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Tarpley: Obama Is Preparing to Bomb Iran

On Tuesday’s show, James Petras agreed that odds of a catastrophic US attack on Iran are increasing rapidly. Gordon Duff will discuss this urgent issue on tomorrow’s Truth Jihad Radio. Meanwhile regular radio guest Webster Tarpley weighs in…

Obama Is Preparing to Bomb Iran

Webster G. Tarpley
July 21, 2010

After about two and a half years during which the danger of war between the United States and Iran was at a relatively low level, this threat is now rapidly increasing. A pattern of political and diplomatic events, military deployments, and media chatter now indicates that Anglo-American ruling circles, acting through the troubled Obama administration, are currently gearing up for a campaign of bombing against Iran, combined with special forces incursions designed to stir up rebellions among the non-Persian nationalities of the Islamic Republic. Naturally, the probability of a new fake Gulf of Tonkin incident or false flag terror attack staged by the Anglo-American war party and attributed to Iran or its proxies is also growing rapidly.

The moment in the recent past when the US came closest to attacking Iran was August-September 2007, at about the time of the major Israeli bombing raid on Syria. This was the phase during which the Cheney faction in effect hijacked a fully loaded B-52 bomber equipped with six nuclear-armed cruise missiles, and attempted to take it to the Middle East outside of the command and control of the Pentagon, presumably to be used in a colossal provocation designed by the private rogue network for which Cheney was the visible face. A few days before the B-52 escaped control of legally constituted US authorities, a group of antiwar activists issued The Kennebunkport Warning of August 24-25, 2007, which had been drafted by the present writer. It was very significant that US institutional forces acted at that time to prevent the rogue B-52 from proceeding on its way towards the Middle East. The refusal to let the rogue B-52 take off reflected a growing consensus in the US military-intelligence community and the ruling elite in general that the Bush-Cheney-neocon policy of direct military aggression towards all comers had become counterproductive and very dangerous, running the risk of a terminal case of imperial overstretch. Continue reading Obama Is Preparing to Bomb Iran

8 Thoughts to “Tarpley: Obama Is Preparing to Bomb Iran”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, this really is a great article – some of these angles I could have never imagined . . .
    Unbelievably sinister and tragic for the human race!

  2. Anonymous

    Anglo-American ruling circles, acting through the troubled Obama administration, are currently gearing up for a campaign of bombing against Iran:


    This Tarpley guy claims the US is going to do many things which it never actually does. He makes these predictions and then disappears for a while when they are shown to be false. Why anyone pays any attention to him, I dunno. His agenda seems to be to undermine the role of certain groups and instead place all the blame on " the elites ". This isnt analysis, its just an extentsion of the Lyndon laRouche religion.

  3. Regarding Webster's "alarmism": Dr. Bob Bowman has said that the greatest contribution of the 9/11 truth movement has been to prevent another 9/11-scale false-flag attack. Webster has played a major role in this by issuing well-thought-out and well-supported warnings during the most dangerous periods. Along with David Ray Griffin and a handful of others, Webster Tarpley deserves credit as having done the most to prevent the next 9/11. Cointelpro agents like "Arabesque," and their half-bright dupes, have been doing their best to slime the erudite and well-spoken Tarpley — and anyone else with enough talent to threaten the high perps' agenda. Don't fall for it.
    PS This doesn't mean Tarpley is right about everything, just that he's one of the most important and accomplished analysts out there, while his detractors are a crew of clever wreckers and talentless nobodies.

  4. Anonymous

    Talentless nobodies? I have ability pouring out of my ass, Kevin.

    Interesting that you think I listen to Arabesque et al, I hardly know this nik but have noticed him and his crew of mongoloids at work on 911truth and I didnt need to be the target of their venom in order to understand their game. If anything, Tarpley is the kind of guy those douchebags would be promoting.

    Arabesque: " CointelPRO? " LMAO

    More like CointelAmateur

    And by the way, why would the aforementioned ops want to slime the name of Tarpley? He promotes the same agenda as they do, does he not?

  5. It's not about specific agendas, it's about what a person can bring to the table that will subvert the established order. 9/11 truth subverts the established order, whether you blame it on Bush/Cheney (DRG & Gordon Duff), Mossad (Bollyn & Sabrosky), or Anglo-American banksters whose hybrid ethnic origins are left unspecified (Tarpley). Tarpley's erudition, research and writing ability, and talent as a public speaker make him a threat to the established order. The (cointelpro?) sock puppets and mediocrities from the 9/11 truth movement who tried to slime him present no such threat.

  6. Kevin, I like your rollcall on who blames who above. Further, Webster Tarpley's article "Obama Preparing to Bomb Iran" is thoughtful and thorough. It's hard to see how any reasoning mind could resist Tarpley's analysis? Hats off to Webster Tarpley. It's pretty clear we're better off with him than without him! I don't hesitate to give you the same compliment, Kevin.

  7. Anonymous

    From TRA

    Well, it looks like the looonies and the psycopaths are finally going to pull it off. As they say "they" will not stop until "they" are stopped! And "they" won't be stopped. "They" never quit. And, it was so easy. "They" were empowered by a nation of morons—-a nation that has completely lost the moral imperative to lead anyone, let alone the world.

    Money is the perfect barometer for war. So, you can pretty much tell what is coming down the pike just by following the international markets. The price of light sweet crude oil is going up sharply. Today up $2.50. No doubt, the effects of stockpiling and speculation! Everybody needs to stock up on fuel and food, and pray the supply lasts long enough….better yet, pray you don't need it all. That is doubtful. Long cold winter coming…

    What am I talking about? What President Eisenhower warned us about, and what President John F. Kennedy gave his life for trying to stop: "the unwarranted acquisition of power in the halls of government." These two great Presidents knew "the grand design" they knew who was behind it, and they knew where such pursuits would lead. And so it has. We are now on the eve of a general war that will undoubtedly go nuclear. It will be a miracle if the Chinese and Russians don't get involved.

    The John Hagees of the world, and his legion of driveling weak minded simpletons, raving nutcases and psychopaths will no doubt be thrilled TO DEATH. It is Armageddon time…. Enjoy! It should be a BLAST…..

  8. I think Anonymous might want Tarpley to admit after 9 years that we are dealing with American duel citizens with foreign allegiance rather than sanitizing the speech in such a way to leave their affinities so ambiguous. I know I would. Therefore, not being right on that issue, or not being at least transparent about thoughts on that issue raises suspicions, in a world full of deception it is hard to fault one for feeling apprehensive about his analysis.
    Tarpley does have some good analysis but I would love him to name names.

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