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Khalezov on 9/11; Debate on Palestinian Right of Return

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 2/11/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Did an infamous Mossad agent named Mike Harari brag of organizing 9/11? Special follow-up show with Gordon Duff, editor of Veterans Today, and Dmitri Khalezov, author of The Third Truth About 9/11. We may also get a call-in from JB Campbell, author of the Veterans Today story mentioning Khalezov’s claim that his then-friend, Mossad agent Mike Harari, admitted (in so many words) to organizing 9/11.

My special interview yesterday with Dmitri Khalezov is unlikely to please those in the 9/11 truth movement who are allergic to the mention of “Israel” and “9/11” in the same breath. Nor will Khalezov immediately convince those of us who accept the strong evidence for the use of nanothermate explosives in the WTC demolitions. (Khalezov argues that the Towers and WTC-7 had built-in nuclear demolition systems that were used on 9/11.)

But when someone is willing to go on record about an alleged confession by an “organizer” of 9/11, and when their bona fides are supported by Veterans Today insiders, I think it’s worth hearing them out…and seeing to it that their actual spoken words are permanently archived (here and here).

Remember: It really doesn’t matter what ex-CIA Asset Susan Lindauer thinks about whether there were Muslim hijackers; her testimony about CIA Case Officer Richard Fuisz’s detailed 9/11 foreknowledge is evidence that could be used in court. Likewise, it doesn’t matter so much whether Khalezov is right about how the demolitions were accomplished or the Pentagon struck; what matters is that his testimony about Mike Harari’s confessions about “organizing” 9/11 is evidence that could be used in court.

Second hour: Debate on Palestinian Right of Return!

2:00 – 2:30 Central: Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law, University of Illinois, author of the brand-new The Palestinian Right of Return Under International Law: “The just resolution of the Palestinian right of return is at the very heart of the Middle East peace process. Nonetheless, the Obama administration intends to impose a comprehensive peace settlement upon the Palestinians that will force them to give up their well-recognized right of return under United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194(III)) of 1948; accept a Bantustan of disjointed and surrounded chunks of territory on the West Bank in Gaza; and even expressly recognize Israel as ‘the Jewish State,’ as newly demanded by Benjamin Netanyahu. All this will fail for the reasons so powerfully and eloquently stated in this book. For the past three decades, Francis A. Boyle has provided the leadership of the Palestinian people with advice, counsel, and representation at all stages of the Middle East Peace Process. Here, he elaborates what the Palestinians must now do to realize their international legal right of return, in keeping with his startling perception of Israel as itself nothing more than a Jewish Bantustan bound for failure.”

Francis Boyle is also in the forefront of the prosecute-Bush-for-war-crimes effort that recently frightened Bush into cancelling his trip to Switzerland.

2:30 – 3:00 pm Central: Philosophy professor Richard Curtis, supporter of “labor Zionism” and a two-state solution without Right of Return. Unlike some radio hosts, I am not afraid to bring on guests with whom I strongly disagree. (Remember Bill Warner?) As I once explained to Fox News hosts, my job (whether in the classroom or on the radio) isn’t to teach people what to think, but how to think. And the first lesson is to go easy on the preconceptions, open one’s mind to differences of opinion, and weigh the arguments.

8 Thoughts to “Khalezov on 9/11; Debate on Palestinian Right of Return”

  1. Anonymous

    Haven't had a chance to check out your radio show with dimitri yet. I like the Idea of nuclear demolition, just because It seems strange to me they would have rigged building seven. Obviously with the federal offices destruction of evidence would be one reason but if they new a plane wasn't going to hit it why rig it in the first place? However unlike the twin towers building seven's demolition originated in the penthouse which as far as nuclear demolition goes doesn't make sense. However Building seven was way smaller than the twin towers, so it's kind of hard to compare them. Also dimitri believes no planes were involved? Any thoughts on these ideas? Also if it was nuclear demolition whats with the nanothermite?

  2. Again about this and other things: for top intel on the rat-cat black psy-ops by the mossad “master-race”talmudic mythomaniac kleptocrats in Tel-Aviv and their CIA”lube-boys”go to . For deep new knowledge on the historico-geographic farce-and-fraud by the transgenerational jewish crime syndicate-a mafia disguised as a religion- go to click top red line for satellite and ancient maps,go back to bottom of page for elaborate proofs and comments section and go to (false map at top and our maps’research bottom) and download QueenofShebaandIsrael pdf book by Dr.Bernard-Leeman and go to to October archive for english…

  3. When I read Dimitri Khalezov’s book (available in the shorter version free as pdf download) it made perfect sense to me as clearly the WTC was pulverized into dust by powerful shockwaves from the basement up that no thermite or jet fuel could ever do. Mike Harari was involved in the murder of JFK as well as that of Jon-Jon JFK junior and at 84 or so is involved in running MI6 and CIA ops for Mossad out of Israel’s London embassy. Dimitri Khalezov has documented the regular use of micronukes by Mossad to assassinate Rafiq Hariri,to bomb the disco at Bali, the Mariott hotels in Jakarta and Islamabad,the american and french UN soldiers at Beirut (in order to avoid witnesses to Sharon’s further raping and sodomizing the screaming litte palestinian boys before shooting their brains point blank like at Sabra and Shatila). The great australian journalist Joe-Vialls also did complete studies on all these micronuke mossad crimes (as small as a golf ball) before being assassinated for it by Mossad in 2005.

