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In defense of Dr. Usama Hasan

Re: “Scientist Threatened Over Darwinist Views” – U.K. Telegraph

We know that the leadership of Saudi Arabia is allied with the Zionists against the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

We know that the Saudi leadership urged the US to attack Iran and risk plunging the region – and the world – into nuclear hellfire.

We know the Saudi leadership is the biggest money launderer for the Zio-American banksters and their oil cartel, and that these criminals have been propping up the dollar – and the Zio-American war on the world’s Muslims and other oppressed people – since 1971.

We know the Saudi leadership invited US troops into Arabia in response to fake satellite photographs provided by the US – leading to the slaughter of more than two million innocent Iraqi Muslims by the forces of kufr.

We know that if the Zio-Americans withdrew their support, the Saudi monarchy would not stand for five minutes against the wrath of the people of Arabia.

We know that most of the Saudi elite are depraved playboys who spend their lives jet-setting around the world in search of gambling, cocaine and prostitutes – yet these people claim custody of the holy places of Islam.

And we know that these scoundrels try to buy “Islamic” legitimacy by donating money to various Muslim causes – especially depoliticized, ultra-reactionary Salafi obscurantists who serve Zionism by painting Islam as a religion of bigots, idiots, and reactionary fanatics.

It is these criminals who are behind the persecution of a Muslim scientist, Dr. Usama Hasan, by “a small but vocal group of largely Saudi-influenced orthodox Muslims who use evolution as a way of discrediting imams whom they deem to be overly progressive or ‘western orientated‘”.  Dr. Hasan’s sin? To argue that evolutionary theory and Islam are compatible.

Personally I am not a Darwinian. I do not buy the notion that random mutation is the chief engine of natural selection – Michael Behe and Lynn Margulis have offered different but cogent critiques of that idea – nor do I accept the materialist worldview that is the basis of Darwinism. Additionally, the definition of “the fittest” (as in “survival of the fittest”) is circular, since “fittest” can only mean “fittest to survive,” making the claim tautological (“those fit to survive are those fit to survive,” i.e. “survivors survive and non-survivors do not”). In short, Darwinism sets out to explain everything, and in the event explains nothing. Worse, it provides a horrible model for human society by painting “nature red in tooth and claw” as the way of the world. I agree with the world’s best-known anti-Darwinian, Harun Yahya – who has appeared on my radio show three times – that the rise of Darwinism has had terrible consequences.

Yet in all honesty, I do not find most of Yahya’s anti-evolution arguments very convincing, nor do I agree with him, and other anti-Darwinian Muslims, that the Qur’an is necessarily incompatible with evolutionary theory. I think we need to be humble enough to admit that only Allah knows the full truth, and that the rest of us should be free to pursue the truth as best we can.

But what I think and what you think and what Harun Yahya thinks isn’t the real issue. The real issue is that a bunch of obscurantist idiots have terrorized Dr. Usama Hasan and made Islam look like a religion of complete boneheads.

If the anti-Hasan crowd has a beef against the West, why not pursue it sensibly – by  struggling to end the Zio-American empire’s dominion over the lands of the Muslims, and re-establish a united Islamic caliphate? The biggest front in that struggle is the information war – which Hilary Clinton recently admitted the Zio-Americans are losing to the likes of Iran’s Press TV. Why hand ammunition to the enemy?

By attacking a fellow Muslim in a way designed to shed a bad light on Islam, these fools are operating as false-flag patsies for the very interests they think they’re resisting.

One Thought to “In defense of Dr. Usama Hasan”

  1. Kevin have a look at he website where the autor explained the evolutions by the magnetic reversal phenomenon that occurs every 11500 years… reversion of the poles, diminution of the natural electromagnetic field of the earth… leaving cosmic radiation to enter the atmosphere and penetrate and accelerate mutations… and killing species, appearance of others, evolution…vey much compatible with Islaam explanation…

    wa Allah swt 'alam

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