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Elias Davidsson: The Dangerous Cult of 9/11

Tomorrow’s radio guest Elias Davidsson‘s new article (see below) makes the excellent point that the official myth of 9/11 forms the basis of a dangerous new cult.

According to Friday’s radio guest Tom Breidenbach, 9/11 was a carefully-orchestrated ritual human sacrifice.  The purpose: to destroy the era of monotheism, which aims to put an end to human sacrifice, and inaugurate a new, horrific era of mass slaughter and big lies.

The cult of 9/11 is a homicidal pseudo-religion. Maybe it’s time to start smashing idols? Would spray-painting “investigate WTC-7” on every 9/11 memorial be an appropriate idol-smashing technique? Or maybe that doesn’t go far enough? How can we utterly annihilate and profane the idols of this hideous cult of human sacrifice?


The Dangerous Cult of 9/11

By Elias Davidsson 

A new religious movement was born September 11th, 2001. This movement was conceived by the American government and comprises many members of the American and European elite, politicians, editors of mass and so-called alternative media, publishers and academics. The movement’s unifying faith is the legend of 9/11, namely that 19 Arab terrorists hijacked four airliners and flew these airliners into the known landmarks in a suicide operation. The legend of 9/11 is composed of a number of distinct beliefs. Here are ten of the most tenacious beliefs that unite cult members:

1. They believe that 4 young pilots who love money, alcohol and sex, could be convinced to kill themselves for a religious purpose.

2. They believe that four teams of four to five rather smallish men could subdue 40 to 80 passengers without using firearms and without raising the suspicion of the pilots.

3. They believe it is possible to subdue a pilot and co-pilot in their flight cabin before either can transmit a hijacking code, a verbal Mayday message, or raise the suspicion of the crew.

4. They believe a person who could hardly control a one-engine Cessna can fly a Boeing passenger airliner on instruments alone for more than an hour in a foreign country and crash this airliner at 500 mph into the side of a building 20 feet above ground.

5. They believe the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. , is undefended against approaching unidentified aircraft.

6. They believe crashing aircraft can disintegrate, leaving no visible debris such as fuselage, wings, tail or engine.

7. They believe an airliner with 45 passengers can crash without leaving visible bodies and blood.

8. They believe debris from a crashing airplane can be found eight miles away.

9. They believe it is possible to induce a free-fall collapse of a skyscraper by hitting it with an airplane (even if the skycraper was designed to withstand such a strike) and then letting the resulting fire bring it down.

10. They believe that 19 Arab terrorists actually boarded the four aircraft that crashed on 9/11.

Religious movements are generally peaceful, but this is not the case with the 9/11 Cult. The cult’s members control weapons of mass destruction and the information flow to the public. When such powers are concentrated in the hands of cult members who base their decisions on irrational and unsubstantiated beliefs, rather than on facts, everyone is in danger.

Members of this cult, no matter their status, fame or power, must be designated as madmen. It is important to secure the removal of such madmen from positions of influence and power as soon as possible, in order to give international peace and security a chance.


(*) Thanks to Barrie Zwicker (Canada) and Prof. David Ray Griffin (USA) for critical observations

5 Thoughts to “Elias Davidsson: The Dangerous Cult of 9/11”

  1. "This movement was conceived by the American government…"

    I'd dispute that. It's more accurate to say criminal elements that have control of the US government help perpetuate, justify and accept the 9/11 Cult. The entire operation was organized and executed by Apartheid Israel and her agents worldwide. Thus, this is where the "movement" originated, not necessarily "the American government." We need to distinguish who owns and controls the US government and society, through the Federal Reserve (a Rothschild operation from the get go), ownership of the MSM and entertainment industry, Congress, White House and Supreme court. The Zionists are at the top of this power structure, and many of them are Jews.

  2. Anonymous

    its hard best friend makes a joke outa all this.. i think in the future people will look back and say— why dint anybody stop this madness—why did you follow along—the reason is simple…your loved ones..revolution hmmm….if changing the world means yur wife and child can be in danger or lost forever we choose confort and routine. no sacrifice for the greater ..rgood..we are selfish and greedy and our religion dictates that help will come from above…so in other words we wait and wait for something thats in our hands…forgive mey grammar..

  3. Anonymous

    You all need to take another toke on that joint.

  4. Anonymous

    On Point, I will reference this.

  5. Anonymous

    Mainstream Media, completely controlled by the same interests who secretly get away with manipulating & directing the US Government may have kept many brainwashed dummies from putting two and two together. But, this time, with an extra judicial, phony assassination, of a phony Boogie Man, inciting phony terrorist organization All CIA Duh, to reawaken phony freedom loving, patriotic cannon fodder, with more False Flags, for the political glory of a phony president, They may have finally gone too far!

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