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US, Arab World Both Need Revolutions

Virtually the entire Arab world – the historic heartland of Islam – is under US-Zionist occupation…while the US itself is under Zionist-financier occupation.

The people of the US and the Arab world ought to rise up, together, and overthrow the regimes occupying their countries and targeting them for destruction.

Unfortunately, many Arabs, and most Americans, are in denial. I spend most of my time trying to wake up Americans; but as a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, I am also interested in the Arab world.

When I watch al-Jazeera, I see bought-and-paid-for Arab talking heads bemoaning the Iranian influence in Iraq and espousing the “national interests” of Arab countries. In fact, “national interests” are worse than irrelevant; they are part of the enemy’s divide-and-conquer strategy aimed at containing and then destroying the rebirth of Islamic civilization.

I am not of the Shia persuasion. But it is obvious to me that the Islamic Republic of Iran is struggling to help establish a renascent Islamic civilization…and that the whole Arab world desperately needs Iranian-style Islamic revolutions to overthrow the Zio-American puppets and collaborators who run the region.

The Islamic world needs an Islamic revolution, and Iran provides the best model. This fact has been obscured by Zionist-manufactured anti-Iran and anti-Shia hysteria, a poison spread by the flunkies of the Arab dictators as well as a few nutty Sunni extremists.

Again, I am not a Shia. But let’s admit that the Shia were right about one thing: In an Islamic society, the (morally and spiritually) best people should rule…and after the death of the Prophet SAAS, Ali and his sons were the best.

Just a generation of the death of the Prophet Muhammad, the same corrupt Quraish forces the Prophet and companions overthrew were back in power, and the incorruptible, spiritually-advanced son-in-law and grandsons of the Prophet had been murdered. This was an immense tragedy for Islam and for humanity. The Shia are absolutely right about this.

Where the Shia are wrong, in my opinion (and God knows best) is in their claim that descendants of the Prophet SAAS are the only proper rulers. In fact, it just so happened that the best people WERE the Ahl al-Bayt, at least for a few generations. But goodness is not entirely an inherited trait. Moral and spiritual integrity are not a matter of genetic pedigree.

Today, Iran is run by people with the moral and spiritual integrity to speak 9/11 truth to power, and to speak the truth about the horrors of Zionism and the benefits of the coming post-Zionist world.

Today, Shia and Sunni should work together to ensure that the best people are in power, and the worst barred from power. And  Shia and Sunni should work together to expel the Zionists and imperialists from Dar al-Islaam, and establish Islamic societies in the Muslim-majority lands. The Islamic Republic of Iran, despite its flaws and shortcomings and compromises, is in the forefront of that effort. Every Muslim on earth needs to stand up and say “Want to attack Iran? You’ll have to go through me.”


Arabian rulers align themselves with Zionism and imperialism against Islamic Iran

Abu Dharr, The Street Minbar newsgroup

Muslim public opinion in general and Arabian public opinion in particular is at a loss to properly understand the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many people have an intuitive feeling that the Islamic orientation in Iran is for the long-term benefit of Muslims worldwide. The moneyed classes, the political elites, and the sectarian protagonists don’t see things that way — their instincts tell them that the Islamic Republic of Iran is expansionist and, therefore, a threat!

   Some of them have come out of their diplomatic silence and stated in public that Iran is more dangerous than Israel. They, at politically sensitive times, remind us that Iran occupies three United Arab Emirates islands, that Iran oppresses the Ahwazi population of Arab descent, that Iran is coordinating its moves inside Iraq with the American occupation forces, and that the Shi`i populations of Iraq and the (Arabian) Gulf owe their allegiance to Shi`i Iran and not to their own people. (Remember the Jordanian King and the Egyptian Pharaoh-cum-president who talked about a Shi`i crescent a couple of years ago). And finally they say that Iran is using the Palestinian issue as a diplomatic Trojan Horse to salvage its nuclear program.

