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Anti-Jewish Bus Ads Appear in Major Cities

The above ad has appeared on buses in the 
Miami and San Francisco Bay areas

The growing debate over the Jews’ place in America, which is escalating in light of experts’ statements that the US military knows that the Israeli MOSSAD blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11, is increasingly playing out on city streets across the country. Ads by a group calling itself Break the Jewish Stranglehold on America, which aims to provide a refuge for former Jews, read: “Doubting the Holy-caust? Like Palestinians OK? Is your family or community threatening you? Tired of being a Jew? – Google ‘David Cole.'”

The ads are part of a larger conversation over Jews’ image, which Jewish organizations admit has been hurt by extremists both at home and abroad who are exterminating the Palestinian people. But many conservative groups say that concern about Jewish wealth and power isn’t alarmist, pointing to evidence that virtually the entire US mainstream media is owned and run by radical Jewish Zionists, that about half of America’s richest billionaires are radical Jewish Zionists, and that the 51 major Jewish organizations in the US — all unregistered agents of a foreign power — own Congress and the White House and are largely responsible for the genocide in Occupied Palestine.

A self-described “anti-Talmudist,” Shamela Heller is the conservative blogger and executive director of Break the Jewish Stranglehold on America who conceived of the “Tired of Being a Jew” ad campaign. Her bus posters, she says, were partly inspired by the ongoing case involving David Cole, a young Jewish man who received death threats from Jewish organizations after publicly expressing doubts about the Jews’ sacred holocaust narrative, and was forced into a transparently insincere recantation by the escalating threats of violence.

Ms. Heller described her campaign as “a defense of religious and intellectual freedom,” in an e-mail response to questions. The goal, she says, is mainly “to help ex-Jews who are in trouble” and also “to raise awareness of the threat that free thinkers live under even in the West.”

But some religious rights organizations contend that the real intent is to incite anti-Jewish prejudice. “This ad campaign is transparently obscene,” said Jewish rights activist Noah Moore. “Can you imagine what would happen if someone tried to mount a comparable campaign against Muslims? It wouldn’t be tolerated for an instant.”

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Note: The above is a satirical response to the Christian Science Monitor article  ‘Anti-Islamic’ bus ads appear in major cities. Please note that this parody essentially wrote itself — all the author had to do was substitute Jewish for Islamic references. If, like some readers of my other satirical posts, you can’t figure out what it means, just go back and re-read the final two sentences.

20 Thoughts to “Anti-Jewish Bus Ads Appear in Major Cities”

  1. Anonymous

    Puissant !


  2. Anonymous

    speaking of Israel, did you see that Germany is in Israel using Israel's drones over Afghanistan? Ironic, eh?

  3. Anonymous

    Geller? Are you kidding me?!! lmao

    It never ends.

  4. Anonymous

    Q: Do Jews Run Hollywood? You Bet They Do, and What of It?

    A: Endless hate propaganda against the enemies of Israel, that's what's of it.

  5. Anonymous

    I think the ads are ugly.

    The ads are not your fault

    The existence of the Holocaust is not an excuse for Jews to be unfair to Muslims

    Of course the Mossad could have been involved in 9/11, but reference to that evidence before a real investigation is problematic.

    That means I discourage that speculation, but I don't expect a Muslim to take my heed.

    Recently the former prime minister of Malaysia repeated his assertion that 9/11 was an inside job. I wanted to bring him here until his wikipedia citation seems to suggest he approved of the holocaust.

    Some of my best friends are Jewish. They're just wrong about Israel. I wouldn't want them to change in other ways


  6. Is Bush secretly Jewish? DuPont? Rockefeller? Harriman?
    Did Jews disable NORAD on 9-11?
    Did they order a complete stand down of Pentagon defenses?
    Do Jews own the US military-industrial complex?
    "Silly" is not the word for the suggestions that "Jews" were in charge on 9-11. To call the Rothschilds "Jews" is a powerfully destructive misdirection of what should be an attack on the world banking elite; who were behind the rise of Hitler, the Holocaust, the Kennedy assassination, 9-11, etc etc etc etc
    And who are not, primarily, Jewish.
    You have lots of important things to say Kevin. This attack on "Jews" is a major ugly misdirection.
    John Hankey