    As to nukes under the WTC (150mt nukes!!LOL), sure there were, but
    they were micro Bali, Oklahoma, Taba, Jakarta Australian
    Embbasy and Jakarta Marriott, to mention just a few.

    In 1993, Joe Vialls exposes some facts about single explosions that
    were very similar to the 2001 WTC bombing. The article, “Micro Nukes
    in London,” notes the sudden usage of massive explosions in business
    districts by the IRA with a brief mention of the 1993 bombing of the
    WTC. In the supposed first mega-bombing by the ‘IRA’, an eyewitness
    stated, “The ground shook under our feet. There was a brilliant white
    flash and a tall vertical column of smoke.” Significant information
    about the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM – the general class
    of the W54 warhead). While the government was working on the usage of
    a conventional bomb to the corporate media, there was accidental
    filming of investigators of the bombing in full radiation protective
    gear. Description of the crater created by the second explosion
    reveals a hole 60 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Quotes of physicists’
    Galen Winsor, John McPhee and Theodore Taylor are prophetic for the
    usage of micro nukes. Taylor specifically notes the future usage of an
    extremely small micro nuke being used in the WTC in the year 1973.

    Another crater 22 feet wide and 5 feet deep is noted in the article
    “Bali Micro Nuke – Lack of Radiation Confuses Experts.” Within 48
    hours the Bali government found traces of C4 explosive. Next came the
    revised explanation of explosives on top of gas containers. After that
    failed to explain noted facts, the next theory was explosives with
    napalm. The final explanation from London quoted a reliable source
    that an IRA style bomb mixture was used. Still, there were significant
    problems with the story as the IRA had detonated 1,000 pounds of the
    mixture and there was no crater produced. The US bomb, BLU-82 – used
    for clearing helicopter landing zones in the jungles of Vietnam,
    contains 6.3 Tons of high grade military explosive with an aluminum
    additive for increased heat does not create a crater. The 1/4 inch
    steel encased explosive is parachuted to its target and detonated 1 to
    2 feet above ground. Approximately 40 people close enough to be
    vaporized simply vanished without a trace. Insights on Israel’s .01 kt
    Dimona nuke are also related in this article. According to the
    information presented, the bomb uses highly enriched Plutonium 239,
    99.78% pure, and only emits alpha radiation which is invisible to most…


  5. Marriot bombing Reply with quote
    Car or truck bombs DO NOT leave craters : EVER. Only explosive
    ordnance that is buried below ground or penetrates the ground (aerial
    bomb/ missile) will do this.
    The photo of the cars is a give-away. See the attached url for Dr.
    Judy Woods website that investigates the deployment of directed energy
    weapons for reference and comparisons of WTC 9/11 and the Marriot
    aftermath, especially the cars.
    My humble opinion, as a 60-years old retired military ordnance
    specialist : this one joins a long list of similars and has all the
    classic fingerprints of a Mossad false flag op.
    Crater and shearing / delaminating of vertical frontage of hotel : a
    micro nuke, slightly larger than the unit deployed by Mossad in Bali.
    Radioactive residues : very hard to pin down to the fact only Alpha
    radiation emitted.
    A Tesla / HAARP / Hutchinson effect type Scalar / directed energy
    weapon deployed in conjunction with Israeli-Dimona micro-nuke? Very
    Rusty al Haq
    Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:05 pm View user’s profile Send private message
    Joe Vialls Passed Away Today
    – 7:52am
    Oh and pdove: “Thanks for revealing that Bali bombing is the result of
    a small neutron bomb.” Indeed, but please do the man the honour of …


    Beslan Psyop and Jakarta Nuke Reports

    As with the Beslan report above, my analysis of the micro nuke outside
    the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, – Cached
    Get more discussion results
    Micro Nukes (WMD) in the WTC – 911 Inside/Outside Job | Wake Up …
    26 Mar 2008 … Another Vialls’ article dealing with the supposed
    vehicle bombing of the Australian embassy in Jakarta, “Zionists Nuke
    the Australian …

  7. Anonymous

    Do we know for sure that Dmitri is who he says?

  8. just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.
    Australian Embassy London

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