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Going deep with 9/11: Helen Caldicott, Tom Breidenbach plumb the profundities of the problem

The 9/11 truth movement mostly obsesses with facts. The thing is, we have enough facts already to prove the 9/11 inside job seven ways from Sunday. At some point we need to come to grips with the truly scary question: What does it mean?

The bottom line is that our world is being run by madmen. But what kind of madmen? And how do they maintain their control?

Thursday’s radio guest, the legendary anti-nuker Dr. Helen Caldicott (listen here) offered some important insights. She cited research showing that sex and killing provide men with a big release of dopamine, a very pleasurable brain chemical. We discussed psychopaths and sociopaths, who lack normal human inhibitions against killing and lying, and who often gravitate to the top of power hierarchies to attain alpha male status – and thereby win the adoration of hormone-addled females and the submission of the non-alpha males. (In an email, Dr. Caldicott called my article Twilight of the Psychopaths “excellent.”) All of this does much to explain the complicity of the power elite in 9/11 — and in killing the planet in all sorts of other ways.

Then Friday’s radio guest, Tom Breidenbach (listen here) discussed 9/11 as a contemporary case of the ages-old practice of ritual human sacrifice. Citing the work of Walter Burkert and RenĂ© Girard, Breidenbach made the case that ritual human sacrifice is at the core of human cultures in general and Western culture in particular–and that elements of the Western power elite orchestrated 9/11 in minute symbolic detail, as a monstrous and elaborate human sacrifice to inaugurate a new age of empire, unbridled by the moral inhibitions of monotheism.

I am grateful to be able to have conversations like these. Honestly, I don’t think you could possibly find a better three hours of conversation about the deep, non-obvious sources of humanity’s problems than these two shows. Kudos to Helen and Tom – two brilliant minds and brave spirits.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sure… even moon phases… anything but jewish involvement.

  2. Anonymous

    And I don't imagine there's any pathology or psychopathy in the jewish community. They're pretty good at self-monitoring themselves. I'm just imagining, cuz ya never hear anything bout them in the news.

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