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Ahmadinejad plugs Truth Jihad

The lackeys of Zio-American imperialism may be reading Lolita in Tehran…but President Ahmadinejad has better taste. He’s engrossed in Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie by Kevin Barrett, the world’s most notorious Muslim 9/11 truth author and radio host.

“When I called 9/11 a big lie, I got the idea from Dr. Barrett,” the Iranian president explained. “This hilarious book rips the pants off the 9/11 conspiracy and exposes its private parts to the whole world. And besides, it is good practicing for my English.”

A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Culture quickly interrupted and pointed out that Truth Jihad’s cover art uses a tile pattern from the Jameh mosque in Yazd, Iran, retouched and translated thanks to Professor Hussein Mollanazar of Tehran–just one of the reasons why this book is a priceless investment whose value will only increase as the official 9/11 big lie and the Zionist regime behind it are gradually wiped off the map effaced from the pages of time.

For a personally autographed copy (while supplies last) send $10 to Khadir Press, 2617 East Washington Ave. , Madison, WI 53704…or paypal $10 to

8 Thoughts to “Ahmadinejad plugs Truth Jihad”

  1. Anonymous

    I tend to agree with Ahmadinejad with much of what he has said according to the less biased translations. However, he is a lightning rod, and given the outrageous falsehoods that have been told about him, he becomes a negative force for promoting 9/11 truth and peace. That's my current view in any case.

    So, this morning you were commenting on Ahmadinejad reading your book: "The lackeys of Zio-American imperialism". Not exactly the way I would try to get people to understand my point of view, although we probably don't differ incredibly on the point.

    I presume you were joking about Ahmadinejad's reading habits – but who knows? So, this is going to bring middle America to an understanding of 9/11 issues? I don't see it as effective. I have been wrong often enough in the past, that I try not to be dogmatic.

  2. Thanks for the generally sensible feedback.

    Regarding The lackeys of Zio-American imperialism".

    This bit of langue du bois parodies the Iranian president's point of view (and all political points of view), just as his line about "ripping the pants off the official story and exposing its private parts" parodies his habit of apparently putting his foot in his mouth and/or being victimized by clumsy translations. I'm a big fan of ambivalent parody as discussed in the lit-crit of Bakhtin. I also enjoy self-effacing humor. I like to think Ahmadinejad can laugh at himself, but even if he can't, I sure as hell can. When I send out stuff this goofy, remember, I'm a literary artist manqué stuck doing politics, which isn't really my thing. So yes, of course I'm joking! And beneath the joke is the astonishing reality.

    As for the effect this sort of thing might have on Middle America, if Middle America were to read it (hilarious thought)…I would like to think it might at least sow a few seeds of productive confusion.

  3. Great job Kevin;

    It looks like your book is doing some good.

  4. Anonymous

    "…this book is a priceless investment whose value will only increase
    as the official 9/11 big lie and the Zionist regime behind it are
    gradually [— wiped off the map — snip! —- ] effaced from the pages of time."

    Thank you Kevin,
    It's probably the cleverest pun I've read in 9/11 Truth materials so far!

  5. Anonymous

    While it won't wake up Middle America, many Muslims still need to be woken up from the official 9/11 big lie. According to polls that I've read, the percentage of Muslims who believe in the big lie are in the double digits.

  6. Double-digits? Most places maybe, but not in Pakistan:

    Worldwide, about 75% of Muslims reject the Official Conspiracy Theory. Here in the US it's over 60%. Since we already have a majority of Muslims, maybe we should just mobilize it, rather than trying to convince the thick-skulled minority.

  7. Anonymous

    I think we should be extremely careful with supporting Ahmadinejad. For sure some of his speeches have been mis-translated But as a matter of fact he is still surrounding himself with ardent supporters of Holocaust denial. Only in 2009 he appointed Mohammad-Ali Ramin as a minister. But the very same Ramin in 2006 arranged for the Holocaust-conference to take place in Teheran.
    In 2009 he praised the then jailed revisionist Töben, founder of the infamous Adalaide Institute as a hero. Shame on him!

  8. Look, the reality is that a great many people in the Arab and Muslim world, including every Moroccan academic colleague with whom I discussed the matter during my Fulbright year there–in fact, everybody there I heard discussing the issue–suspects the Holocaust story has been exaggerated in order to excuse the invasion, occupation, and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. If the Zionists hadn't stolen Palestine using one lie after another, these doubts wouldn't be so prominent. But the are. Face it. It isn't just Ahmadinejad and Ramin, it's just about everybody in that part of the world who are doubters (NOT deniers). Just to take one example, the very moderate, thoughtful and erudite Mohammed Heikal, considered by many to be the Arab world's leading public intellectual, thinks the real Holocaust number is under 1 million. See:
    Stop blaming Ahmadinejad and Ramin for having the guts to say what almost everybody there thinks. Then drop the ad-hominems and calmly argue the facts if you want to refute them.

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