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Jonathan Elinoff breaks “art students in WTC” story on Truth Jihad Radio

[Update! Jonathan Elinoff just posted photos of the “art students” camping out with tons of…what?…in boxes on the 90th floor of the North Tower during the run-up to 9/11. Watch the video here.]

Great show today with Jeff Gates and Ellen Brown! The archive should be posted here soon.

Next Saturday Jonathan Elinoff of will join me for a full hour to further discuss the news he broke on my show today:

Jonathan Elinoff calls into Kevin Barrett’s radio program to reveal a story he is breaking about art students who lived in tents on the 90th floor of the World Trade Center. He claims they lived there illegally for months before the attack and that they were later arrested after 9/11 and detained as part of an Israel spy ring although they are Austrian and German. Elinoff claims that he has photos and that the “art students” had 3 or 4 tons of boxes, blue prints and maps of security check points. Elinoff will be posting a youtube video on his site,, explaining the story in more detail in the next 24-48 hrs.

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  1. Kevin

    Excellent article…great work in getting this out.

    I've posted a link to CoC 😉

    Keep Kicking Butt!!!!!


  2. As early as 1995, Al Qaeda's plans for smaller version of 9/11 plot was told to Phillipine police — and this was recorded in 1995 police reports — by Al Qaeda Terrorist Abdul Hakim Murad, a partner of Ramzi Yousef, one of the 1993 WTC bombers

    On page 491 of the 9/11 Commission Report in footnote 33 for chapter 5, the Commission discusses Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks and others, including Ramzi Yousef, one of the 1993 WTC bombers and Yousefs right-hand man, Abdul Hakim Murad:

    After 9/11, some Philippine government officials claimed that while in Philippine custody in February 1995, KSMs Manila air plot co-conspirator Abdul Hakim Murad had confessed having discussed with Yousef the idea of attacking targets, including the World Trade Center, with hijacked commercial airliners flown by U.S.-trained Middle Eastern pilots. See Peter Lance, 1000 Years for Revenge: International Terrorism and the FBI-the Untold Story (Harper Collins, 2003), pp. 278-280. In Murads initial taped confession, he referred to an idea of crashing a plane into CIA headquarters. Lance gave us his copy of an apparent 1995 Philippine National Police document on an interrogation of Murad. That document reports Murad describing his idea of crashing a plane into CIA headquarters, but in this report Murad claims he was thinking of hijacking a commercial aircraft to do it, saying the idea had come up in a casual conversation with Yousef with no specific plan for its execution. We have seen no pre-9/11 evidence that Murad referred in interrogations to the training of other pilots, or referred in this casual conversation to targets other than the CIA. According to Lance, the Philippine police officer, who after 9/11 offered the much more elaborate account of Murads statements reported in Lances book, claims to have passed this added information to U.S. officials. But Lance states the Philippine officer declined to identify these officials. Peter Lance interview (Mar. 15, 2004). If such information was provided to a U.S. official, we have seen no indication that it was written down or disseminated within the U.S. government. Incidentally, KSM says he never discussed his idea for the planes operation with Murad, a person KSM regarded as a minor figure. Intelligence report, interrogation of KSM, Apr. 2, 2004.

    The Commission admits it received an apparent 1995 Philippine National Police document on an interrogation of Murad in which Murad claims he discussed with Yousef the idea of hijacking a commercial aircraft and crashing it into CIA headquarters.

    My article established that within weeks after 9/11 through May 2002, CNN, the Washington Post and the Village Voice published articles stating that in 1995 law enforcement officials in the Philippines captured a laptop computer owned by the 1993 WTC bombers that contained their plans to crash commercial airliners into buildings. According to these articles, the Philippine officials said that in 1995 they gave this information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Embassy in Manila and to the U.S. Joint Task Force on Terrorism. The articles from these news organizations contain extensive details.

  3. 2006: OSAMA BIN LADEN Admits Responsibility for 9/11 Attacks, Claims Zacarias Moussaoui Was NOT Part of the 9/11 Plot

    Al-Jazeera reports: Mohammed Atta's Roommate in Hamburg, Germany, Ramzi Binalshibh , DESCRIBES PRE-9/11 PLANNING of 9/11 Attacks from 1998 – 2001 (Could Not Get Visa to be a Hijacker Pilot)

    Al-Jazeera reports: PRE-9/11 SUICIDE TAPE of 9/11 Hijackers Taped BEFORE 9/11, Admitting 9/11 Plot in Advance

    Al-Jazeera Broadcasts Pre-9/11 suicide videos of 9/11 Hijackers Wael al-Shihri and Hamza al-Ghamdi Promising Attacks on USA, and Video of Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda leaders "preparing for the [9/11] attacks and practising their execution"

    Additional Al Qaeda Terrorists Recorded PRE-9/11 Suicide Videos Vowing Attacks on USA,2933,43982,00.html

    Detailed Analysis of Osama Bin Laden's Private Meeting Tape with Egyptian Terrorist Confessing to Planning & Ordering 9/11 Attacks on US

    CBS News: Anti-American Muslims Knew About 9/11 Attacks Night Before on 9/10

    Al Jazeera Broadcasts its Interviews with Al Qaeda Terrorists EXPLAINING THEIR PRE-9/11 PLANNING from 1996 to 2000 of the 9/11 ATTACKS ON THE USA

    Saudi Arabia CONFIRMS Identity of 15 Saudi Hijackers (15 of 19) — NOT alive

  4. Hey Jack. Lucky all that thermite got left in the buildings t help it along abit,
    don'cha think.

  5. Anonymous

    I worked on the 90th floor of the trade center and trust me no one was camped out there. They would have never been able to get upstairs without proper credentials. This is a lie.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Anon… what company did you work for while on the 90th floor? And what type of credentials were needed to get there?

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