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Hamas Rescinds Nakba-Denial Law

Zundel would not comment when asked whether he believed the Holocaust happened. “It’s kind of a sad situation; there’s a lot to say. I’ll certainly be careful not to offend anyone and their draconian laws,” he said.   -CBC News report on Ernst Zundel’s release after spending seven years imprisoned in three countries for posting politically-incorrect opinions on the internet

Hamas Rescinds Nakba-Denial Law
(Gaza City – UPI) The democratically-elected government of Palestine, Hamas, has rescinded its new law making Nakba-denial a crime, citing fears that hundreds of millions of Americans and Europeans would be deported to Palestine for trial if the law remained on the books. “Palestine is already swamped with unwanted American and European immigrants,” said Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal at a hastily convened press conference. “The last thing we need is half a billion Nakba deniers overwhelming our prison system.”
Khaled Mashaal announces repeal of Nakba denial law.  

In the USA, where thousands of people had already been arrested under the new Nakba-denial law by recently-immunized interpol agents, the Hamas announcement was greeted with relief. “My wife got arrested last night at the shopping mall by some guy with a funny accent who comes up to her and says, ‘Do you believe the Nakba happened?’ ‘What Nakba?” she says. ‘You’re under arrest for denying the Nakba” says the guy as he slaps her in handcuffs. ‘What Nakba?!” she asks. ‘Now you’ve gone and done it again,’ he says. ‘Two counts.'”

Despite the repeal of the Palestinian law, international legal experts warned citizens around the world to continue professing undying faith in the reality of the Nakba. “It wouldn’t be a bad idea to put ‘yes of course the Nakba happened, what do you think I am, some kind of evil Nakba-denier?’ in your email signature,” explained Moroccan legal expert Sidi Hamid Bengali, “just in case some country passes a similar law some day and doesn’t allow grandfather-clause exceptions. It’s always safer to protect yourself proactively.”
In Washington, D.C., the curator of the 500-million-dollar Nakba museum, Abdul Alhazred, expressed disappointment. “I certainly hope Nakba deniers won’t be getting off scot free when they post bad historical interpretations on the internet. If we allow people to post incorrect information on the internet, how will we be able to be sure of anything ever again?”

8 Thoughts to “Hamas Rescinds Nakba-Denial Law”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin, you are kidding about this so called Nakba Denial Law, aren't you?? PLEASE tell me this is satire….

  2. I seem to be guilty of over-subtlety (not usually one of my faults).


    My point of course is that what happened to Zundel is completely insane. If denial laws were equitable, almost the whole population of the US and Europe not to mention Israel would have to be jailed.

  3. Anonymous

    I was struggling to get the humor of Nakba denial by Hamas. Why in the world would anyone arrest someone over a historical issue? I cannot think of another example. Every historical issue is contestd in various ways: causes of WWI, emancipation of slaves, what "separate but equal" means, and of course "holocaust" (German treatment of Jews) versus "ethnocide" (Israel's treatment of Palestine). Then I got it! It is a spoof on those folks who would like to arrest Holocaust deniers. Where are they coming from? The camp of Zionist extremists, who decline to tolerate dissent from party ideology and use that as one more club to beat others. Given the magnitude of the Holocaust industry, surely the phenomenon is worthy of historical comparison with other genocides. But do we find that comparison in the literature? So, let the Nakba industry begin!

  4. Anonymous

    At least Hamas has a sense of humor. A nice sense of irony.

  5. Carolyn

    Ernst Zundel was imprisioned for SEVEN years in three countries, not five. First held in the U.S., but not for long. Quickly shipped to Canada in high security. Imprisoned in Canada for two years under hard conditions. THEN kept in solitary confinement in Germany until his trial, and kept for five full years, without any time off given for good behavior. No probation either.
    I have noticed that mainstream news stories try to make it seem that he only served 5 years.

  6. Thanks for the correction, Carolyn! I'll make the edit. By the way, I'll be having Zundel's lawyer Bruce Leichty as a guest on Truth Jihad Radio March 13th.

  7. Anonymous

    So how do we take the world back from the psychopathic nutcases? Too bad we can't just put on a pair of glasses like in the movie "They Live" with Roddy Piper and see them for what they are. Dead men walking around in bodies.

    I guess I can expect to be arrested for holohoax denial. Where do you suppose they will cage me? Maybe I can have a file buried there ahead of time.

    Welcome to BIZARRO WORLD, Kevin…

    You have no idea how many links to your article I have plastered on Facebook! Twilight of the Psychopaths

  8. J M Damon

    Great spoof Kevin, and I am happy to say I caught onto the tongue-in-cheek "Nakba Denial" right away.
    What bothers me is: "Holocaust Denial" seemed equally absurd when it was first promulgated!

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