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David Livingstone, Don Meserlian on Truth Jihad Radio!

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 7/31/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or (402) AFR-252, or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: David Livingstone, the author of Surrendering Islam: The Subversion of Muslim Politics Throughout History Until the Present Day, is a Canadian Muslim writer. He argues that Islam has been thoroughly infiltrated by agents of the British empire and the Illuminati. They created the Saudis and Wahhabis, who use their oil money to foster two distortions of Islam. One is resigned to political or social injustice. The other spouts jihadist rhetoric. It’s all part of a long-term Clash of Civilizations planned by the empire, along the lines of the Three World Wars.

Second hour: Don Meserlian, “Citizen’s Campaign for a 9/11 Grand Jury Investigation in 2010.” Don Meserlian, an engineer and activist, originated the campaign to obey the Misprision of Treason statutes and report 9/11 treason to duly constituted authorities. (Check out my discussion of the Misprision of Treason campaign with Richard Gage and Jonathan Mark…listen to the archived show here.)

Don recently sent out this press release:

As National Leader of the “Citizen’s Campaign for a 9/11 Grand Jury Investigation in 2010” I intend to have my members contact the attorney generals of all 50 states and ask them to do what the N.J. A.G. has done: apply heat to both Andrew Cuomo, N.Y. A.G. and the State U.S. Attorney to stop obstructing justice and to obey the law of “Misprision of Treason” and convene a Grand Jury Investiation to determine who planned and executed the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7, using nano thermite (a U.S. military lab controlled explosive) to demolish these builings 9/11/01. This is too important and timely a subject to “drop the ball”. Please phone (973) 228 – 2258 to state whether you will or will not print this News Release. If the mainstream press refuses to report the truth I will ask the “underground” newspapers to do so.

3 Thoughts to “David Livingstone, Don Meserlian on Truth Jihad Radio!”

  1. Anonymous


    Are you aware of the fact that most of your programs alerts arrive post broadcast? As I stand blasted in the bar on this Friday evening, I decided to check in and share the essence of this program, and it is not apparent at and thus is mute.

    Your lofty admirers needs a "heads-up" to alert their accolades to your pending largess in salient stimulation for further articular across and beyonding the nation!

    Another thing your reply to the paranoid was on target in the to the psychotic executioners of US imperial policy wherever the fuck they are hapless sent.

    I am very hopeful, their is "no honeymoon" with a fucking thing! We have to decisively bold as to be comprehensive radical that their is no fucking doubt that their is another clarion call of consciousness that is not compromised bv obsequious supplications to an imperial plutocracy by affording them any deference due to station or acclaim; but to fight every shrill shell of the in-bedded enemy in all venues regardless of misbegotten bona fides! After all, Obama is the psychopathic war criminal in-chief.

    Yes, I must remind you of question in the post I made this week on the blog; How in the fuck did the DoD turn a 5% to 90% between WWII and Viet Nam?
    And the civilian mindset in juxtaposition. This is a paramount issue as far as political apathy, "manufacturing consent" and the wars of this our nation!?

    "The Middle is counter-revolutionary, and containment agents of the status quo! We, need not concentrate on them as allies, but as examples of the craven contamination of the social evolution toward political and economic equality!

    OK, I am loaded, blasted, and inspired! My heart's desire is calling me to come on home and give/get-it-up! My heart races, and Southern California is about to endure another dose of shock therapy from Malibu to Venice, albeit that I am purged from KPFK, which is no shame, but glorius, as being purged from a harlot university in Madison for you. Dance and sing, you are an honorable man, no blood on your hands, no coward to any man!

    Kevin, you have arrived, you truly are, "the man" and I love you, no easy feat, ask a bevy of babes on Ocean Front Walk (Venice).

    What about Ralph Schoenman? Have you ever listen to any of his programs? He was were we are now… over 50 years ago!!! His wife Mya Shone) co-host his weekly Pacifica Radio program on WBAI in NYT on Tuesday at 2pm PT. , you will love them! And he gets preempted for those atrocious fund drives which I had to endure on KPFK for over 5 years as a programmer who was way the fuck beyond everyone in fearlessly articulation of the need for changing the system by the sole solution of, Pure Democracy, to counter the imperial plutocracy.

    My regards to your charming wife, and if your kids are no more active than mine; I understand!

    -Bill M.

  2. Anonymous

    Peace Kevin,

    I agree with your philosophy that it is incumbent upon every Muslim to seek the truth for themselves and to also question what they have been taught. In fact, the Quran states on numerous occasions that we are to think.

    Unfortunately it is ignorant Muslims like
    David Livingstone and their like that blindly follow the Madhabs and use the excuse of not being experts to blindly follow that is and has been the main reason for the downfall of Islam. Once Muslims stopped thinking for themselves and started to blindly rely on "scholars" it not only stunted their spiritual growth, but also solidified erroneous interpretations of the Quran and Islam. This lack of questioning also directly lead to a stunting of Muslim growth in all intellectual matters including the sciences.

    Frankly, almost nothing of what David Livingstone said made any sense.


  3. I have Muslim friends who are pro-Madhab and others who are Salafi, and find that both groups have some good ideas. But at the end of the day I agree with Anonymous that we need to think and question, which is partly what the Qur'anic injunction to "reflect!" is about.

    I do think there may be some truth to some of David's claims, but he seems to exaggerate them and weave them into an all-embracing conspiracy theory in the pejorative sense — the idea that all of history is being completely controlled by illuminati and the whole Islamic revival is one big illuminati plot. I may be a professional "paranoid conspiracy theorist" but I do take a more nuanced view of how things work. The City of London bankers, the illuminati and their British agents, etc. may have a lot of power, and they're probably trying to steer the Islamic revival to benefit themselves, but I don't think they created it or completely control it.

    But I need to read David's book to gain a more informed opinion.

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