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The global war on us

A New World War would be a global war waged by a global ruling class against the citizens of the world, with the aim of maintaining and reshaping hierarchical society to serve their own interests. It would indeed symbolize a New World War for a New World Order. In a globalized world, all conflict has global implications; the task at hand is whether the people can realize that war is not waged against a “distant” or “foreign” enemy, but against all people of the world. A New World War for a New World Order The Origins of World War III: Part 3  by Andrew Gavin Marshall

There is a world war going on, and you, dear reader, are caught in the middle of it. No, that’s not quite right. You are not in the middle. You are on the receiving end. It is a war of aggression, and you are the target.

A rapacious elite cabal has declared war against the people of earth, and the other life forms of earth as well. The only question that remains is, are you going to defend yourself? Or are you going to let them kill you and your planet?

I know this isn’t a pretty thought. If all we ask of life is pretty thoughts, we can stick our heads in the sand and think anything we like until the ostrich-hunter mows us down.

War has a bad name, and justly so. If we could efface the reality by removing all verbal traces of war, violence, and aggression from our language, I would happily comply.

But when people are actually under attack, as we are, they are faced with an immediate existential choice: fight back or die. Fight back or let everything you love — not just you but your family, your community, your ecosystem, your planet — be destroyed.

This, in the end, is why 9/11 truth is so important. Most Westerners who buy the official version of 9/11 inevitably also buy the equally absurd fiction that the psychopathic elite’s “war on terror” is against their enemies, not against them. When they realize that the masters of empire murdered  almost 3,000 people on 9/11, among them a great many Americans and Westerners, they will also realize that those of us who live in the West are, like the Palestinians and Iraqis and Afghanis, living under a murderous occupation by a mass-murdering psychopathic elite. And they will also realize that, like the Palestinians and Iraqis and Afghanis, we must fight back with everything we have.

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