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Our Ideals vs. Your Realities

Happy Christian New Year, dear readers, from your favorite recovering angry Muslim!  I must admit that my recovery has been dealt a setback after I just re-read the best history of the Zio-Palestinian conflict — Alan Hart’s magisterial three-volume Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews — and re-experienced a painful internal confrontation with the unending vomit-stream of murderous lies that passes for Zionism. It brought back all the feelings I went through two years ago while watching three weeks of live coverage of the Zionist atrocities in Gaza. So my wishes for a blessed, joyful and prosperous New Year are directed only to non-Zionist readers; as for the other kind, may this be the year that you and yours painfully perish.

Our Ideals vs. Your Realities

The Zionists, in their ongoing propaganda war on Islam, love to conjure up alleged Judeo-Christian ideals that compare favorably with alleged Muslim realities. 

The Western ideal of equality between the sexes, for example, contrasts starkly with MEMRI’s cherry-picked, spun, or invented anecdotes about Muslim men mistreating Muslim women. (MEMRI, a Zionist propaganda organ dedicated to defaming Islam and Muslims, is the Mossad spin-off that provides Western news services with just about everything Westerners hear, read or see about the Muslim world in the Jewish-dominated Western media.)

The sad reality is that Western women are generally forced to work whether they want to or not, earn far less than men, and are sexually exploited and objectified to an extent that our grandparents’ generation, were they to witness today’s behaviors and images, would be appalled. And the sad reality is that for every cherry-picked MEMRI anecdote about Muslim men mistreating Muslim women, there are dozens of far worse accounts of Western men mistreating or exploiting Western women–they just don’t get as much media attention, nor are they reported as “typical” of the way Western men behave. (And let’s not even get into what Israeli and American men in uniform do to the women, and men, and children, that they meet in occupied Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan.)

The Zionist-run West should be put on notice: If you want to keep comparing Western ideals to alleged Muslim realities, fine; we’ll respond by overthrowing the Zionist puppet regimes you’ve imposed on us, and creating societies more in line with our ideals. Then we’ll compare our ideals, and the societies we’re bringing into line with them, to your sordid realities.

And we will do whatever it takes to win back our independence and unity–including, if necessary, the use of military force proportionate to what you use against us. (Which is quite a lot of military force, in case you hadn’t noticed.)

You see, in Islam, we strive to put our ideals into practice. Religion is not something we do once a week. We face God five times a day. Our religious tradition–our deen–governs our daily behavior.

Christianity vaunts its separation of church and state. The church gets the ideals; the state handles the realities of power. The result is sheer hypocrisy: unbelievably evil states with their tentacles wrapped around every aspect of Westerners’ daily lives grow ever-stronger, while the churches and their ideals wither. Welcome to a dystopia beyond Orwell’s worst nightmare.

This, the New World Order statist agenda, emerges from the Christian lunatic fringe’s belief in original sin. Certain Christian extremists insult God by claiming that his creation (including humans), not only isn’t perfect, but it’s actually evil, utterly fallen. So an evil society dominated by an evil state, with an ineffectual church at the margins mouthing useless platitudes, is about par for the course. When these states become so evil that they threaten armageddon–as the US and Israeli states now do–the lunatic-fringe Christians cheer at the prospect that this nasty, fallen world will be destroyed, as Jesus comes back to nuke everybody except them.

In Islam, we have (ideally) no church and very little state. We are our own custodians of our own ideals, and we strive to embody them in our lives. Since creation is good, and there is no original sin, we are custodians (khulafa’) of this beautiful planet, and we are trying to make life on earth as close as possible to paradise.

As the Islamic world gradually throws off the chains of Western imperialism-colonialism, and reunites as one Islamic nation–one ummah–governed by the laws of God and not those of man–we will see more and more of those ideals being put into practice. Then you Westerners will be less dishonest when you compare your ideals to our realities, which by then will insha’allah reflect more of our ideals.

But be forewarned: We, and you, and the rest of the world, will then compare our newly-realized ideals to your ever-more-hideous realities.

And you will learn, insha’allah, that the only salvation for a terminally-declining West is in Islam.

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  1. I like the last sentence… good recovery and wish you the best and lot of success, or very good radio program insha Allah !

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