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FBI Ignores Iranian Intelligence Death Threat to Hostage Crisis Hero

“An Iranian intelligence agent recently approached Phil Tourney, hero of the 1980 hostage crisis, to deliver a death threat…and the FBI isn’t interested.”

Sounds implausible?


It’s impossible.

We all know that if any Middle Eastern intelligence service threatened a heroic survivor of that country’s attack on the US, the hero’s face would soon be plastered all over Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, CNN, Fox…and that Middle Eastern country would get sanctioned, if not bombed.

Unless the Middle Eastern country was Israel. See: The Man With The Israeli Accent–USS LIBERTY Survivor’s Life Threatened by Mossad on American Soil While Uncle Sam Yawns.  And listen to my interview with Phil Tourney, recorded last Saturday (it’s the last half-hour of the show).

When Israel bombs American facilities in Egypt, butchers American sailors on an unarmed spy ship, blows up the Twin Towers and openly celebrates, and now threatens heroic survivor-activist Phil Tourney, American authorities just cough politely and look away. 

Meanwhile, the Zionist-dominated media is prepping us to attack Iran for Israel.

If I were a young man, I would embark on a career as a US military officer, and devote my life to a single, long-term project: organizing a coup d’etat against the Zionist forces occupying the USA; and restoring Constitutional rule.

I hope and pray this project is already underway.

2 Thoughts to “FBI Ignores Iranian Intelligence Death Threat to Hostage Crisis Hero”

  1. Anonymous

    Greeting Dr.B.
    Wm. Cook's recommendation to the UN regarding the Palestinian/Israel problem is a another great Idea that I don't believe will work. The biggest reason is the world negotiators are not dealing with Semite Jews and Palestinians. They are dealing with Zionists and Palestinians. Suggesting to the UN develop domestic tranquility between Zionism and Islam is a no contest challenge. To the Zionists all non Jews are Goyim and to all Islamics all non Islamics are infidels.Unfortunately Zionism prevails in the Muslim religion, just as it prevails in Judaism, Christianity and especially the Heathen and Satanic worshipers.

    We the people have to start pointing our fingers at our own tyrants who are causing the upheaval in the middle east. I mean the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED, it's CEO, Mr Obama and the ilk that is to direct him how to destroy the last bastion of self government. If Israel the United States should sever all relations with Zionist ruled Israel and Palestine. They are not our friend. Neither are the Zionist Islamics or American Islamics..

    Israel should be booted out of the UN, Zionists should be booted out of all countries except Kazakhstan where they originated. That is there home not Israel. We the people should charge and prosecute all the aid and abettors that spent $900 million to cultivate him to be a counterfeit president of a bankrupt, foreclosed and quit claimed corporation operating our nation.

    Wish I could help you more. If you can increase the public opinion maybe we can at least break up the Dempublic-rat monopoly in the nation by ballot. We need Americans to quit being Republicans, Democrats and Communists and Americanize our politics,

  2. The fact that only you and Michael Rivero interviewed Phil Tourney on such a massive story that should've been on every news channel for the week, I find this pretty much seperated the wheat from the chaff. Alex Jones and Jason "toaster oven" Bermas, where were you? And Kurt Nimmo? You should be ashamed of yourself cuz I know damn well you are aware of this situation and you work for the guy. You let him use your name for credibility and he walks all over you. You're not much better than the G20 cops who say "I;m just doing my job".

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