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Webster Tarpley, Jonathan Elinoff coming up this week!

Webster Tarpley, author 9/11 Synthetic Terror, two prophetic books on Obama, Surviving the Cataclysm, and other critically important works just returned from Iceland, where he helped convince some key Icelanders to tell the New World Order bankers to stuff their debt-paper where the sun don’t shine…Webster will be my guest on both shows:
Tuesday, October 13th, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon – 1 pm Eastern) on Fair and Balanced
Saturday, October 17th, 5-6 pm Central, on Truth Jihad Radio.

Then on the second hour Saturday (6-7 pm Central) on Truth Jihad Radio I’ll be joined by Jonathan Elinoff of, who just broke the HUGE story of the Mossad-linked “art students” camping out on the 90th floor of the North Tower during the run-up to 9/11. This will be Jonathan’s first appearance on my radio programs, but I hope it won’t be the last. He’s doing amazing work, as you’ll discover by visiting his website and watching his videos.

4 Thoughts to “Webster Tarpley, Jonathan Elinoff coming up this week!”

  1. Poor Evan reminds me of the frog in "Tubby the Tuba": "Every night I sit here and sing my heart out. But does anyone listen? No."

  2. C'mon won't somebody please congratulate Evan for his groundbreaking journalism?

  3. Kevin,

    Mr. Tarpley talks a good game but its increasingly obvious that he hasn't a clue on the big picture or I'd venture that he's deliberately muddying the water in the "patriot" community.

    His modus operandi seems to be to blame everything on the British or the "Anglo-Americans" and do everything he can to obscure Israeli machinations.

    Firstly, Tarpley's version of history is curious indeed. In his fight against the "Anglo-American" bankers that seem to be behind everything, he recently ventured that Andrew Jackson was a tool of the British for killing the 2nd Bank of the US. This is completely absurd and laughable. Jackson was a populist and favored locally controlled banks and rightly feared the power and corruption that could emanate from such a centralized institution that would control the economic affairs of the entire country. The centralized BUS was of course London's desire going back to the 1st BUS that Tarpley speaks positively of. It's funny though how he forgets that Hamilton, who he speaks highly of, was the primary backer of the bank and was indeed an agent of the British. This is common knowledge even in mainstream popular histories.

    Another curious take on history is his love affair with the scoundrel and warmonger Roosevelt. Honest liberals will even admit today that FDR did everything in his power to enter the war and deliberately goaded the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor. While assuming dictatorial powers, his "Brain Trust" ordered the slaughter of livestock while the homeless and hungry were left to rot. FDR told WWI veterans to take a hike also. Tarpley would reflexively denounce anyone who said these things as a "Roosevelt hater" in the same manner a Likudnik would denounce anyone who criticizes Israeli policy as an "antisemite."
    Tarpley contends that the proof of FDR's anti-establishment credibility lies in the fact that there was an assassination attempt on him. While there was an establishment faction that was against FDR, they clearly lost. FDR's power network included the likes of international banker Bernard Baruch who was essentially his boss, Morganthau, and other warmongers. Its very likely that they had a hand in having the hugely popular Huey P. Long assassinated who was clearly going to defeat FDR in the election of 1936 by a landslide as predicted by the first presidential poll. He attacked FDR from the Left and exposed FDR as a fraud.

    Finally, Israel calls the shots. American and Britain are clearly not controlling Israel, it's the other way around. The King David Hotel, the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, etc. They have a record of false flag terror and have used it against their own allies. Tarpley would have you believe they are a "tertiary" factor in US foreign policy of the events of 9/11. In fact, he makes the absurd statement that 9/11 was about "destroying the dollar". The fact that he can advance such an argument and not mention the abundance of evidence that implicates Israel and their foreknowledge and probable planning of the operation is astounding. Cui bono? By identifying Israel's enemy with America's, Israel's agenda is advanced. America fights wars on behalf of an expansionist state. All the intelligence was fixed by Neoconservatives with allegiance to Israel in the Pentagon. All the warhawks on the Middle East are all obsessed with Israel. We live in a world today where newscasters tell us there's Muslim terrorists around every corner. It is so completely about Israel. But if Mr. Tarpley wants to continue to point the finger at NY and London then I would simply add that a predominant ethnic faction in those cities' banking elites are completely committed to advancing the interest of Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.


  4. cont'd:

    Tarpley's suggestion that the Neocon faction is out and the "Brzenski faction"
    is now in control is also not buttressed by the evidence. The Neocons have
    ALWAYS hated Russia and have been quite loud about it. The recent Georgia
    war was carried out under the auspices of the Israeli military and Neocons
    went berserk over Russia's counterattack. It's not the Brzenski faction that
    is constantly cheerleading to get tough with Russia, it's STILL the neocons.

    It seems that Mr. Tarpley is out to get the target off Israel and neoconservatives
    by playing down the extent of their power and the Mossad role in the events of 9/11.

    Tarpley is an arch-disinformer. "Patriots" should take everything this man says
    with a grain of salt. Yes, he says a lot of good things but….. The "British" as the responsible party for every global machination is absurd in the extreme especially when he points
    the fingers at London bankers but won't tell you that the Rothschild family still
    largely controls the show and other banking elites are committed Zionists. I think some of Mr. Tarpley's Larouchian roots may run deep so don't expect the truth from him anytime soon. But if you like hearing about Larry Sinclair the wackjob and how Obama's not a US citizen and you didn't get enough of that from the crap World Net Daily you might want to check out his show.

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