   Anyone who has the time and the patience to go through the official Arabian press gets the unmistakable impression that the Islamic Republic of Iran is “Zionist danger” on the verge of going nuclear while a forty year-old nuclear Zionist Israel is the Arabians’ comrade in arms. Don’t be surprised if the media networks belonging to Arabian petro-interests imply that President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is the new Holy Persian Emperor. When it comes to Islamic Iran there is a common denominator that is shared by Arabian nationalists, Islamic sectarians, and westoxicated liberals. The glue that keeps these otherwise contradictory elements together is the Saudi riyal, the American dollar, and the euro.

   This motley assortment of religious and ideological types cannot see several hundred nuclear bombs and weapons in Israel; rather they have their eyes fixed on an Iran that is rumored primarily by Tel Aviv and Washington to be in a matter of a few years in possession of nuclear weapons. The Arabian media have a topsy-turvy view of facts. The political neanderthals in Riyadh, Cairo, and `Amman who are leading the Afro-Asian Arabian flock are preparing public opinion for an alignment of imperialism, Zionism, and Arabian munafiqs against the Islamic political order in Iran. There is a new tripartite force in the womb of the Holy Land precincts from Makkah to Jerusalem. The anti-intellectual and artless politicians in Arabian countries want to survive by any means necessary on their thrones and in the palaces; and if that means they shall politically cohabit with the evil governments of Israel and its American bedfellow then that is exactly what they will do. For the bloodline rulers of Arabia, the Lord of Makkah no longer counts; it is the lord of Washington to whom they should submit.

    Some oily but squeaky Muslims from the Gulf and the Peninsula say with all the political ingenuousness that goes with it, “Why doesn’t the Islamic Republic of Iran relinquish control of the three islands of Abu Musa, the major Tunb and the minor Tunb (al-Tunb al-Kubra and al-Tunb al-Sughra) to its rightful owner — the United Arab Emirates? As if the Islamic Republic of Iran sent in its armed forces and occupied these three islands. Their short and shallow memory does not tell them that the Islamic Republic of Iran assumed responsibility of its geographical areas — including these three islands — from the late and never lamented Shah, who was the darling of the Saudi regime and the political ally of the (Arabian) Gulfers when Arabian nationalism under the tutelage of the late Jamal `Abd al-Nasir was at its peak. It was not the Islamic Republic of Iran that grabbed the southern territories of al-Ahwaz, otherwise referred to in official Ba`thi political literature as `Arabistan, from al-ummah al-`arabiyah (the Arabian Nation).

   Let us refresh these Islamist history losers that the Islamic State in Iran assumed political responsibility for a vast area of land that includes many nationalities such as the Persians, Arabians, Kurds, Baluchis, Uzbeks, Lurs, and Turks. The only thing all these people have in common is their Islamic character and civilization. The majority of these peoples happen to have Shi`i persuasion as their denominational preference. It may not be off the mark to say that there are some non-Shi`i and non-Persian Muslims in Iran who feel they are not full political and civic participants of the Islamic State. And it is on the mark to acknowledge that the leadership in the Islamic State understands this very well and is doing whatever it can — given the war conditions imposed on it — to ameliorate this situation.

   The Arabian political mind, void of its Islamic content, has a problem. It wants to pick a fight with non-Arabians because of slivers of territories parceled out by British and French colonialists to Iranians and Turks at a time when all of these Arabians combined do not have the will-power to forge one united and coordinated political order, that is, government. The same problem exists between Arabian nationalists and Turks in what the Turks call the region of Hatay and the Arabians call Iskandarun between Turkey and Syria. Let us face the facts: the Arabian countries suffer from backdoor occupation — the non-representative Arabian regimes — and from in-your-face occupations — Palestine, Iraq, Ceuta and Melilla (Moroccan areas). Somalia has become a failed nation-state; Sudan is threatened with the same destiny as Somalia, and lurking not far behind is Morocco. The United Arab Emirates, that is so sensitive about the Arab identity of its three “Iranian” occupied Islands, has lost its own Arabian identity. Arabians in their United Arab Emirates are the overwhelming minority — while foreigners and slave-laborers constitute 80% of its population.