  7. I believe the Israeli government is no more actually Jewish than the Bush administration was actually Christian.
    I think that as Bush used Christianity to rise to power, likewise the Israeli apparatus uses Judaism to gain sympathy, even as some Muslims use Islam to impose tyrannical agendas.
    In short there are Christians, Jews, and Muslims both good and bad, and any stereotype is essentially ignorant or dishonest. I especially think the bad ones rose to power in America, and the bad ones have been in control of Israel since its inception. And I think the indisputable facts demonstrate that Israel is a little tail wagging a mighty dog, using American “Judeo-Christian” brainwashing to expand control over the resources of the Middle East.(As they brutally exterminate the rightful owners in the process.)
    And what will happen if Israel is allowed to continue merrily using U.S. blood and treasure to get what they want over there? Well, then they will kick us out, or will try to. Because the goal there is obviously for the tiny tail to become the top dog. It's abundantly clear that Israel will do – and has done – ANYTHING to bring that about.

  8. Anonymous

    Please remove me from your mailing list.

  9. Wow! I guess irony and satire are no longer comprehensible tropes in this culture–even when the author explains exactly what he's doing, and when the audience is self-selected for intelligence and skepticism.

    The people who believe that this "anti-Jewish bus ad" is (a) real, and/or (b) reflecting actual anti-Jewish views, must be living on a different planet from mine.

    If you think for one second that the municipal bus service of any major or minor US city would actually permit this "anti-Jewish bus ad" to be displayed on their buses…well, you're living on a different planet from mine.

    And that, of course, is the whole point! Major municipal bus services DID allow similar anti-Muslim ads to be displayed on their buses — even though a comparable anti-Jewish ad is completely unthinkable (to those on this planet, at least). That is an unacceptable double standard and an outrageous injustice against Muslims, who have exactly the same rights as all other religious groups in the US. This double-standard is the object of my satire. Okay? Everybody got it, now?

  10. Anonymous

    Irony and satire should never be used, too few people "get it".

  11. Anonymous

    Don't try irony and satire, many people just don't get it.

  12. Since we're living in an Orwellian culture of impoverished language, part of my educational mission is to fight for rich and sophisticated linguistic cognition. That's a fancy way of saying "sorry, I'm going to do irony and satire even if it limits my audience." While I'll lose a few of the folks who don't get it, I'll gain some of those who do — and most importantly, raise a few people from the former to the latter category.

  13. "The Jews did 9/11." Even assuming that the planning and the execution of the 9/11 false flags were largely Jewish, how about its cover-up? Were Bush and his accomplices Jewish too?

    Even assuming they were, how about the global censorship that followed 9/11? We are still waiting for a Muslim government to spill the beans on something as elementary as the demolition of the twin towers. Are the governments of Syria, Jordan, and Iran Jewish also?

    If some of us want to blame Jewish elements or the Israeli government for 9/11, let them do so. But they would be well advised to realize that as much as denouncing the guilty parties for 9/11 is important, unmasking the chief censors for 9/11 is much more important. And there are no indications that those are to be found in Jerusalem.


  14. Funny, when my nephew was ten years old he understood satire/irony just fine.

    Next are you going to claim that anonymity is also representative of "people"?

    But, let us descend to your standards and be blunt, if not outrightly obtuse regarding a fellow named Dariusz Ratajczak:

    "On June 11, 2010, a badly decomposed body was discovered wedged in between the seat of a parked vehicle in a shopping center located in Karolinka, Opole, in Poland. The cadaver was decomposed beyond recognition, and DNA tests turned out to be inconclusive in establishing the identity of the victim. However, papers and documents discovered inside the vehicle led police to conclude that the deceased individual was Dariusz Ratajczak, a professor of history who formerly taught at the University of Opole. He was 48 years old at the time of his death. Family members confirmed the fact that the decedent was indeed Dariusz Ratajczak . . . In fact, Dariusz Ratajczak’s troubles began with the publication of his booklet, “Dangerous Topics,” in March, 1999. The treatise was self-published and limited to only 320 copies, but gave credence to the old maxim that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword. Ratajczak’s essay provoked a firestorm of criticism among his contemporaries. In the month following the book’s publication, a rather surprised Ratajczak was summoned to the editorial offices of the Gazeta Wyborcza, a leading Polish newspaper, where he was sneeringly told, 'We’ll trample you into the ground for the little book, and the little sub-chapter on the Holocaust.'"

    Are we "tired" yet? Or perhaps I don't get it either.

