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It’s no joke! Israel criminalizes observation of Nakba

Yesterday’s satirical post “Hamas rescinds Nakba-denial law” lampooned an outrageous double-standard: Westerners must declare their faith in the received version of the Nazi Jewish holocaust story or they may lose their jobs or reputations or even go to jail; yet they nearly all remain oblivious to the Nakba, the Palestinian holocaust, which continues today with the support of Western taxpayer dollars.

My satire, unfortunately, was not as outrageous as reality. Just a few days ago, the Israeli Knesset passed a law criminalizing observation of the Nakba!  Not only have the Zionists made it illegal for anyone in Europe to doubt their version of their holocaust, they have now made it illegal for anyone in Israel, including the 20% who are Arabs and lost families in the Nakba, to publicly notice the holocaust on which the apartheid Jews-only state was built!

Wow. What if Germany made it illegal to commemorate the Nazi holocaust? Why is this any less outrageous?

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