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Energy expert Tony Boys reporting from midway between Tokyo and Fukushima

Tuesday, May 3rd, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern) on, to be archived here a few hours after broadcast…

Tony Boys is an expert on the interplay of agriculture and energy…and he happens to live about halfway between Tokyo and Fukushima. For many years he has been warning the world about the perils of nuclear technology, and the unsustainability of our current energy grid and agricultural practices. His blog, part of the excellent website, includes journal entries describing the day-by-day development of the Fukushima disaster.

Tony writes:

“Clearly, we’re witnessing one of the greatest disasters of modern time.” – AREVA Excecutive VP. ‘Privileged’ people, privileged information. The world’s ‘nuclear village’ is closing ranks to make sure you and I don’t get to know what is really going on, or how bad it really is!

One Thought to “Energy expert Tony Boys reporting from midway between Tokyo and Fukushima”

  1. Anonymous


    Just listening to the Tony Boys interview!
    I don't actually agree with Tony entirely about Peak Oil, my main area of agreement with him is about the nuclear issue.

    He knows this and anyway I am happy you both discussed this for the sake of debate.

    He and the Peak Oil folks do not talk about the thornier political aspects, especially Zionist power, or Wall Street speculation, derivatives etc.
    which play a big role in affecting commondity (oil) prices.

    It is true though that we should think more carefully about energy issues and Tony does a great job on
    forcing us in that direction.

    I hope you enjoyed it though and as you can tell, Tony likes to talk!

    I wrote another piece for Counterpunch and will forward the link to you when it comes out.

    Thanks, Richard

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