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NYC Mosque Controversy “A Golden Opportunity” for 9/11 Truth!

This just in from my 2008 campaign adviser Rolf Lindgren:

Golden Opportunity!

Are you a Libertarian, a defender of Ron Paul or a 9/11 Truth activist?  Do you defend the US Constitution?  Are you pro-liberty?  Are you sick of the GOP establishment, RINOs, neocons, warmongers, and other NWO types trying to hijack the Tea Party movement?

Well, if you are, now you have a golden opportunity.  The mosque at ground zero flap is your chance to speak out!  Now is the time to join a tea party movement and post your favorite material & videos about 9/11 and/or WTC 7.  There are certainly going to be right wing nut-jobs who oppose the property rights of thsoe who want to build a mosque.

Here is a link to help get you started:

tea party yahoo groups

4 Thoughts to “NYC Mosque Controversy “A Golden Opportunity” for 9/11 Truth!”

  1. Anonymous

    t’s a matter of sensibilities and not legalities as far as this whole thing goes. It seems to me that if a Danish cartoonist…LEGALLY plying his art…depicted Mohammed all to the ire of Moslems…and, in the same manner with Salmon Rushdie LEGALLY writing his books…bringing a fatwah upon him for his efforts…then WHY can’t Moslems concede this very same point? Moslems are bigoted, too, it would seem! There is no way to equivocate this double standard. It is merely an issue of Good Manners and sensibilities. Nothing more or nothing less.

  2. 9/11 was a false-flag operation. It was committed by fanatical enemies of Islam and Muslims. It was designed to launch a war on Islam and Muslims. It resulted in the slaughter of more than a million Muslims. Since the people who committed the 9/11 atrocities were nominal Jews and Christians, and actual atheists, let's get our sensitivities straight — and make sure that no Jews, Christians, or atheists ever come within at least a six-block radius of Ground Zero. This isn't a legal issue. They should just have the "sensitivity" to stay the hell away from there. Right?

  3. Look at how hateful and ignorant these people are. Hard to believe after 9 years theres still this much anger, arrogance, and ignorance over this BS issue. In this video, they actually attacked a black guy cuz he had on a beanie similiar to an Islamic cap. Its absolutely amazing the ignorance. And btw, where was the all jewish We Are Change and Luke "who are the dancing Israeli's" Rudowski? Is there anyone in the "truth movement" in NYC that isn't jewish?

  4. Anonymous

    We must have a new 911 investigation. No steel constructed builiding in the history of the world has ever been brought down by fire. All three of the buildings were imploded. This is what caused them to come down in 9 seconds!!

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