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Gordon Duff, Henry Makow on Truth Jihad Radio!

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 7/24/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or (402) AFR-252, or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today. Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues. In his latest article “America’s Tarnished Military Partnership with Israel” Duff writes:

With the dozens of conspiracy theories and a weak and implausible cover story, one the 9/11 Commission itself eventually rejected, only one plausible answer was left, an answer very much “not for public consumption.” Few Americans know that a team of Israeli intelligence agents were arrested on 9/11 after being observed using “video” equipment to record the planes crashing into the towers. After the disaster, the Mossad agents, soon to be arrested and released by the FBI, began celebrating as though they had completed a successful operation. This enraged New Yorkers who mistook them for terrorists. In fact, New Yorkers weren’t wrong.

Only top members of America’s military knew the truth, the “dancing Israelis” had remotely guided the two planes into the World Trade Center, not simply videoing, itself proof of guilt. Military pilots, in particular, knew the planes were nearly impossible to maneuver at those speeds without Israeli designed auto-pilot systems, not unlike those used on Tomahawk/Cruise missiles. Behind a flurry of “conspiracy theories,” many totally implausible, some obvious to military leaders as part of an elaborate deception plan requiring widespread control of media assets, more subtext came to light… (full article here)

Second hour: Henry Makow, Ph.D., author of Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World, Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order, and the brand-new Illuminati 2: Deceit and Seduction. Henry Makow goes one step further than Tuesday’s radio guest James Petras, who offers the best available scholarly analysis of the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) behind America’s Mideast wars. Makow, one-upping Petras, says that behind the ZPC is the hidden hand of the biggest international banking families and their satanic-kabbalistic cult.

A few years ago I would have said Makow must be crazy. But since I’ve discovered evidence that psychopaths and satanic pedophiles hold immense power — as we learned last week from Nick Bryant, who has proven that satanic pedophiles control the Nebraska state police and corporate media, as well as the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, NY Times, and Washington Post (read his book if you don’t believe me)…I’m starting to think that Henry Makow is barking up the right tree.

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  1. May 15, 2010

    Kevin Barrett speaks with Gordon Duff, editor, Veterans Today who suggested earlier to Dr. Barrett that the source of a growing American generals’ revolt is the rapidly spreading knowledge among the US military elite that 9/11 was a Zionist false-flag operation. Duff, editor of Veterans’ Today and self-styled key source for leaks from high-level US military figures, told Kevin Barrett last week that more and more US officers are aware of and are unhappy about Israel’s 9/11 false-flag attack on America and continuing Mossad sponsorship of such follow-up false-flag events as the underwear bombing escapade.

  2. Anonymous

    I can't believe Henry Makow is not a Muslim.
    He's too nice, honest and courageous not to be one.
    SAVE THE MALES is a core Qur'anic theme
    of Musa's mission in Egypt, a theme preserved
    by Islamic tradition, yet not by others.

  3. Good point.

    He seems to be a "universal monotheist" (haneef?) like Karen Armstrong, & especially honors the teachings of Issa, alaihi ssalaaam.

  4. Anonymous

    I am quietly confident, with the idea that every human being on this planet when they die, their genetic code memory and personality is on record.They will be called to account in the next 20-25 years maximum or maybe sooner.If or scientists can do what they are doing now, and in the foreseeable future, why not much more advanced scientists, elsewhere? There is no escape in this line of argument and those involved in acts contrary to the good of our humanity may ponder at leisure what judgment will be passed upon them. Dreadful though 911 was I feel it is time to give it a rest as far as being able to identify those involved, though not to forget it. I feel one's productivity an be better channeled in doing many other good things towards humanity's wellbeing.

  5. I disagree. I think we're in a one of those liminal historic periods where anything can happen (for one interesting take on this, see The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe). Taking the wind out of the sails of the 9/11 myth, and IDing the perps, is the great task of our age. It will determine whether and for how long psychopaths will continue to rule the planet.

  6. Anonymous

    From a technological standpoint, this is illogical that the dancing Israelis were the remote pilots. They were most like there to do exactly what they said they were there for, to document the event. Please call him on this error, in my name if you like (mentioning my engineering degree), it undermines the rest of his story, which is so important.

  7. Excellent point. I haven't seen any evidence that implicates the dancing Israelis as remote pilots. If Gordon has, maybe he'll share.

