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New poll: About 1 in 3 Americans thinks 9/11 was “a big fabrication”

A new poll has shown that about 1 in 3 Americans — roughly 100 million people — think 9/11 was “a big fabrication.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 
happy that 100 million Americans agree 
with him that 9/11 was “a big fabrication”

The poll was evidently commissioned and/or conducted by anti-9/11-truth forces, as demonstrated by the headline: “Americans Disagree with Iranian President on 9/11 ‘Fabrication.'” By framing the issue as one of agreement or disagreement with media-demonized Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and focusing on those who disagreed, Angus Reid Public Opinion was spinning the story as hard as it could possibly be spun. But all the spin in the world can’t hide the fact that these are the biggest MIHOP* numbers yet!

According to the new Angus Reid 9/11 poll, 26% of Americans say flat-out that 9/11 was “a big fabrication,” while 12% more aren’t sure. Splitting the difference with the not-sures, we arrive at 32% either flat-out believing or leaning toward MIHOP. Taking into consideration the obvious pollster bias, and the psychological tendency of poll respondents to disguise their real beliefs in order to avoid pejorative labels like “conspiracy theorist” or “Ahmedinejad supporter,” we must conclude that the real numbers are considerably higher.

Compare the Angus Reid poll with the scientific poll conducted by Voice Broadcasting, Inc. for my Congressional campaign, which found that one out of three Wisconsin District 3 voters either thought the 9/11 WTC “collapses” were actually controlled demolitions, or that we needed a new investigation to find out.

MIHOP = Made It Happen on Purpose (i.e. “they did it”) as opposed to LIHOP = “Let It Happen On Purpose.”

15 Thoughts to “New poll: About 1 in 3 Americans thinks 9/11 was “a big fabrication””

  1. Anonymous

    The first time I saw the buildings come down I was in a pub watching on TV .. as soon as they fell I stood up and said bullshit those buildings were blown up . The guy sitting newxt to me said , I think you are right ,they were blown up…. americans are dumb people to think it was a guy in a cave.

  2. Anonymous

    let us huddle in prayer and leave these discussions for historians – nothing to see here – join our Warrior President in hunting down the real guilty i.e. the Iranians – if we try we may be as successful as the war on drugs and freedom. Remember no one of import died that day.

  3. Anonymous

    The regime is arresting people without trial and holding them indefinitely and torturing them, and still 26% of the population is brave enough to speak out.

    You know, when the regime started wiretapping our phones and reading our e-mail, I bet they thought, "Now we'll be able to weed out the troublemakers." Then they found out that everybody was complaining.

  4. "Now now Rendfield" …"Dracula 1931" … not all Americans are stupid … while I agree some are complete and total dummies … many of us don't buy the government bs conspiracy theory and knows those towers were brought down with nano thermite among other things. I do find it disturbing that people actually believe those building fell due to plane impact and fire … that is so stupid.

  5. Anonymous

    yep, there are some dumb F-er around here… and they get a daily dose of brainwashing from the controlled media that keeps 'em ignorant too. If it wasnt for those treasonous bastards in the main stream media, those treasonous bastards who did this to U.S. would be strung-up by the short and curly's by now….ahhh, but that day will come for IT, for sure.

    Peace to You All, in-spite of the liars who would have it otherwise.

  6. Anonymous

    Israel did 911…just like the USS Liberty.

  7. Anonymous

    Endless wars of aggression and corruption, unlimited spending with no regard for our national debt. Of course 911 was an inside job, follow the money.

  8. Anonymous

    Not a single Iranian has even been accused of having anything to do with 911.

  9. Anonymous

    and with 9/11 truth we enter the rabbit hole….

  10. Anonymous

    If you want to know whodunnit ask Larry Silverstein, who bought the WTC complex just weeks before the INSIDE JOB was done. He collected 7.6 Billion in Insurance taken out on the buildings. The ink on the policies had barely dried and KABOOOM!

  11. Anonymous

    I am a former academic guy so I know a little about Jews (understatement). Most Jews in the US and Israel have no more idea what really happened on 9/11 than we do. When we say "Jews are very powerful" we are talking about a few hundred men, NOT the Jews we know. Most Jews fear that if the truth gets out and implicates even a few Israelis, even as passive observers, then the rest of us will turn on the Jews who had nothing to do with it. We must make it clear at all times that our problem is with the government of Israel, not with the Jews. Our main problem is with our OWN government; if we fix that, Israel will not be OUR problem at all. Dr. Ron Paul can cure our Israeli Disease simply by teaching us to mind our own business.
    -Richard G

  12. Anonymous

    That seems like a grossly conservative number, it's hard to believe that anything less than 1/2 could not see at this point in time that 911=inside job.

  13. Anonymous

    I agree with anonymous. The vibe I get is that probably at least 1/2 think 911 was, minimally, at least covered up. Furthermore, I would guestimate that at least 75% at this point in history would view 911 as an inside job as at least possible at this point, especially considering how blatantly vile our government has grown in the last decade.

  14. Anonymous

    The media IS a propaganda tool. So, for them to admit 25% believe it's an inside job…would mean the number is much higher than that. They can't stop lying now. Let's get this investigation going already. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

  15. Anonymous

    The military-industrial complex runs this country no matter which party is in power or who is President. It has a budget bigger than the rest of the world combined. It is an octopus with bases in a hundred countries. It arms not only Israel but Saudi Arabia. When the Cold War ended in 1989, it built up Islamic terrorism to replace the Soviet Union as an enemy, to justify to the American people its gargantuan budget and its military presence all over the world. Israel is but one of its tentacles. It took the Brzezinski/CIA "Al Qaeda" terrorists originally organized and funded to oppose the Soviet Union, and set it up to take the blame for 9/11. It has continued to engineer terrorist incidents until now: the anthrax attack, the Shoe Bomber, the Fort Hood Shooter, the Underpants Bomber, the Times Square Bomber – all engineered with mentally unstable brainwashed patsies culled from internet jihad sites.

    Slowly, sanity is returning. 9/11 truth is getting through.

    Tony Wicher
    Ontario, CA

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