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We’re coming for your house next, Arnie!

Arnold Schwartzenegger says the protesters who vandalized University of California President Robert Birgeneau’s campus home are “terrorists.” People like Arnie are saying similar things about the guy who whacked Italian fascist leader Berlusconi with a statue, breaking his nose and chipping some teeth.

I’m not surprised that a planet-killing psychopath like Arnie would talk like that. What IS surprising is that so many people who understand just how psychopathic our leaders are cannot bring themselves to cheer for protesters who mess up a University President’s house or Il Duce’s face.

Top US leaders, the world’s biggest terrorists, are responsible for murdering millions of people in Iraq alone. To get even with such a leader, we would have to murder him millions of times…WHOA THERE! Though we are clearly within the realm of fantasy here–murdering someone more than once is not very realistic–the mere thought is enough to get most people’s inner Secret Service agent kicking in the door to their skulls: “Stop! You can’t even fantasize about that!”

Why have we been trained to react with horror and revulsion even to fantasies of violent attacks on psychopathic mass murderers who happen to be powerful…while we ignore the millions of murders by soldiers and cops on behalf of the psychopathic elite? The answer is that the powers that be want to maintain their monopoly of violence, because if their opponents are willing to use violence when it is effective, it will level the playing field and threaten their power, which rests on a preposterous claim to a monopoly on violence.

The truth is that the use or threat of violence by resistance forces often IS effective. I remember how amazed I was when I arrived at the Universite de Paris VIII in 1988 and discovered that universities in France were tuition-free. How could that be, I asked? My French colleagues patiently explained to me that every time the government tried to levy even a token tuition, students rioted in the streets, burning cars, smashing shop windows and battling the cops. After a few days of this, the authorities always relented and gave up their plans to charge tuition.

In a similar vein, the Rev. Frank Martinez of St. Mark’s Church in New York City once explained to me how he and his friends had stopped a wave of police brutality. They had tried everything — protests in front of the police station, press conferences with victims beaten within an inch of their lives, angry letters to the editor, and so on — but nothing worked. Finally, someone had the idea of seeking out the offending officers’ home addresses and putting up “wanted for police brutality” posters featuring the abusive cops’ photos and home addresses along with brief descriptions of their evil deeds, and scheduling protests outside the officers’ homes. The day those posters started going up, Martinez said, the NYPD suddenly became very cooperative, suspending some rogue officers and moving others out of the neighborhoods they had been abusing and into desk jobs. The moral: an implicit or explicit threat of violence is often the only way to deter a powerful psychopath.

People who put up with their tax dollars being used to murder millions of innocents, but who flinch at the idea of physically assaulting a fascist war criminal like Berlusconi, are suffering from a bizarre but very prevalent form of schizoid delusion. All such people should immediately read Endgame by Derrick Jensen, who shows with searing clarity how the common activists’ insistence on “nonviolence” can be a debilitating neurosis. An extract:

“It is pretty clear to me that our horror of violence is actually a deep terror of responsibility. We don’t have issues with someone being killed. We have issues about unmediated killing, about doing it ourselves. And of course we have issues with violence flowing the wrong way up the hierarchy.” (Endgame v.2, p.685)

Violence SHOULD start flowing “the wrong way up the hierarchy,” and ASAP.  The top of the hierarchy is perpetrating the most obscene forms of mass violence on an ongoing basis, and the people lower down need to start figuring out how to use violence, and the threat of violence, more effectively against the psychopathic mass murderers at the top.

The pathocracy invented the “terrorism” witch hunts in order to demonize anyone who resists their violence with violence, who turns violence back against the real perpetrators, who sends violence back “the wrong way up the hierarchy.” Why? Because that’s precisely what they’re afraid of. They want us to “embrace nonviolence” and thereby prevent ourselves from ever posing a real threat to their power.

Yes, I do support all sorts of nonviolent resistance activities. I respect nonviolent activists, and my activism is of course 100% nonviolent and legal (since I obviously wouldn’t be stupid enough to blog about any part of it that wasn’t.) 

But I do confess to joining Fans of the Guy Who Hit Berlusconi.

And to admiring the kids who trashed Birgeneau’s house.

And to imagining how cool it would be to burn down the Governor’s mansion and kick Schwartzenegger’s “terrorist” ass…and then mete out similar treatment to the 9/11 traitors and all other members of the psychopathic elite that Barrie Zwicker calls “the diabologarchy.”

I’m not going to let the Orwellian brain police storm into my head and tell me I’m not allowed to have those feelings.

I do have them.

Maybe you should too.

3 Thoughts to “We’re coming for your house next, Arnie!”

  1. Kevin,

    It's an absolutely great treatment of these two incidents, Berlusconi and Birgeneau. I'm pleasantly surprised there are some surviving self-starters! I really wonder at time to what degree we've all been transformed into zombies? This should have happened long ago,imho, but I'm guilty of the deep terror of responsibility as much as anyone! Thanks for sharing Frank Martinez's activist experience with the New York City police. It's a great story. I've come to believe, non-violence and the political correctness movement only serve to protect the state. The state is, unfortunately, who we need to be greatly alarmed about!

  2. Anonymous

    What do you mean, "we", Keemosabe?

    YOU're not marching on Arnold's house. You just want to shoot your mouth off and let others get their teeth broke.

  3. When the mass marches on the psychopath elite's houses start, don't worry, I'll be in the front lines. Meanwhile, I am doing everything I can to make sure they DO start. That's why I'm shooting off my mouth — to get them started. And yes, I'm happy to let "others" (if they're fascist mass murderers like Berlusconi) get their teeth broke.

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