and

    2) if the assassination squad killed the wrong guy and therefore hastily dumped the corpse into the sea, (destroying crime scene evidence, a felony in the US) calling it an honorable burial at sea, [ie, the "Sea of Deception"]); and

    3) if they claimed that they could identify Osama by a "quick" DNA analysis, (a procedure that takes days under the best of circumstances in the USA and would have to be matched with DNA samples somehow obtained from the real Osama, who would not willingly donate a tissue sample); and

    4) if they refused to release photos right away (even skilled photoshopping takes time to get it "right" – see the evidense for the photoshopped initial photo of Osama's deathshead at, making one wonder what other lies have been told about the affair,

    5) even the most gullible, naive, pseudopatriotic American who possessed an ounce of critical thinking skill (and that is the BIGGEST problem) would have to stop and ask,
    6) "show me Osama's body, show me the video of the assassination, show me the DNA evidence, show me the evidence that would hold up in a court of law and

    7) show me the evidence that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the controlled demolition of the massive 110 story (47 stories in the case of WTC # 7) long steel columns (that were transected, by thermite cutter charges, into convenient 30 foot lengths) in the three World Trade Center buildings that came down on 9/11/01, completely pulverized in a massive pyroclastic cloud of fine dust.

    Be sure to spend the time needed to absorb the following information before accepting at face value, and then transmitting to others, the overwhelming torrent of unsubstantiated information (propaganda) that we all are being bombarded with. Gary

  18. Anonymous

    Same I ,entioned in my post yesterday… had several insults but… told you guys ISI and rogue elements … working for western services were behind the operation … my source is arabic, muslim based in UAE.. trop fort !!!!!

    read this gentlemen:

  19. Anonymous

    Aztec ? ridiculous go only 80 years back.
    This seems more like the burning of buildings on the 3rd reich blaming the jews…….
    True democracy (people's goverment)in the US is dead and replaced by a corporative goverment which is the germ of neo-fascism…
    The US population are getting less and less CITIZENS…
    React people you are paying the bank oil and weapon feast…stop being lambs…

  20. Anonymous

    David Ray Griffin wrote in Osama –Dead or Alive, published in 2009, that Osama died in Pakistan around December 16th and was buried ten days later on the 26th, in the year of our lord 2001. A man from the Pakistan Observer was there with family, friends, and 30 members of al Qaeda and the Taliban. Osama was buried in an unmarked grave (on land) in the Wahhabi tradition of no mark left on the grave. The Observer said bin Laden suffered from complications of the lungs (Tuberculosis?). A thirty-gun salute was fired into the air. And Fox picked up the story and ran it with great huzza huzza. So it is written and so shall it be said, an old story.

  21. Anonymous

    Eyewitness To Bin Laden's Death Raid Says "To Be Honest Its Not True"

    A resident of Abbottabad recounts witnessing the US raid on al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's alleged mansion in the Pakistani city. The body was never presented, this was a hoax for easily decieved ….. Only a fool would trust Pakistan, Hillary Clinton, and Obama not to lie.


  22. Anonymous


    I'm writing to let you know that I find myself agreeing with you on almost every point that I have heard or read so far. One of your more impressive statements, in my opinion, was when you pointed out that we are — and have been for a long time — governed by psychopaths.

    In relation to the recent "disclosures" concerning Bin Laden, I say "NO BODY, NO PROOF." Since the powers behind 9/11 appeared to have fooled the majority of Americans with the demolition of Building 7 (In addition to the two towers), could this not be another example of deceit? I suspect that Bin Laden is dead, but I believe that he has been dead for a long time.

    I admire your tenacity. Sometimes I wonder how you find the courage to fight the ignorance and insults.

  23. Anonymous

    Valid questions about the following UK Telegraph report (verified on TV Tuesday): If the "bin Laden" killed was NOT armed (unable to "resist"), why didn't our brave Seals capture him alive – arrest him so he could be publically tried in court for his accused crimes, in front of the American public? That's what Bush/Cheney vowed to do ten years ago. WHY now order an UNARMED MAN be shot dead by 30+ heavily armed and armoured Seals?

    Or might it be that over-zealous, video watching* Obama and Hillary wanted this man's mouth silenced?
    Might a public TRIAL be a problem since the FBI website admitted the FBI has "no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11."

    OR maybe the man killed wasn't bin Laden?
    Today it was also reported there was no phone or internet connection to the "compound's" computers. Still a terrorist "headquarters?"

    – Suspicious Dick Fojut in Tucson, Arizona

  24. Anonymous


    You know this stuff so much better than I do, and I have two questions:

    1. It seems to me that up until very recently, there were a lot more Google hits on articles saying he was NOT the mastermind of 9-11, etc. Tonight I went through 20 pages, and found only a couple. Ideas?

    2. A darker thought is that this killing — especially with dumping the body in the ocean so nobody could check DNA, etc., amounting to our leaders saying, "Just trust us," when they know nobody does — is staged as a prelude for another, much nastier, false flag operation, to help remove the rest of our liberties, establish the police state, running parallel to Hitler's use of the Reichstag fire. I suppose they could say that, to pay for all our wars that need to keep going for decades, they'll have to cash in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and probably VA benefits.

    Or is it more complicated?

    What now?"


  25. 1) Sounds like Google is living up to its reputation as a CIA/Mossad front.

    2) Yes, I think they're doing what the hypnotist does when he checks to see how deep the subject's trance is. If people accept "We killed him and threw his body in the ocean" they'll accept anything, including an "al-Qaeda retaliatory nuke attack" that would open the door to war on Iran and/or the destruction of Pakistan's nukes — the two top items on the Zionist wish list.

  26. Anonymous

    Bin Laden’s Neighbour: “None Of This Is True”
    Al Jazeera
    May 3, 2011

    A resident of Abbottabad who witnessed the raid says he believes it is simply not true that Bin Laden was hiding out in a compound within yards of his own home.

  27. Anonymous

    perhaps the FBI was noticing a growing number of visits to their most wanted page and someone decided that it's worth burying the phantom and finally be able to remove OBL from the FBI's Most Wanted page.
    Of course, there will be other reasons too, as always. I'm also expecting a new big false-flag attack anytime soon, so they won't lose the support of the sheeple for the phony war on terror.

    just my 2 cents

    Namaste, Marcel, Switzerland

  28. ONE "HOLE" IN THE WHITE HOUSE 'OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS KILLED' STORY: A story from Agence France-Presse said the US knew as early as March that Bin Laden was holed up in that compound. Well, let's use common sense here…if you're the world's No. 1 (most) wanted man, are you going to even sleep in the same place two nights in a row? I wouldn't. I would sleep at different locations every night!

    The "official" White House story made it sound like Bin Laden was already in "semi-retirement!" by staying at the compound since March! C'mon…any one with background in intelligence will tell you the story does not make sense…


  30. i believe they will send Uncle Eester dressed in a turban to blow up every model train set under every kids Christmas tree on Christmas morning—-and that is why we gotta yank those old Adams Family episodes from Turkish television-we are giving them ideas…!!

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