  8. kevin i think gordon duff is shill for israel or cia agent.
    he said israel did 9/11 but we do not who responsible for 9/11.
    what nonsense is that.

    then when you asked him about israeli war he ignores the questions.

  9. I think you're getting a little carried away there, Superzebra! If you read his stuff and listen to what he has to say, it's obvious he isn't covering up for Israel or the CIA.

  10. Anonymous

    Great show!


    I'm still a feminist. I think that the world would be A LOT more peaceful and sane if women had a more equal voice as a whole, though there are plenty of female satanic psychos like Condi and Hillary.

    Basically, I think we're up against one whole heck of a lot of time spent in evolution and our current so called advanced civilization which has a completely different set of parameters, but I don't discount manipulation by the dark forces AT ALL.

  11. Anonymous

    Kevin-We know Israel commands the U.S. government. We know many reasons. But I have not seen this reason in print:

    911 accomplished with help of Israel's Mossad. Mossad now blackmailing the U.S. powers that be by threatening to tell the world the truth if the U.S. powers that be don't do exactly as they are told.

    Is this a possible scenario. It sure explains the large number of duel citizenship Israelis in positions of power in our government. They would be needed to keep close tabs on what is really happening policy-wise to keep from being double-crossed. I will let others add the many other oddities that such a scenario would explain.
    I would be pleased to hear your thoughts on this hypothesis.

  12. Your scenario makes sense to me — though I would think it would be more of a Mexican standoff, in which all parties have guns to all the other parties' heads.
    I'm leaning toward agreeing with tonight's radio guest Henry Makow, who thinks the big banking families own Israel (and most of the US and UK) and are really calling the shots.

  13. Anonymous

    I listened to your latest interviews on archive today with Gordon Duff and Henry Makow. I didn't realize you were that politically incorrect that you would have the temerity to touch the issue of zionist influence. I enjoyed your show and would like to point out a person you should absolutely interview sometime. His name is Kevin MacDonald and he is a professor of evolutionary psychology. His work is probably the most insightful I have ever come across on the issue of Jewish/Zionist movements. Another person of interest is David Duke. While he doesn't have a particularly good reputation as a result of his involvement with the KKK in his younger years, his book Jewish Supremacism is very insightful. Jewish Supremacism (and MacDonald's The Culture of Critique) are must reads for anyone wanting to understand the current intellectual/political climate in the West and the origins of political correctness. Thank you and I look forward to future shows.

  14. Anonymous

    erican Freedom Radio is dead silent for me here in Northern California. I was able to get RadicalRadio perfectly. Look forward to the ongoing program of Blankford vs. Chomski in their archives, but am not optimistic about that.

    Chomski is one of Zionist strongest rearguard disinformation and containment agents. He is dishonest on Viet Nam and JFK too. It is long past time for anyone with pride in their scruples to NOT stomp the dogshit out of him and his duped and not so duped zealots.

    The most incriminating aspect is Chomski's congeniality with Netanyahu, at least by phone, which reminds me of his weekly calls between Larry Silverstein and Netanyahu prior to 9/11.

    Which brings us back to the '"limited-hangout'" cover for covert agents of imperialism and high treason in most cases.

  15. Doug Collins

    Henry Makow is in my opinion, nothing but an Israeli Intelligence, Mossad Disinformation Agent for the past 20 years, wherein his mandate is to cover up, hide, obfuscate and shift blame, for the acts, omissions, crimes, conspiracies, anti-social and anti-human behavior of Jews, worldwide. With the advent of the Internet, these Jews were worried that their nefarious criminal acts would come to light in unregulated form, hence huis website was born. He uses all of these different types of “words” or ‘titles” for the nefarious activities of Jews, worldwide, such as “Illuminati, “Freemasons,” “Communists,” “Satanists,” “Witches,” “Deep State,” but never just “Jews.” Sometimes he comes close, whenever it is so obvious that Jews are unmistakable involved, by dividing them into right-wing “Zionists” or left-wing “Communists,” but still, it’s really always just “Jews.” That’s because Henry Makow is a fake, a shill, a stooge, and a liar, and a dis-info agent, for International Jews, in their subversive and nefarious plots and plans for world domination, and global government, with them at the top, headquartered in Jerusalem Israel, with the rest of the world serving and enslaved to them, for all of eternity. When reading his informative articles, just replace the words provided above with “Jews,” and you will fully understand the peril of the world that exists, now, in its current state.

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