  15. Dan Noel: You've crammed a lot of misinformation in one small comment! First, nobody's saying "the Jews" (all 15 million of them?!) did 9/11. This article is SATIRE. Read my comments above. Second, the government of Jordan is a US-Zionist puppet dictatorship that is hated by its own people, so obviously neither it nor the other puppet states are going to blow the whistle on their puppetmasters' little 9/11 op. Syria has got its hands full dealing with the Mossad's false-flag assassination of Rafik Hariri, and is in the US-Zionist gunsights — they're probably too cowardly and sensible to make an issue of 9/11. But IRAN? Ahmadinejad has had the reckless courage to repeatedly speak out for 9/11 truth. Go to and scroll back to see several stories about his pro-truth statements. That's why the Zionists are preparing to nuke Iran: It's practically the only nation on earth run by truth-speakers.

  16. Well . . . Dan does have a point in his last paragraph. Indeed, there was no coverup of Israeli participation in 9/11 in Jerusalem, at least not on their TV.

    Our "ally" had there of these five murderous thugs on live television:

    Oded Ellner
    Paul Kurzberg
    Sivan Kurzberg
    Omer Marmari
    Yaron Shmuel

    wherein Sivan the savy declared:

    "Our purpose was to document the event."

    No foreknowledge there; no-sir-ree. Just Talmudic foreplay:

    (The inbred bigot after that segmant summary is not worth listening to.)

    Alternatively, who would "WANT" to blame this-or-that group?! Or more directly, what kind of a brain makes such a claim; that some "want to blame Jewish elements or the Israeli government for 9/11"??? I don't. I look to well-known facts . . .

    Then again, we cannot blame Joe; he knows nothing:

  17. At the risk of coming to the party a little late, and possibly embarassing myself by restating the obvious, this is not a religious issue. There are a huge number of Jews who see the truth of these matters for exactly what they are. I have several Jewish friends who are sadly brainwashed to the realities of the world situation. Just as I have many Christian friends and family members, who suffer from the same toxic syndrome. I don't hate them for being frightened into ignorance, and subservience. I pity them their lack of ability to be circumspect, and allowing this globalist, demonic, Kabbalah, to control their thought processes, through mass media and religion. I hold no more enmity for the Jewish apologists for this Zionist/Israeli/US fascist, apartheid, attempt at world conquest, than I do the evangelical Christian wing, of the same deluded followers. To those apologists here, I would only say that I am sorry for your ignorance, and wish you the light of truth. You can easily find such, in the history of the Rothschild Family, the markings and achitecture, of the new Israeli Supreme Court building, (incidently, donated by the Rothschild family), the truth of the attack on the USS Liberty, the money trail that supported Hitler's war and rise to power, the admissions of the "Dancing Israelis", and many other such links. It's no secret. The proof is out there for the finding. You simply have to desire to find it, which some here obviously do not. The sad fact that wars are always fought for profit and power, leaving the poor, of all nations involved, either dead or destitute, is a universal truth, that has been going on for thousands of years. That too is common knowledge.

    In closing I would offer two links to these truths. They are directly from Jews. Please spare me the allegation that these are "self-hating" Jews. That title, in my philosophy, would only apply to the zionist scum who knowingly support the slaughter of innocents, upon their realization that there is indeed life after life, and, in my opinion, the judgement of their immortal souls will be conducted by themselves, on themselves. May what God there may be, have mercy on their souls. Myself, being human, do not pretend the ability to fathom, much less speak for, such a powerful entity, if indeed one exists. I would ask which word of man, have you bought, as the word of God? I always refer to the first Bible scripture I learned, as being the only one I truly and fully believe. "God is LOVE"!

    Jewish perspectives on zionist apartheid

    What makes a suicide bomber?

    Alan Hart Interview

    Rich Seigel

  18. I think this parody should go to the next level and act out on your hypothesis that such an ad campaign would not be permitted on public buses…then do a satirical website based on the original www-address to publish the results and videos which document the discrimination and bias.

  19. in Rule by Secrecy, Jim Marrs points out that the head of the Rothchild clan was murdered in 1996 or 7. That's a helluva story, in my book. And just on no one's radar. The godfather of Jewish banking gets taken out. And no one says "boo". My guess would be that he refused to endorse plans for 9-11. But who the heck knows? My point is that people who throw around the word "Jews" don't have a clue what they're talking about. I think mine is the best explanation of Rothchilds' murder, being the only one. But if this guy was killed for refusing to endorse 9-11, what does that say???Anyway, your turn.
    thanks much

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