   To be blunt: at a time when Islamic Iran broke out of the global Zionist-imperialist network 31 years ago, the Arabian political elites have prostituted themselves to the same network of political rape and economic plunder. The social world — as the physical world — does not tolerate a vacuum. So when Iraq presented a void, Islamic Iran moved in. Why should anyone in his Islamic mind be bothered by an Islamic neighbor moving into Iraq to dislodge an imperialist intruder — the USA? The Arabian political and elitist crybabies have their own selves to blame; and if they could see through the emotional knots they are in they can easily identify the Saudi family kingdom for the socio-economic and politico-military mess that they are all in.

   If these same Arabian myopics could put on their corrective Islamic lenses they would realize that the leadership in Islamic Iran has gone out on a political limb in its support of the Palestinians who are neither Iranian nor Shi`is; inside of Islamic Iran there are sectarian and nationalist pressure groups who are not convinced that their government is looking out for them. These, too, in a very roundabout way, are allies of the Arabian nationalists and Islamic sectarians.

   Islamic Iran, hence Arab Iran, is the powerhouse of the whole region. It is the only principled and reliable supporter of the Islamic Resistance against Zionist occupation and expansionism. In view of this, it is Islamic Iran that is working on liberating what everyone says is Arab land, not Iranian land. Over the past two decades, it was the Arabian regimes that helped militarist American imperialism to occupy Iraq. Take Islamic Iran out of the equation and the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine become sitting ducks for the Israeli Zionist bombers and shooters. If the Arabians cannot do a thing to support their Palestinian brothers they should stop blaming Islamic Iran for helping them. The same Arabian regimes that backed the American occupation of Iraq are also the ones that give backbone to anti-Islamic and anti-Iranian propaganda.

   While the officials and their media mouthpieces are in knots over Islamic Iran, the imperialist regime in Washington and its Zionist client in Tel Aviv are not confused by nationalism or sectarianism as they take a hard look at Islamic Iran. In the latest development the US regime has stationed a second aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln in the waters separating Arabia and Persia. It is anchored in the Arabian and what many naive Muslims would say “Sunni” ruled Bahrain. This is the first time in the past two years that the US political-military elite has stationed two of its aircraft carriers in the Gulf between Arabia and Persia. While the Arabians are in a confused mess about “what is Iran” the USS Harry S. Truman with its four squadrons of Hornet and Super Hornet fighter-bombers, surveillance and command craft, electronic warfare craft, squadrons of helicopters and transports are marking time for the Zionists in Washington to give them their strike-commands.

   To prove their loyalties, the Saudi and Egyptian armed forces secretly coordinated their first-ever joint military exercises in October. It was called Exercise Tabuk-2 and it was a mock exercise to repulse not Israeli but Iranian armed forces. This was reported to have taken place between Oct 17 and Oct 21, under the command of the acting Saudi Aviation and Defense Minister his highness Prince Khalid ibn Sultan, son of Prince Sultan and half brother of Bandar ibn Sultan (both Bandar and Sultan are said to be recuperating from serious medical problems in Morocco, the first undergoing five medical procedures and the second fighting his last days against terminal illness. Saudi press reports said Bandar returned to the kingdom in mid-October).

    And there you have it: the perfect alliance between kafirs and munafiqs in contravention of the ayah that instructs committed Muslims not to confederate their political and military secrets with Zionists and imperialists, “O You, who are firmly committed [to Allah’s power and authority]! Do not predicate al-Yahud and al-Nasara (politico-military Jews and Christians) as your superior allies…” (5:82).–guest-editorial–abu-dharr/2934-arabian-rulers-align-themselves-with-zionism-and-imperialism-against-islamic-iran.html

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  1. right, but arab governement are secular not muslims at all… revolution or just change of rulers

  2. Anonymous

    Abu-Suleyman, the Pahlavi government was also secular.

  3. Anonymous

    “Whoever among you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand [by taking action]; if he cannot, then with his tongue [by speaking out]; and if he cannot, then with his heart [by hating it and feeling that it is wrong] – and that is the weakest of faith” (Narrated by Muslim, Book of Imaan, Chapter 20, Hadith No. 49)
    I speak out and I make Du'a. Ha Meen. La yunsaroon. Hope I got that right. Someone told me to say that if I fear I would be oppressed. I call on Allah by His Beautiful Names.

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