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Tuesday on F&B: Math and Science Polymath & 9/11 Truth Researcher A.K. Dewdney

Tuesday 1/12/10 on Fair and Balanced with Kevin Barrett, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon – 1 pm Eastern), to be archived a few hours later here: Scientist, polymath and 9/11 researcher/activist A.K. Dewdney.

Note: We were unable to broadcast a live interview, so instead we are replaying an earlier interview with A.K. Dewdney. Meanwhile, David Ray Griffin writes:

FYI, I have just submitted a major paper to Global Research entitled “Phone Calls from the 9/11 Airliners: A Response to Questions Evoked by My Fifth Estate Interview,” which points out the crucial importance of Kee’s 2003 papers on cell phone calls from planes – which I suspect led the FBI to change its stance on this issue in 2004, before it submitted its reports to the 9/11 Commission. E.g., changing Tom Burnett’s calls to onboard calls, even though his wife had, she told the FBI that very day, seen Tom’s cell phone number on her caller ID. And changing AA 11 flight attendant Amy Sweeney’s 12-minute call to an onboard call, even though an FBI affidavit said that it had been reported as a cell phone call by AA employee Michael Woodward. -D.R.G.]

Professor A.K. Dewdney is one of the world’s scientific notables. He took over Martin Gardner’s column in Scientific American when Gardner retired, and has done important work in several fields. Dewdney founded SPINE, the first scholarly 9/11 truth research group. His Project Achilles experiments proved that the alleged cell phone calls from hijacked passengers on 9/11 were bogus. Currently I am working with A.K. Dewdney, who is also a Muslim, in a project to urgently warn the world’s Muslims that it is time to stand up for 9/11 truth and expose the “war on terror” as a hoax. The co-founders of Muslims for 9/11 Truth, Dr. Dewdney and I are distributing thousands of copies of our letter “Warning of a Global War on Islam” to mosques and Islamic organizations worldwide.

Ila-l fath da’iman! (Arabic for “hasta la victoria siempre!”)

Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:

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